Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shayz Scents Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

Now I have for you my very first haul from Shayz Scents!

Shayz Scentz is a fairly popular vendor in the wax world and I'm very excited to share my very first haul from them! I ordered when they were having a sale, I believe it was 4 free scent shots and free shipping with any order $25 and over. Their normal deal is 3 free scent shots and free shipping, so basically the sale was just for an extra scent shot. Still a good deal nonetheless! TAT on this order was about a week which was super fast considering they were having a sale. 

I picked out some pretty random scents in this order, a lot of them were beyond my normal "scent comfort zone."  I would say I like about half of what I got in this order. I wish I would have picked some scents that were more to my liking. Oh well, there are still some great ones in this order so let's jump right into what I purchased. I don't remember which ones were the free ones, but keep in mind that 4 of these were free. 

  • Pink Raspberry Macaroon - I am getting mostly Pink Sugar out of this one with a slight hint of the raspberry scent. I was hoping for more raspberry in this. Not bad but definitely not a favorite.
  • Peachy Pink - This, however, was my favorite scent in this order by far! It is the perfect blend of Pink Sugar and peach, not one overpowers the other. I'm really into peach scents lately so this is a nice addition to my stash of peach tarts. Nice and strong off of cold sniff.
  • Pink Fire - This is another PS blend where the pink note overpowers the other. It is blended with cinnamon here. I can definitely smell the cinnamon and it is a good, true cinnamon scent but if it were a tinge stronger than the PS I think I would like it more. Of course the true test will be when I melt it.
  • Apple Mint Jelly - This is a really interesting blend. I'm not sure I'm loving any of the other apple scents that I ordered but I do like this one. The mint adds a really nice freshness to the red apple scent. Very unique!
  • Pistachio Macaroon - This is a nice pistachio scent with a crunchy cookie note from the macaroon. Maybe a hint of coconut as well? It's nice but nothing that jumps out at me. 
  • Pumpkin Crunch Cookies - This one is very, very light off of cold throw. I get a hint of a sweet cookie note and a tiny bit of spice. This scent is a favorite of mine from CFTKR so I was hoping to find a good replacement until she restocks this scent. This is decidedly NOT a good replacement.
  • Doodle Cookies - This is a blend of their snickerdoodle and regular cookie scents. I love this one! It's a very strong and rich cookie scent. It's hard to find a cookie scent that is strong on its own but this is a keeper for sure!
  • Bedtime Snack - This scent is so weird. It smells like oranges and a fresh cotton scent. Definitely not working for me but I know a lot of people like this one.
  • Pumpkin Pickin - This is a lovely, spicy pumpkin scent. I can smell the sweet pumpkin filling as well as all the spices. I can see this becoming a favorite pumpkin scent for fall!
  • Crystal Light Peach Lemonade - I've heard that a lot of people don't like Shayz' lemonade scents and I think I know why. The lemonade is more of a fizzy pop scent than a true lemonade. But you know me, I am obsessed with effervescent scents so I love this one! It's mostly the fizzy pop scent with a bit of sweet peach. Yum!
  • Pineapple Pappy - This is supposed to be a blend of pineapple and paprika and some other stuff. All you need to know is that this smells like a generic bathroom air freshener. Do not want.
  • Caramelized Lemons - This sounds good in theory but it was a major letdown. You definitely get a strong caramel note and a strong lemon note but they do not work well together at all in this blend. The lemon is more on the "cleaner lemon" side which means it smells like caramel Pledge. Yuck!
  • Sunny Buns - This is a blend of pineapple, coconut, peach and banana. All things I love! But somehow, I am not loving this blend. Again, I am getting a very generic smell from this one. Not bad but not great.
  • Flip Floppers - This is a coconut and vanilla blend that totally missed the mark for me. The coconut is oddly perfumey in this one. I know a lot of people like this one though so I will find a good home for it.
  • Cinnamon Apple Marshmallow - I don't know what it is, but there is something off about Shayz cinnamon apple. It doesn't really smell like any cinnamon apple scent I've smelled before. Maybe it's because it's a green apple scent blended with cinnamon? Either way, I haven't made up my mind about this one yet. I'll have to melt it and see.
  • Amaretto - This is an amazing and strong amaretto scent! Lots of almond and cherry in this one. Smells just like the liqueur!
  • Blueberry Lemonade - Again, this lemonade is almost identical to a fizzy pop scent. It's really nice and fruity blended with the blueberry scent. Definitely a keeper!
  • Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes - This smells exactly like a fresh stack of blueberry pancakes! I don't get a maple note from this, just a battery blueberry scent. Delish!!
  • OMG - This is a blend of cinnamon apple and banana. An unusual combo but definitely something that seems like it would be right up my alley. It is nice but again, not loving the apple note in here. It smells kind of like a cinnamon apple herbal tea which is nice. But I was expecting to smell more of the banana note in this one.
  • Island Kola Nut - Now this is a really nice coconut and vanilla blend. The coconut in this is rich and sweet and the vanilla adds a creamy note to the scent. This is more of a true coconut scent than the plastic-y blend found in Flip Floppers. Loving this one!
  • Creamy Vanilla (freebie) - The label was located on tissue paper after this picture was taken. This is just a nice, run-of-the-mill vanilla scent. No bakery notes to it, just a fresh vanilla. Very nice!
  • Mystery Scent (freebie) - Have no idea what this one is. I'm not getting much of a smell off of this one.
  • Blue Breeze - This is a blend of Blue Sugar and lots of different fruits. I'm so happy to see vendors using Blue Sugar to blend with other scents! Pink Sugar is the golden standard for blending but I feel like Blue Sugar would be great in a lot of blends as well. However, I'm not quite sure that I'm loving this particular blend. There's something about it that smells burnt to me. But I've got to give them credit for using Blue Sugar! 

Edited to add: Overall, I don't think that Shayz is going to be a favorite vendor. I'm not really overly impressed with anything I received in this order other than Peachy Pink. I'll use up the ones that I have but I don't see myself placing another order with this vendor.

Thanks for stopping by today everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day and I will see you all soon <3

The Bathing Garden Collective February Haul - Cold Sniff Reviews

Oh hey there. Back again to finish up my haul posts! We had a rough day yesterday in the Scholarly Nail household so things were a bit scrambled so forgive me if I seem a bit out of it today. But never fear, I won't leave you guys hanging. I have my lovely Bathing Garden collective February haul to share with you guys today! 

(This picture looked way cooler in my head)

As you may know by now, The Bathing Garden is one of my favorite vendors. Her tarts are beautiful, they are strong, she has unique scent blends and her TAT is pretty quick! She posts new stock every week or so in her etsy shop so I often make a few orders here and there throughout the month as she posts new items. This haul today is actually a combination of two separate orders but I figured I'd post them together because one was fairly small. 

Without further ado, here's what I picked up from The Bathing Garden this month:

  • Raspberry Hearts - This was one of her Valentine's Day scents. It is a blend of strawberry, raspberry and cake. It's really yummy! I get mostly a fresh, tart raspberry scent that is a nice change from the usual sweet and powdery raspberry scents that a lot of vendors have. I can definitely smell a nice background of the cake, with perhaps a slight almond note. This is fantastic and a must for all raspberry lovers!
  • Vintage Circus (freebie) - This is a layered tart with Winter Candy Apple on the bottom and blue cotton candy on the top. I already had this scent in my stash so I passed it on in a Round Robin. Anyways, this smells really good. If you've never smelled Winter Candy Apple before, it does have a bit of a perfume-y note but that is tempered nicely by the cotton candy. 
  • Gardenia Coconut Cream - This is one of the best things I've ever smelled from this company! It's a wonderful, creamy gardenia scent. I can't pick out the coconut per se, but I know that is what is making this blend so fantastic. Perfect for spring! Obsessed. Also picked one of these up for a friend =)
  • Strawberry Hearts - This is a blend of strawberry cotton candy, marshmallow and a chocolate drizzle. It smells really good, almost like a Neopolitan ice cream! I have since stumbled on the perfect Neopolitan ice cream scent ever (details to come soon!) so this is not a favorite, but it's still a nice scent. 
  • Pumpkin Sticky Buns - The rest of the tarts were all in a bundle package so I don't have the exact scent descriptions for these but most of them are pretty self explanatory. The sticky buns is definitely the prominent note here, it's a very sweet and caramel-y scent but the bit of pumpkin spice brings it down to a level I can tolerate and appreciate. Really am digging this one.
  • Frosted Pumpkin - This smells very similar to my beloved Yankee Candle Frosted Pumpkin. Just a really strong spicy pumpkin scent with the slightest hint of maple frosting. My friend Shelby picked up a bar of this for me too. Deeeeeeeeeeeeelish!
  • Honey White Maple and Clove - This is one of the oddest things I have ever smelled. I definitely get a strong honey note but I have no idea what else I'm smelling here. It's not maple and it's not clove. It's a very odd cologne-y scent that is overly sweet at the same time. This is definitely a miss for me.
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon Donuts - You know me and cinnamon donut scents, I just can't resist! This is pretty much your standard cinnamon donut scent with a hint of extra richness that comes from the brown sugar note. I can't wait to melt this one!
  • Caramel Custard Praline - This smells exactly like buttered popcorn, I'm not really getting too much of a sweetness out of this. I like sweet popcorn scents, and this is just too buttery. Now, if this actually smelled like caramel corn I'd be all over it! 
  • Vanilla Chocolate Cheesecake - I just love The Bathing Garden's cheesecake scent! It's so good. If you haven't tried one of their cheesecake blends yet, you must! I mostly smell chocolate in this one, which is okay with me because I love chocolate. It's definitely a favorite of the order.
  • Cinnamon Cookie Dough - This one is pretty heavy on the cinnamon. I'm not getting much of a cookie dough note but that's probably because the tart is sprinkled with cinnamon. I hope I get more of a bakery note out of this when its melting. Still like this one though!
  • Chocolate White Cake - Another chocolate scent that Shannon knocked out of the park. It smells like chocolate frosting to me. Heavenly.
  • Sugared Pie Crust - This is a very light scent right now. I get a faint sweetness and a hint of crunch. Not much else. I've heard good things about this one though so I'll give it the full cure time and a melt before I pass final judgement.
  • Spellbound Slumbers (freebie) - This is another really light scent. The bottom layer on this is blue cotton candy and the top is marshmallow. I'll definitely be using this one to blend and tone down scents that are otherwise too strong or spicy for me. 

That's all for now! Last night, TBG restocked with a bunch of new spring and Easter tarts so expect that haul in the next couple of weeks. Heck, expect lots of Bathing Garden from me in general because this is a vendor I always go back to. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dutch/Crabby Candle Company - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

I'm back with a haul from another new-to-me vendor, Dutch/Crabby Candle Company! 

This company first entered my radar through YouTube videos and Facebook wax groups, but it doesn't seem to be quite as popular as some other vendors out there. However, what I have heard about them always seems to be good so I decided to place a small order. An interesting fact about this company is that it is owned by a man named John. There is only one other wax company I know of owned by a man (Beezy's) so I though that was pretty cool!

Anyways, I'm not exactly sure why some of his tarts are "Dutch" and some are "Crabby" but I think I heard somewhere that he bought out Crabby and that's why these two are combined. As you will see, some of these tarts have a Crabby label and others have a Dutch label. There is no difference in these two brands, except the scent lists are different for each brand. Does that make sense? I feel like I might be confusing you all even more so let's just move right along.

The TAT on this order was about 2 weeks which is pretty average. I ordered all 1-oz scent cups but he upgraded some of them to 2 oz cups at random, so that was very nice. Also, he sent two samples along which was very generous as well. They were sent in a bubble mailer the package was pretty beat up when it arrived but these cups are very sturdy so that probably saved me a lot of grief. 

I really like what I ordered and I'm hoping that they perform well while melting. Overall, they are quite strong off of cold throw so I am optimistic that they will do well in my warmers. 

  • Butt Naked - This is quickly becoming one of my favorite scents from any vendor. It is a blend of all kinds of fruits but I can mostly smell pear and sweet melon notes. So good! I hope this one is as strong as the one I melted from Beezy's a few weeks ago.
  • Gingerbread House - This is phenomenal. It doesn't smell anything like your typical gingerbread scent, and instead smells like the most delicious cinnamon pastry ever. It actually smells a lot like a cinnamon donut scent! I'll be needing more of this one for sure. 
  • Skittles - I don't know how they do it, but this really does smell like when you open a bag of Skittles! Incredible. This is the only vendor I know of that has a skittles scent. Very unique!
  • Strawberry Shortcake - I can't smell the cake in this one at all. It just smells like a sweet, artificial strawberry scent. I was hoping the cake note would tone down the berry note. Perhaps the cake note will become more prominent as it cures.
  • Pomegranate & Sage - Well, I don't smell pomegranate and I don't smell sage. What I do smell is a very sharp fresh, green scent. It has a bit of a floral undertone to it as well. This was definitely the big disappointment of the order. I love pomegranate and I love sage but this does not smell like them at all. 
  • Plum Berry Tart - This, on the other hand, is fantastic! It's a very fall-ish berry scent. The plum deepens the berry note quite nicely. I'm not sure what the "tart" portion is supposed to be, but I'm not smelling any bakery notes in this. Lovely scent.
  • Jelly Beans - Once again, this smells exactly like opening up a bag of jelly beans! Not the jelly belly ones, but those big, bright ones that pop up around Easter. It's a very fruity and tart scent and I can even smell a gelatin kind of note in this. Crazy good!
  • Coconut Cream Pie - This is your standard Coconut Cream Pie scent. It's a very sweet and creamy coconut, with no crust notes whatsoever. Really strong off of cold sniff. Can't wait to melt this one!
  • Autumn Forest (freebie) - This is probably my favorite of the whole order and I didn't even purchase this one! The scent description is very vague, "Bright crisp transformational scent that only a forest busting with color can provide." To me, it smells like a cross between Slatkin's Marshmallow Fireside and Yankee Autumn Lodge. Ah-may-zing. There is a strong woods note, but it is tempered by a marshmallow-y sweetness. I'm so glad I got this as a sample because I never would have ordered this on my own!
  • Best Dang Carrot Cake Ever - I've only ever smelled Carrot Cake scents from two other vendors (Better Homes and Gardens and Lasting Scent Candles) but I can definitely say that out of those three that I have tried, this is the best dang carrot cake I've ever smelled. It's a very spicy carrot cake and I can even smell hints of orange in it. I can also smell a slight cream cheese frosting note as well. SO GOOD! 
  • Bailey's in Bed - This is a very strong and yummy Irish Cream scent. It does have the slightest booze undertone, as well as a light chocolate note. I don't think I would have ever thought to order this scent, but the description stated that it's one of their most popular scents and everyone always compliments how strong and long lasting it is. Strong? Long lasting? Sold!
  • Cookie Madness - This is their version of a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. This is pretty yummy! I can smell the white chocolate part, though I'm not sure that there is much of a "macadamia nut" scent in this. But hey, chocolate cookie scents are always okay in my book.
  • Day at the Spa - I purchased this scent from The Scented Princess and loved it so I wanted to see if this would be the same scent. It is! This scent is described as lemongrass, patchouli and lime. I'm not smelling any patchouli but I do get a very fresh citrus-y spa scent. There's also another note in this that is not listed in the description but that I am definitely picking up on. It's black currant. It's listed in the scent description at the Scented Princess but not here so I'm not sure what's up with that. Either way, it's the same scent. It reminds me of the way my grandparents house smelled, for some reason. 
  • Pink Sugared Cookies (freebie) - This is pretty light off of cold sniff. I can smell mostly Pink Sugar with a tiny bit of a crunchy cookie note. Hopefully this one will get stronger as it cures.
  • Pink Lemon Squares - I was a little underwhelmed by this one. I don't get much Pink in this, and the lemon scent is more of a lemon biscotti scent than other lemon squares scents that I have smelled. It is nice though and I think I'll give it a try to see if the PS note comes out more when melting.

That's it for today! I have two more hauls to post that I will have to put up tomorrow. See you all very soon =)

BeauxSavonsFrais Order - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

Hey everyone! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I didn't do my weekly wax meltdown this week because I simply didn't have enough to review. I took a few days off of melting last week to clear my nose and slowly eased back into melting again so there really wasn't that much. The few I melted last week will be combined into this Sunday's weekly melts =)

Anyways, I'm back here today to share with you several hauls that I have accumulated over the past week or so. First up is my very first haul from BeauxSavonsFrais!

BeauxSavonsFrais, or BSF as it will know be known here, was a much buzzed about vendor that I had heard so much about, yet never had the chance to order. The owner closed the shop for a few months when she had her baby and reopened for business on February 14th. I placed 2 small orders, one with custom scents and one from her available RTS stock. By the time I got there, the RTS section was pretty much wiped clean but I managed to snag a few things! Today I will be sharing with you my RTS order.

The TAT on this order was about 7 days, which is perfect. I will be waiting quite a while on my custom order I'm sure, since the shop opening was pretty crazy! This order arrived to me a little beat up but nothing was rendered unusable. Most importantly, the tarts smelled great so that trumps everything else in my eyes.

Overall, I'm happy with my BSF order. There's a few scents in here that were a bit disappointing but I'm hoping that with a bit more curing they will be much better. She has some really unique tart shapes in her shop that I've never seen from other vendors such as cereal bowls, rice krispie treats, and Spongebobs! BSF also has some awesome and unique blends in their scent list so I can definitely see myself ordering again if these perform well melted. 

Here's what I ordered:

  • Pink Cherry Sugar Cookie - This was definitely the most beat up product in my order. As you may be able to see, the top tart is pretty crushed. Oh well! This blend smells amazing. I have really been into cherry scents lately so this is right up my alley. I mainly get a sweet cherry scent, but I can smell tiny hints of Pink Sugar and cookies in the background. Really love this one!
  • Nectarine Mint - This one was a bit disappointing. Nectarine Mint is a favorite scent of mine from Bath and Body Works. The B&BW version is a very sweet and juicy nectarine scent with the slightest nuance of fresh mint. Unfortunately, pretty much all I can smell with BSF's version is the base scent of the wax. No bueno. The wax has a strange, almost bakery-like scent akin to Front Porch's base wax scent. Hopefully with a bit more curing the actual scent will come out more.
  • Coconut Vanilla - This is by far my favorite thing that I ordered!! Whenever I order a coconut vanilla scent from a vendor, it always has some other weird note to it. Not this one - it is pure coconut and sweet vanilla. It reminds me of Bath and Body Works' Coconut Vanilla scent, which is by far my favorite CV scent ever. It's rich, creamy, strong and there's no other notes hanging out in this blend. So good. 
  • Strawberry Watermelon Jolly Rancher - These two-toned little gingerbread men are so cute! The scent is decent, it's a lot lighter than what I would expect from a strawberry and watermelon scent. I mostly get the watermelon jolly rancher scent with a bit of strawberry. I can smell the base scent of the wax in this one too. Hopefully that scent will go away when these are melting.
  • Butt Naked/Strawberry Patch - I honestly have no idea where the Butt Naked scent comes in, all I can smell in these little tarts is a very strong strawberry scent. This strawberry is definitely a fake strawberry, similar to Tiffany's Strawberry Passion and other scents in the same vein. That's okay with me though because I love fake strawberry scents. Wishing this had more (well, any) of the Butt Naked fragrance in here. Oh well. 
  • Bubble Gum Soap (freebie) - This smells exactly like bubblegum! I'm not sure I like bubble gum scents in tarts but I'll definitely enjoy using this scent in a little hand soap. 
  • Watermelon Jolly Rancher (freebie) - Pretty much the same sweet watermelon scent that I'm smelling in the blend that I purchased. It's a surprisingly light scent.
  • Loopy Lemon Creme Noel (freebie) - This is my favorite scent in the entire order. I wish I would have ordered this in my custom order! I almost did, but I thought it sounded a bit redundant since Froot Loops smells very lemon-y on its own. Big mistake!! I can smell the lemon cream, the Fruit Loops and the VBN in here. So good and super strong!! Once I'm off my wax ban I will be placing an order for some tarts in this scent for sure. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for a few more hauls =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Candles by Victoria Haul #2 - Cold Sniff Reviews

Back with another Candles by Victoria haul!

You may remember my last CBV haul where I was less than pleased with the scents that I received. I ordered some bakery scents and a tropical sampler where I got some very random scents that were just not my style. I really wanted to give CBV another shot because I had heard such good things and most of all, I wanted to find a scent worth of getting in a big glitter candle. Well folks, I'm happy to say that I'm absolutely thrilled with this order! I may have even found a scent that is candle worthy =D

Here's what I got:

  • Pop Rocks - This is AMAZING! Definitely my favorite scent of the order (and yes, it is candle-worthy). It is a blend of Fizzy Pop and Pink Sugar. I am currently obsessed with effervescent scents and this Fizzy Pop fragrance smells amazing blended with Pink Sugar. I now will be needing every single soda/Pink Sugar blend that I see.
  • Divine Paradise - Very yummy. It's a blend of yellow cake, cherry, pineapple, pecan and coconut. I smell mostly cherry off of cold sniff but I've heard that the other notes come out more when melting. Love this one!
  • Hell on Heels (freebie) - This was my free scent shot with my order. I was surprised to find that I really like it! It's a blend of all kinds of different fruits and florals. I can't really pick out one specific note but I will tell you that it smells fantastic. 
  • Blushing Peaches - This is another top favorite of the order. It's a blend of peaches, strawberry and vanilla. I can smell all three notes equally. It is truly amazing! I may consider a candle in this scent too!
  • White Nectarine and Pink Coral - This is a very sweet nectarine scent. Almost candy-like. I do like this one but it's not a favorite.
  • Peachy Pink Coral - This is a blend of Blushing Peaches and White Nectarine and Pink Coral. This one smells fantastic! The Blushing Peaches scent cuts down the sweetness of the White Nectarine and Pink Coral. I prefer Blushing Peaches on its own but I really like this one as well.
  • Strawberry Crunch - This reminds me of CFTKR's Strawberry Milk scent but with an added crunch! Maybe like a strawberry cereal drenched in milk. Really yummy!
  • Strawberry Banana Custard - I've been ordering strawberry banana scents from pretty much any vendor that has them lately. This one is really yummy. I smell mostly a strawberry pie scent with crust and then a slight hint of banana. Different from any of the other strawberry banana scents I've smelled thus far. 
  • Pink Cupcake - This is an awesome, strong cupcake scent. It just smells like a straight up cupcake with a strong buttercream frosting note. It reminds me a lot of the Scentsationals Cupcake scent but with a bit more buttercream. Delish!
  • Cantaloupe Lily - Yet another favorite of the order. I definitely get the true, juicy scent of a cantaloupe with a light floral background. Beautiful! Cantaloupes are my favorite melon to eat and I'm glad to have found a scent that is true to life.
  • Trix Are For Kids - This is supposed to smell like Trix cereal. To me, it smells like Fruit Loops with a lot more lime added. It's good but I think I prefer the regular Fruit Loops scent. 
  • Coco Beach Baby Peach - This is a blend of coconut, peach and some other fruity and floral notes. I can definitely smell the peach and coconut, but the other notes add a nice depth to it. Really, really like this one! Peach and coconut are both favorite scents of mine at the moment so this is right up my alley! 
  • Lemon Blackberry Pie - This is divine! I can smell the blackberry and the lemon equally, and I get a pie crust note as well. I have found that I really love CBV's pie crust scent. 
  • Banana Coconut Cream Pie - Another favorite!! This is AMAZING! I'm definitely going to need a candle in this one. I can smell both the banana and coconut in this. The banana is sweet but not candied, and the coconut adds a nice freshness to the blend. I don't get too much of a pie crust note in this one, mostly just the two fruits. 
  • Bath Time With Pooh - This is a dupe for Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap. It's a very pretty honey scent with a background of floral. Very relaxing and spa-like. Kind of reminds me of the way Burt's Bees baby products smell.
  • St. Lucia - This one is pretty nice, though not a favorite of the order. It's a blend of honeydew, marshmallow ambrosia and nectarine. I find that most honeydew scents tend to have a floral note to them that I don't love. However, it does smell nice mixed with the other sweet fruity notes. I'll definitely melt this one and see how I like it then.
  • English Ivy - This was really the only one of the order that I didn't care for. I've heard raves about this one so I went ahead and ordered it. It's a strong floral scent that reminds me of a bathroom air freshener. I'll definitely be passing this one on to a new home.
  • Monster Mash - This is a blend of apple, blueberry and a spiced bakery note. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one. I'm starting to realize that I am really picky about my apple scents. I think they have to be blended with some sort of spice for me to like them. This does have a spicy note to it so I think that's why I might like this one. The blueberry note is pretty faint right now so I hope it comes out more when I melt it. 
  • Treasure Island - Really like this one! It is a blend of pineapple, pina colada, mango and coconut milk. It smells like a fruity cocktail! This is getting me excited for my trip to Florida in a few weeks =D
  • Faerie Ring - This is another one I'm not loving. It is a very popular scent amongst CBV lovers but it's just not working for me. It is a blend of Apples & Oaks and Raspberry Violet. I LOVE Raspberry Violet scents so I thought it would be fun to try it blended with another scent. Unfortunately, the apple note isn't tickling my fancy. This is an example of where I don't like apple scents that aren't blended with spice. Next time I'll just get Raspberry Violet on its own.
  • Indonesian Delight - This is another fruity-floral tropical blend. I smell mostly citrus in this one. I do like it but it's not jumping out at me. Maybe I'll like it better when it's being melted.
  • Honey Spice Cake - So good! Even when I'm trying to focus on spring and summer scents in an order, I can never pass up a yummy sounding spicy bakery scent. This one smells like gingerbread drizzled in honey. It is amazing. I will definitely be needing more of this around the holidays later this year.

So concludes my latest CBV order. I'm really excited with the majority of these scents and I'm glad I made much better choices this time around. Can't wait to melt these and see how they do.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your evening!

Round Robin Box #2 - Hosted by sawhite108

Hey there everyone! Happy hump day to you all! Today I'm back here to share with you the second Round Robin box that I participated in. 

Big shout out to Stephanie, a.k.a. sawhite108 (check out her youtube channel here)! Thank you so much for letting me participate, I had a lot of fun <3 It's safe to say that I'm becoming a Round Robin addict!

For those of you just tuning in, a Round Robin is a type of group swap where someone fills up a box with their unloved wax and ships it on to the next person. The next person picks out what they want, puts in some of their unloved wax, ships it on to someone else and so on and so forth. It's so much fun because you get a chance to try vendors and scents that you many not have tried before as well as finding some new favorites from brands you already love. 

Stephanie had told me up front that there would be a lot of Yankee wax in this box, and to be sure to take a good amount of it even if I didn't like the scent so I could exchange it for something else. Boy, she wasn't kidding! There were about 60 or so Yankee tarts in this box. I love Yankee so I didn't mind doing that. I ended up taking out about 20 or so Yankee tarts to exchange and then several other things to keep. 

Here's what I took out:

  • Scentsationals Date Night - This is not a scent I normally would gravitate towards but there is something about this that I absolutely love! The description says that it is a blend of exotic spices and frankincense, but what I smell from this is some sort of spicy men's cologne. It's really nice! My husband really liked this one too, I think it will be nice to melt in the basement in his band room area. 
  • Yankee Rainbow's End - This is a really nice clean scent. Yankee describes it as the balmy scent of clear country air, the peaceful calm after a storm. I'm not too keen on clean scents but I know this is one of Yankee's most sought after discontinued fragrances so I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I loved the rainbow on the label!
  • Yankee Treehouse Memories - This is another scent I wouldn't normally be attracted to, but I was over at a friend's house the other day and she had this melting and I loved it! It's a very incense-y type of scent. I was very excited to see this one in there!
  • Yankee Rainforest - At last, I can finally try Rainforest! You may remember in my first melted reviews post I mentioned that I had purchased a Greenhouse tart mistakenly thinking it was Rainforest. So now I finally get to try it! It's a nice fresh green scent. Very pretty.
  • Yankee Loves Me, Loves Me Not - This is a very fresh, green floral scent. I do like florals but I tend to be pretty picky and this one I did really like. I can smell the fresh cut green stem notes in here along with the floral. It reminds me a bit of my beloved Forget Me Not scent from Ten Digit Creations.
  • Front Porch Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream - This is so yummy! It smells like sweet cherry ice cream with the slightest hint of chocolate. Better yet, these are in cute little mini ice cream scoop shapes. I've never had any shapes from FP besides the donut tarts so I knew I had to grab this one. Husband says this one smells like a cherry cordial! Very rich.
  • Orchid Lake Banana Kiwi - Being the huge banana fan that I am, I couldn't pass this one up. Smelling it again, I'm not really sure that I love it. It has an odd floral scent to it that I'm no loving. I'll have to melt this one to see. I'll give any banana scent a chance!
  • Granny's Kountry Candles Ghost Stories - This is by far my favorite thing I took out of this box. First off, I am a HUGE fan of Halloween. HUGE. My husband and I even had a Halloween themed wedding. I was so excited to see this in there! It smells SO good. It is described as a root beer scent with berries, but there's something more to this. I smell a candied note to it, almost like a licorice note as well. I can't get enough of this. It smells like Halloween! I didn't really realize that Halloween had a smell, but when I smelled it, that was it. So amazing! 
  • Front Porch Pineapple Upside Down Cake - I'm currently on a wax ban so when Front Porch listed some pineapple scents the other day it took all of my self control to not order any of them. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this little guy in the box! I mainly smell the pineapple, with a slight bakery note in the background. So glad I get a chance to try this one without having to place an order. 
  • K's Kreations Serendipity - This vendor has been on my "to try" list for quite some time but I just haven't gotten around to ordering. I was thrilled to see some of her things in the box! This is a great Serendipity scent, smells as good as the others I've tried. It's quite strong off of cold throw.
  • K's Kreations Chocolate Romance - This specific scent was on my K's wishlist so of course I had to try it. I am very picky with my chocolate scents, but this one is a winner! It's chocolate blended with Pink Sugar and Love Spell. I've never smelled a scent like this anywhere. Love it!
  • K's Kreations Pure Christmas - This is a blend of pine and mint. I love both scents on their own and apparently, I love them together as well. The mint has a very menthol-y note to it that blends very well with the pine. Had I seen the scent description of this I probably wouldn't have ordered it but I a glad I have the chance to try it.
  • Haley's Heavenly Scents Cotton Candy - Yet another vendor I have been wanting to try! I have an order in with her but her TAT is pretty long so I probably won't see it for another few weeks. This is a very light cotton candy scent. I can't smell much except a slight hint of sweetness. She uses paraffin wax, I believe, which doesn't give off as strong a scent throw cold. I'm hoping this will perk up when it's melted!
And here's some the Yankee tarts that I took to exchange at the store. Many of them are discontinued scents so I'm not sure how much they're worth. But hey, if I can get a few little goodies from Yankee for these it's worth it =)

Thanks again Stephanie for letting me be a part of your Round Robin! Have a great evening everyone <3

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Wax Meltdown #4 - 2/10/13 to 2/16/13

Okay, I'm back with my weekly melt reviews!

It was a pretty good week in wax here at The Scholarly Nail household. I ended up melting wax from 6 different vendors I hadn't melted yet so that was quite exciting! As per usual, I melted a variety of fruit, bakery, spicy and fresh scents this week. I never can stick to just one scent category, I'm always all over the place.

This week also made me realize that I have a case of candle nose! Candle nose is something that happens when you melt a lot of wax and things that you know are strong, just aren't smelling that strong to you anymore. The best remedy for candle nose is to take a few days off from melting to give yourself a break. I've been doing just that. I didn't melt yesterday or today, and have been making sure to air out the house for short periods of time to get rid of any residual scents hanging out. My nose is feeling a lot more clear! I might pop in a sinus relief tart tomorrow and then get back into melting full force on Wednesday. For this reason, my weekly melts next week will be significantly shorter than usual.

Anyways, let's get right into what I've melted this week. I actually didn't melt any candles this week, so here's all the tarts that I melted. Enjoy!

Scent Appeal Candles

Jelly Doughnut

  • Notes: (scent description not available) jelly, donuts
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 2 cubes
  • My take: This was amazing!! This jelly donut scent smells pretty much dead on for my beloved CFTKR Jelly Donut so of course, I love it. There is a strong sweet fruity scent along with the dough note. I've realized that I think I love these jelly donut scents so much because they smell very similar to the Wildberry Mousse oil. So, I would say this is a wildberry mousse scent with some extra bakery notes added. Really creamy and delicious. Strong throw. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely! I can't wait until Scent Appeal opens back up because I will definitely be placing an order for more clamshells.
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10

Spiced Grapefruit
  • Notes: Mandarin, bergamot, citrus, coriander, nutmeg, allspice
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 2 cubes
  • My take: Spiced Grapefruit is one of my all-time favorite fragrances from Scentsy. I searched high and low for a dupe for this one but no matter how many "spiced grapefruit" scents I tried, nothing even came close. However, one day I received a sample from CFTKR of a scent called Balsam and Citrus and it was practically a dead-on dupe. This is when I realized that the scent profile that Scentsy gives is inaccurate - the "spiced" note in this is actually a balsam scent! Sure, there's a hint of spice to this but the main thing I smell is a nice citrus and balsam scent. Spiced Grapefruit just screams Christmas to me. It's such a cozy and warm scent. It has been discontinued but it seems to come back every year for Bring Back My Bar because it's so popular. Strong throw. Lasted about 6 hours in a hotplate. I know you're supposed to do Scentsy in lightbulb warmers but this was the only one I had open. This scent does last much longer in a lightbulb warmer. 
  • Repurchase: Oh absolutely! I bought several bars of this in January when it came back again for BBMB.
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
Better Homes and Gardens

Wild Island Fruit
  • Notes: (official notes unknown) lots of tropical fruits
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 2 cubes
  • My take: WOAH MAMA is this STRONG! Next time I'll stick to just one cube of this one. Word on the street is that this is a dupe for Bath and Body Works Caribbean Escape. I don't recall what that one smells like so I'll have to trust that this is a dupe for that. I can't really pick out any specific notes in this one, but what I'm smelling is a combination of tart and juicy fruits. There's definitely some citrus in here, perhaps some melon and coconut too. Really love this one! Super strong throw. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely.
  • Overall rating: 8/10

Candles from the Keeping Room

Lemon Summer Cake

  • Notes: Cake, lemon, sweet sugar
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 1 grubby tart 
  • My take: Really like this one! Honestly, I don't think I've met a lemon bakery scent that  I didn't like from CFTKR. This is a nice sweet bakery lemon scent. I smell hints of a buttery note in this as well. Delish! Medium-to-strong scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Maybe. I have so many lemon bakery scents and they all tend to smell similar. I'll see once I melt through more of my lemon scents.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Vanilla Bean Noel-Blue Hawaiian (Chunky muffin cuttable)
  • Notes: Vanilla Bean Noel and Blue Hawaiian (orange, lemon, cherry, pineapple, acai berry, sea spray, coconut, rum, ozone)
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: Half of a chunky muffin tart
  • My take: This one was absolutely amazing! Her Blue Hawaiian scent is incredible - a nice cherry/coconut/orange drink scent. It smells way better than actual Blue Hawaiian cocktails taste =) It smells even more awesome blended with the Vanilla Bean Noel. The Blue Hawaiian scent is the chunks and then the VBN is the overpour. The VBN toned down the fruity scent but it was still quite strong. LOVE this one. Strong scent throw. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely. In fact, I think I will be needing some tarts of plain Blue Hawaiian as well.
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
Satsuma and Strawberry
  • Notes: satsuma orange and strawberry
  • Warmer: Tealight
  • Amount used: 1 bundt cake tart
  • My take: This one is really nice.  It is a new CFTKR in-house blend for 2013 that was a customer request. This combination seems to be all the rage in the wax world right now. The satsuma scent is definitely dominant but the strawberry adds a nice sweetness to it. It smells like a Strawberry Orange Julius! Very nice! Medium-to-strong scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Maybe. I have some other satsuma/strawberry blends that I am going to try out and figure out which one is my favorite.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Ultimate Bakery Shop
  • Notes: Sugar cookie, bread, donuts, cakes, frosting
  • Warmer: Tealight
  • Amount used: 1 crueller donut tart
  • My take: I just love this blend so much! It is a lot different from Front Porch's Ultimate Bakery, thankfully. That blend has zucchini bread, pink sugar and apple pie. I HATE that one. This one is mainly sugar cookie with lots of other cakey and sugary notes. Basically, it's like sugar cookie on steroids. So good! Medium scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours. Wish it were a bit stronger but it's still fantastic.
  • Repurchase: Definitely.
  • Overall rating: 7.5/10
Gingerbread Cake
  • Notes: Sugar, spice, vanilla, nutmeg, gingerbread, buttery notes
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 2 grubby tarts
  • My take: Remember how I said that I used to order from CFTKR waaay back in the day? Well this was my ultimate favorite scent from her way back when. And I still think it is fantastic! It is a super sweet gingerbread cake scent, very different from the other gingerbread scents out there. It's very cakey, and I don't get that strong of a ginger note to it. It's like a heavily frosted gingerbread cupcake, perhaps.  LOVE! It had a light-to-medium scent throw with one tart so I popped another one in and it gave a good medium scent throw after that. I do wish it was a bit stronger. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Yes. Even though it was a bit lighter than I had hoped, I will be ordering a bigger bag next time to make sure I will be able to pop in 2 of these every time. It's such a unique gingerbread scent that I have never smelled anywhere else. Plus, it's so nostalgic for me. 
  • Overall rating: 7/10

Strawberry Bread 
  • Notes: Strawberry, sweet bread, toasted nuts, cinnamon
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 bread tart
  • My take: This one is okay. Again, not really a huge fan of bread scents but because this one was a bit sweeter than the normal zucchini bread scent I figured I'd give it a whirl. The strawberry note in this is dominant and the bread note is in the background. It is nice, I'm just not sure if I could see myself melting this very often. As with all zucchini bread scents I've melted, after a few hours I feel the need to get rid of the scent. Medium-to-strong scent throw. I poured this out after about 3 hours so I'm not sure how long it would have lasted otherwise.
  • Repurchase: Probably not.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Fresh Picked Strawberry
  • Notes: Strawberry
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 strawberry tart
  • My take: This is definitely one of the most realistic strawberry scents I've come across. It is sweet, juicy and a bit tart - just like a real strawberry! As I mentioned in my recent CFTKR haul post, my husband LOVES this one. Medium scent throw. Lasted about 4 hours. Wish it was a bit stronger but honestly it's so good that I can't really complain.
  • Repurchase: Definitely, and I already have!
  • Overall rating: 7.5/10
Cinnamon Strudel
  • Notes: Sweet cinnamon bakery scent
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 grubby tart
  • My take: This is such an awesome cinnamon bakery scent! It is definitely heavy on the cinnamon but the sweet bakery note tones it down nicely. I get a flaky pastry note from this. So, so SO GOOD! I have a lot of cinnamon bakery scents in my stash and this is by far one of my favorites. Strong scent throw. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Yup! I just bought a big 8 oz. bag of this in my last order!
  • Overall rating: 10/10
Baked Vanilla Crunch
  • Notes: Vanilla, caramel, walnut
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 grubby tart
  • My take: This one was pretty good, nothing that really blew my socks off though. I get a strong hit of vanilla with a bit of a crunchy cookie note to it. It's nice but I think it would be better blended with something else. Medium scent throw. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Probably not. I recently got the Vanilla Shake scent from here and I think I will like that one better than this one. It seems much stronger and would be better on its own than the Baked Vanilla Crunch would.
  • Overall rating: 6/10

Lavender Confection
  • Notes: Lavender, sweet buttery sugar cookie
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 scent shot
  • My take: Really love LSC's lavender scent! It's definitely a sweet lavender, but not that awful laundry scent that some vendors try to pass off as "sweet lavender." I definitely get more of the lavender note with this but the sugar cookie is there. I will be forever looking for the perfect lavender sugar cookie scent that mimics my beloved Yankee Shortbread Cookie, which is a buttery sugar cookie with a hint of herbal lavender. This one is not it but it is special in it's own right. Strong scent throw. Lasted 12+ hours. 
  • Repurchase: I would think so!
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Candy Cane Kisses
  • Notes: Candy cane, Vanilla Bean Noel, vanilla sugar
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 scent shot
  • My take: This is a nice creamy peppermint scent. I can smell the VBN but the candy cane scent is definitely the star here. I absolutely love peppermint/vanilla scents and this one is very nice. It isn't particularly unique, however, as lots of vendors have peppermint and VBN blends. Also,  it wasn't as strong as some others I've come across. Medium scent throw. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Probably not. There's other VBN/peppermint blends that I like better.
  • Overall rating: 6.5/10
Ruby Rock Candy
  • Notes: Cherry, rock candy
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 scent shot
  • My take: I love LSC's cherry scent! It's a nice and sweet maraschino cherry as opposed to a black cherry or a medicinal cherry. I'm really bummed this one is discontinued because it was such a nice scent! I get mostly a cherry note in this one with a hint of sweetness that is added by the rock candy. Medium scent throw. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: I would if I could but I can't =( Oh well!
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Banana Love
  • Notes: Ripe banana, sugar cookie, vanilla cream, caramel, sugar
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 scent shot
  • My take: This, to me, smells pretty much exactly like a banana Runt candy. I even smell that hint of powder that you get when you bite into a banana Runt. I can smell a very slight hint of a sugar cookie note, but not much. Even so, I really like this one. I am all about banana scents so how could I not love one called Banana Love? Medium scent throw. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Perhaps! I have a few more of these in my stash, we'll see if I miss it once I've melted the rest of them.
  • Overall rating: 7/10

  • Notes: Cotton candy, orange dreamsicle, banana smoothie
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  4 lego tarts
  • My take: I was really excited about this one. Unfortunately, it just did not wow me. This was one of the last things I melted before I realized that I was suffering from a case of candle nose. I smelled mostly orange dreamsicle in this one, couldn't really smell any banana or cotton candy, unfortunately. Next time I melt this, I'll throw the six remaining legos in and see if it performs better for me. Light scent throw. Only lasted about 2 hours before I couldn't smell anything. I've heard great things about the way this vendor's wax performs so I am going to chalk this up to candle nose and give it another try.
  • Repurchase: Maybe. Maybe not. I'm going to have to melt this again to get an accurate read on it.
  • Overall rating: 2/10

Lemon Squares
  • Notes: (description unknown) Bakery lemon
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 donut tart
  • My take:  I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I wasn't too thrilled with my Skinny Dip order so I wasn't really expecting much. This was a very nice lemon bakery scent. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it is always important for a vendor to have a good lemon scent in their repertoire.  Strong scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Probably not. I don't see myself ordering from this vendor again but if I do, this would be a scent I would consider repurchasing. 
  • Overall rating: 7/10

Raspberry Coconut Cake
  • Notes: raspberry, coconut, cake
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 grubby tart
  • My take: Yeaaaahhh buddy! I am pretty much obsessed with this scent. It's a nice sweet and tart raspberry blended with coconut and a slight hint of cake in the background. This is the epitome of a perfect summer scent for me. Berry and coconut together is always a winning combo for me. I'll definitely be requesting  Angie make this one when I'm off of my wax ban in April. Strong scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours. I do wish the coconut was a bit stronger in this but it is phenomenal anyways. 
  • Repurchase: Absolutely!
  • Overall rating: 9.5/10

Coconut & Pineapple (new wax)
  • Notes: coconut, pineapple
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  2 scallop tarts
  • My take: This was a really nice blend of coconut and pineapple. I'm super picky about coconut and pineapple blends because a lot of times they tend to smell very cheap and generic. This one, however, had a very rich coconut base with a nice top note of sweet and juicy pineapple. Really loved the way this scent was blended! I wish it was a bit stronger, with 2 scallop tarts I only got a medium throw from this one. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Perhaps. I may even try this one in their new scoopable wax at some point.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Pumpkin Creme Brulee (old wax)
  • Notes: pumpkin puree, cinnamon, cardamom, vermont maple, caramelized sugar, rum, French vanilla
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 scallop tart
  • My take: This is probably one of my favorite pumpkin scents ever. A lot of vendors use this oil so it's not unique to Tiffany's but that's okay because Tiffany's version was actually quite strong! It's definitely a spicy pumpkin scent, but with a heavy crunchy sugar note. I don't have too much luck with Tiffany's old wax so I was pleasantly surprised that this one did so well. I imagine that it will do well in the new wax too. Strong throw. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely!
  • Overall rating: 9/10

Cucumber Melon type (new wax)
  • Notes: honeydew, cucumber
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 scent shot
  • My take: LOVE this one! I was obsessed with Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon back in middle school so this one brings back good memories. I wasn't expecting too much from this but wow was this baby STRONG! Only lasted about 4 hours though. I want Tiffany to carry Juniper Breeze and Herbal Essences scents so I can blend these three scents in a candle. I think I would call it "Middle School Madness." 
  • Repurchase: Yes!
  • Overall rating: 8/10

Boston Cream Pie
  • Notes: Custard, chocolate, cream
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  Half of a scent shot
  • My take: This was the first CBV shot I've ever melted and WOW was it STRONG! I've heard that most people need to cut these tarts in half of in quarters because they're so strong but I didn't believe it. I started out with half a scent shot and figured I would have to add the rest in. Boy was I wrong! In fact, I probably could have gotten away with 1/4 of a scent shot with this one. Love this scent. It's a creamy chocolate scent with a strong spicy crust note. Super strong scent throw. Had to turn it off because it was bothering my husband's nose. I'll definitely stick to 1/4 of the scent shot next time and maybe mix it with a vanilla scent to tone it down. 
  • Repurchase: Absolutely! 
  • Overall rating: 9/10

Juniper Breeze
  • Notes: pure fresh floral
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 scent shot
  • My take: I wish the scent description gave me a bit more to work with here. Basically, it smells exactly like the 90's Bath and Body Works favorite Juniper Breeze scent. It's fresh and crisp, but with a feminine floral twist. Obsessed. I should have combined this one with Tiffany's Cuc Melon! Anyways, this one had a super strong scent throw. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: For sure.
  • Overall rating: 9/10

  • Notes: Filo dough, cinnamon, nuts, sweet honey glaze
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 scent shot
  • My take: This was incredible! This teeny, tiny .7 oz scent shot threw like crazy. On cold sniff I couldn't really smell much else besides the cinnamon and dough but warmed, the honey and nut notes came out as well! Another spicy bakery scent that has moved to the top of my favorites list this week. I need to order this scent in bulk. Strong scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Yes yes yes! 
  • Overall rating: 10/10

Magnolia Blossom
  • Notes: Magnolia, white sandalwood, amber
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 scallop tart
  • My take: Yet another Bath and Body Works dupe this week! This is another one of my favorite scents that is now discontinued. So glad to have found an exact dupe for this scent. It's such a nice floral scent without being too heavy on the floral. It's definitely sweet but the sandalwood and amber add depth. Really pretty. I would recommend this to everyone, even if you hate florals. Strong scent throw. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Absolutely! I snagged another one of these in the RR box, so that will have to tide me over until I can place another order in April after my wax ban.
  • Overall rating: 10/10

Plum Delicious
  • Notes: Plump berries, spice, spruce
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used:  1 "Thank You" bar
  • My take: This was a gift from my friend Shelby. It was love at first sniff! I've found that I really like fruity scents blended with spruce/pine/balsam notes. The berry/plum note in this is very strong and then the spruce and spice notes pull it all together. I smell even a hint of a bakery crust note in this. It's a very holiday-ish scent that can work all year round.  Obsessed. I'm so glad I ordered this scent in a few products in my PPS order. Strong scent throw. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Absolutely! I purchased a bag of this scent on it's own and even blended it with another scent in a chunk! Can't wait until that order arrives!
  • Overall rating: 10/10

Pink Lime
  • Notes:  Pink Sugar, lime
  • Warmer: Tealight
  • Amount used:  1 scallop tart
  • My take: Really loved this one! This is the first tart I've melted from Ollie's and I was very impressed. The lime is this tends to be more of a sweet, bakery lime but I didn't detect any pie crust notes. Perhaps it was a lime cake scent or something along those lines. The Pink Sugar cuts the tartness of the lime quite nicely and adds a sugary sweetness. I could smell both notes equally in this blend. Strong scent throw. Lasted about 10 hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely! 
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10

Raspberry Violet
  • Notes:  Raspberry, violet
  • Warmer: Tealight
  • Amount used:  1 scallop tart
  • My take: This was incredible. The sweetness of the raspberry blended really well with the powdery floral of the violet. As I've mentioned before, violet is one of my favorite floral notes and this blend is definitely one of the best violet scents I've ever smelled. A perfect spring scent. Definitely a winner. Another scent I would recommend to someone who isn't much of a floral fan. Strong scent throw. Lasted 8+ hours.
  • Repurchase: I'm honestly thinking of breaking my wax ban just to get a few more of these tarts. Must. Not. Order.
  • Overall rating: 9.5/10

That's all for this week's wax meltdown! Hope you enjoyed reading about all the scents I melted this week. Overall, I had great success with scents this week. As always, let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you all soon =)