Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well hello there! It's been quite awhile, hasn't it? As my focus in life shifted, my focus on wax shifted as well. For a few months there, I did not have the desire to purchase wax at all! I was content to melt through my stash and I didn't think twice about checking to see when my favorite vendors would open or watching wax videos or anything like that.

You see, things were changing for me. After a year-long health crisis, I finally managed to compile a team of doctors and holistic practitioners who could help.  I left my job. I started my own business. I went back to school. We finally started on our long awaited complete home remodel. Friends and family are having babies. Friends and family are getting married. Life is sweet.

But I started to miss wax. I've had other hobbies. Nail polish. Makeup. Bath and body products. Knitting (or at least attempting to knit). Antiquing. Scrapbooking. Other shit. But the one hobby that has been the most persistent throughout my life is wax. The first time I ever ordered from Candles from the Keeping Room was in 2005, when she was still Candles by Carol on eBay. The first time I ever used a Yankee tart was in elementary school.

So it seems the wax is an enduring love for me and I don't think it'll ever go away. I cannot imagine life without things that smell good! And so, Rosegirls opened. Fall is on the horizon. Just like that, I'm back into wax mode. Maybe not full force - I still am not huge into the whole Facebook aspect of the wax world and I'm still probably not going to stockpile wax like I once was. But I'm still here!


And so, this is where the free wax comes in! I have accumulated a lot of it, of course, in the past few months where I have been purchasing again.

On FB destash groups, there is a thing called "ass wax" destashes. It is when you put a box together of wax that is less than desirable for regular destashes and you offer it for free with the cost of shipping.

I was going to offer these 2 destashes in a FB destash group but I figured, why not offer them to my readers who have stuck around througout the course of this blog! The wax in these is much nicer that what you would probably get in the average "ass wax" destash, so I didn't necessarily want to call them that. So, here's my FREE WAX destashes!


The deal with these free wax destashes is as follows:
  • The wax is FREE, buyer pays shipping. These are in large flat rate boxes and will cost $15.80 for US buyers and will have to be calculated for international buyers.
  • This is open to US and international readers!
  • Paypal only.
  • One box per person.
  • The first 2 people to e-mail me gets a box. My email is thescholarlynail (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • These boxes consist of wax that I have gotten from swaps, round robins and destashes, wax that has been given as samples in orders from vendors, and wax that is an age that is less than desirable for conventional destashes but still smells great!
  • Good luck! 




Thanks to all who have stuck around on this blog! I appreciate each and every one of you. Take care and I hope to be back soon!