Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rosegirls March 2013 Order Part One - THE SAMPLER!

Hey everyone!! I'm so excited to be sharing this haul with you! I know it's been awhile since I've done a haul on here, but rest assured my wax stash has been growing steadily. This was perhaps my most anticipated outstanding order up until I placed my Rosegirls haul in April =) That one was by far the biggest wax order I have ever placed. Anyway, let's get back to my March order.

I placed this order on March 17th from a hotel room in North Carolina. That's dedication, folks! I believe they opened around 7 PM that day and stayed open for about 5 hours until noon. The TAT for those orders was a bit extended for a few reasons. First of all, they allowed everyone in March to order a sampler, much different (and much more time consuming) from their normal 50 or so that they allow. Second of all, Kathy, the owner's mom and one of the main brains behind Rosegirls, had to have emergency surgery in April so it was taking Jenny a bit longer to get orders out with Kathy in recovery. I believe this order arrived only 3 days past the original stated TAT of 35 business day so they are really working hard on getting these orders out! Besides, I expect a longer TAT with RG since they are so popular and I wasn't expecting to get my order as soon as I did so it was a nice surprise when I got the shipping notification=)

Enough with the chit chat, let's just hop into what I ordered! I ended up getting a sampler, 10 bags, 2 Triple Threats and 3 custom medium pies. I also received 4 chunks for free so I ended up with 24 sampler chunks! Today, I'll be showing you guys just the sampler and I'll be back tomorrow to show you the rest of what I ordered!

First up is the sampler/free chunks:

  • Strawberry Jam Cream Cake - I actually used to have a bag of this but I was never a huge fan. It gets a lot of hype in the wax community but it's a tad too sweet for me. It is a blend of strawberries and cream and strawberry jam. No, there's no cake notes in this one. I ended up putting this one in a RR because I know that it is a much beloved scent and it will find a new home with someone who is able to appreciate it more than I am =)
  • Vanilla Dipped Fruit Salad - I am not a fan of the "fruit salad" scent from any vendors, and sadly, I didn't much care for this one either. I think there's just too much citrus in the scent for my liking. The "vanilla dipped" note mellowed it out a bit, but not quite enough for me. I believe the vanilla scent they use for all the vanilla dipped scents has been discontinued so this one will not be available for purchase anymore. 
  • Orange Sherbet and Pink Chiffon - This was one of RG's new blends that they are testing out. To my nose, it was very heavy on the orange sherbet note with a slight hint of the fruity-perfume note in the background from that Pink Chiffon. I didn't care for this blend, there is just something about orange scents that have been rubbing me the wrong way lately. However, it seems to be popular on the RG board so I will be passing this one on as well to give someone else to opportunity to try it. 
  • Raspberry Cotton Candy - This is a nice blend of their tart raspberry sauce and cotton candy. The raspberry is definitely the dominant note here, with a nice sweet undertone from the cotton candy. I have found my favorite raspberry blend from RG (Raspberry Marshmallow Smoothie) and since this one doesn't quite hit the spot for me, I ended up passing it along in a swap to someone who was excited about trying it!
  • Apple Colada - Although I have been more open to green apple scents lately, RG's green apple is a bit too astringent and candy-like for my tastes. It almost smells like one of those green apple Mr. Mistys from DQ...do you guys remember those? This one is a blend of pina colada and green apple, and the pina colada adds a nice creaminess to the blend but not enough for me to like it. This one was passed on in a RR as well, as I know it's a super popular scent and someone else would really enjoy it. 
  • Spiced Apples and Peaches Ice Cream - This one is yummy! I love the spiced apples and peaches scent from any vendor, and when it is mixed here with the ice cream note, it really mellows out the spiciness nicely. It's definitely still spicy, don't get me wrong, but it is definitely more tolerable for those of you who might be sensitive to spicy scents. This one will be wonderful in the fall!
  • Cool Beans - This is a blend of lavender, peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel. I've begun to realize that I'm not the hugest fan of RG's lavender scent. It's definitely a sweet lavender that has a hint of powderiness that doesn't agree with my nose (with the exception of a few blends). I've been on the hunt for the perfect lavender/peppermint/vanilla blend since I was running low on my favorite blend of those scents, Lasting Scent Candles Candy Land Dreamin'. I've tried that blend from a few other vendors as well and nothing will ever compare to Candy Land Dreamin'. Anyways, this one is VERY popular in the RG community and I have already found a new home for this little chunk =)
  • Soothing Lavender Dreams - Another cult favorite in RG Land, this is a blend of lavender and zucchini bread. Being that I'm not a fan of RG's lavender or zucchini bread scents, you would think this would be a major bust for me but actually, it's not too bad. I've gotten this scent several times, whether in orders or through RR's, so this one was passed on to someone else. It's definitely not my favorite scent but it's tolerable. I've come to realize that I am super picky when it comes to lavender scents.
  • Fairy Woods - This is a blend of their Twilight Woods and Pink Sugar dupes. Twilight Woods is a nice perfume but I'm not so sure that I would like to melt it in wax, especially since it's the dominant note in this blend. It's just a wee bit too perfumey for my nose and I'm not sure I would want my house to smell like it. This one was passed on in a swap as well. 
  • Moonspice Royal Sugar Cookies - Yummmmmmm! I'm a huge fan of both Celtic Moonspice as well as their Royal Sugar Cookie scent so this one was a match made in heaven for me! Of RG's two cookie scents, Royal Sugar Cookies is the sweeter and creamier fragrance of the two. It blends so flawlessly with Celtic Moonspice, making a lovely sweet and spicy bakery scent. This is full bag worthy for sure!
  • Escape to Neverland - This is one of their newer blends, with chunks in Pineapple, Orange Dreamsicle and Raspberry with a Vanilla Ice Cream overpour. I've been quite picky with orange and pineapple scents lately and I just wasn't loving this one as much as I thought I would. It was a nice, creamy fruity blend though and I can see why people love this one!
  • Raspberry Key Lime Pie - I'm normally not the biggest lime fan, but I am in LOVE with RG's Key Lime Pie scent. It's so authentic, right down to the pie crust undertone. It's so yummy blended with the sweet raspberry scent, and you can smell both notes equally. I already have a bag of this so I'll be passing this one on in a swap or RR as well to give someone else a chance to try it =)
  • Butterbrickle Cotton Candy - I had a pie in this combo in my cart for my April order but for some reason I took it out last minute. After smelling this chunk, I am kicking myself for not getting more! Butter brickle is my new obsession in wax, I just can't get enough of this scent! The caramel notes in butter brickle blended with cotton candy become such a rich and decadent scent. I am not sure this is a regular blend that they sell in bags, but I will for sure be ordering a pie in this scent the next time I order. I also have ordered the blend from a few other vendors as well. Some people have a signature blend that they tend to order from every vendor. For some, it's Pink Sugar Marshmallow, Fruit Loops Birthday Cake or Zucchini Bread Noel, but for me, I think it's going to be Butter Brickle Cotton Candy =)
  • Circus Concession - So good. This is another new scent blend that they are testing, and it's a keeper for sure. I'm not quite sure of the exact notes in here but I'm fairly certain it's a blend of caramel apple,  cotton candy and funnel cake. It's pretty similar to all the other circus/carnival/fair scents out there but it's definitely one of the strongest and most well-blended ones I've smelled. Full bag worthy. 
  • Tropical Passion -  I was so excited to see a chunk of this in my sampler because it has been on my to-try list forever and I've never seemed to have been able to get my hands on it. Tropical Passion is a blend of pear and pina colada and the two notes really smell awesome together. I can smell the pear slightly more but the pina colada is definitely there. It's way better than any coconut pear scents I've ever smelled. Winner winner!
  • Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream - This is another favorite of the whole sampler. Their raspberry coconut scent smells to me like most other Raspberry Zinger scents I've smelled, which is awesome because I LOVE Raspberry Zinger scents. The raspberry coconut blended with ice cream is PHENOMENAL. I think I described this one to someone as Raspberry Zinger on steroids. It's mouthwatering. I don't remember seeing this one available as a bag the last opening, so I'll probably be ordering this blend in a custom pie next time they open.
  • Royal Sugar Cookie Noel - This is a nice, simple bakery scent. Like I said, I'm a huge fan of the Royal Sugar Cookies scent and when it is blended with VBN, it just becomes creamier and more yummy. It's a bit light on cold throw, and I've found that VBN tends to be on the lighter side in their wax so I'll have to melt this one too see if it is, in fact, full bag worthy.
  • Royal Serendipity Sugar Cookies - I am just loving all the Royal blends in this sampler! This super sweet cookie scent is the perfect companion to the tropical fruitiness of Serendipity. This one is definitely full bag worthy for my next order. So sweet, creamy and delicious! For reference, I like this one better than CFTKR's Serendipity and Sugar Cookie scent, but not quite as much as their Ultimate Serendipity scent, so it's somewhere in between those =)
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road - This one is basically like their Strawberry Jam Cream Cake scent, but with actual cake - strawberries and cream and strawberry jam chunks with a cuppa cake overpour. The cuppa cake definitely cuts down on the sweetness from that strawberries and cream scent and adds a nice bakery note as well. I'm going to give this one a shot and see if I like it more than Strawberry Jam Cream Cake. So far, I'm definitely liking it better off of cold throw.
  • Butterscotch Coffee - I'm trying to hop on the coffee scent train, and so far I'm still pretty shaky. I did order a few coffee scents in this order and I don't like them quite as much as I had remembered liking them before. This is a nice blend of sweet, sticky butterscotch and their coffee scent but it's just not for me. I will say though, out of all coffee scents I've smelled, I definitely like RG's coffee the best. I passed this one onto a friend in a swap, I know she is going to love this one!
  • Key Lime Birthday Cake - Again with the key lime awesomeness! This is a great blend of key lime and birthday cake where the birthday cake adds a really awesome sweet, almost frosting-like note to the blend. So good! I ordered a bag of Key Lime Swizzle Sticks in my April order and for my next order, I'm deciding between this and the next key lime blend I am going to talk about. I just can't get enough RG Key Lime!
  • Florida Key Lime Pie, 7 Up Pound Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream - This one is awesome as well. If you've never smelled 7 Up Pound Cake, you're missing out. It's hard to describe, but the scent is both fizzy and bakery at the same time. Delish! When blended with key lime and ice cream, it sends it over the edge into a whole new dimension. YUM! I just can't decide whether or not I need this or Key Lime Birthday Cake in a bag next time around. I'll have to melt them both to see which one I like better =)
  • Pink and Blue Swizzle Sticks - I am a huge fan of their swizzle sticks scent, it is a sweet, sugary scent that is light on its own but somehow seems to make the scents blended with it even stronger. It's magical! Of course, I love blue and pink blends so this one is right up my alley. I have a bag in Pink and Blue Royal Sugar Cookies and I think I may like this one a bit more than that one. It's so good!
  • Purple Cow Ice Cream - This is a blend of purple cow (grape) with their vanilla ice cream scent. I am not a fan of grape scents at all, but if I was, I'm sure this would be a good one! I'm passing this onto someone else who I know will love it.

Okay guys, that was my sampler from Rosegirls!  It's always so much fun opening samplers because you never know what you're going to get. I was super pleased with this sampler and I'm so grateful that they allowed everyone in March to place an order for one.

Thanks for stopping by today everyone and I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of my order =D


  1. A lot of those sound amazing! I love CFTKR Celtic moonspice sugar cookie so the Celtic moonspice royal sugar cookie sounds so good! Maybe eventually I'll order. I think I'll decide after melting some chunks you gave me :)

    1. I think you would love Moonspice Royal Sugar Cookie! I can't believe you haven't caved and ordered yet, I admire your self control lol.

  2. Great sampler, so different from the one I got!

    1. I was super pleased with this one! Even though I ended up parting with about half of it, I was glad to be able to smell everything!

  3. Their samplers are great because it allows you to either love or hate something you might have committed to in bag form! Moonspice Royal Sugar Cookies and Butter brickle cotton candy sounds freakin' amaaaazing. I was trying to recreate a raspberry zinger on my own and blended raspberry sauce, coconut and....cuppa cake, I think? It was just ok...maybe I will have to try this with ice cream instead! YUMMM! Glad you liked some of what you got, even if others found new homes. :)

    1. You must try Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream, it's phenomenal! Your pie blend sounds awesome too =) Yes, samplers are the BOMB! I had one in my cart for my April order but I ended up passing to try to let some of the newbies get their hands on one. Looking back, I wish I wouldn't have been so selfless LOL

  4. YEAH!!!! I'm over the moon. These chunks are frickin gorgeous. Can't wait for my April order! I missed the April Samplers which is a huge bummer, but I missed March's opening in its entirety so in hindsight...I'm ok! I ordered a bag in Cool Beans, so I wonder how I'll like it. Also kicking myself for not ordering Raspberry Key Lime Pie! Can't wait to see the rest of your order!

    1. Aren't they gorgeous?! I wish I would have snagged another sampler in April, they're so awesome! I can't wait to see what you think of your April order when it arrives =) My other post is up =)