Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rosegirls March 2013 Order Part Two - Bags and Pies!

Good afternoon friends! I'm back today with the rest of my awesome Rosegirls order from March! Today I will be showing you all the 10 bags, 2 Triple Threats and 3 custom pies that I ordered. I liked a large majority of what I got and there were only a few duds in the bunch. Let's just get right into it! 

If you missed my post on what I got in my sampler, click here: Rosegirls March 2013 Order Part One - THE SAMPLER!

  • Hawaiian Sunset - I hate to start out with a dud, but I didn't care for this one. Hawaiian Sunset is Jenny's top secret blend, although we know that it definitely has pineapple in it. To my nose, it's a creamy, bakery pineapple scent. Unfortunately, there is a strong musty undertone in the pineapple that turns me off from this blend. Pineapple is a tricky one for me. I know this scent has been a hit among other Rosegirls fans, so I plan on passing some chunks along through swaps and RRs so others can enjoy this blend =)
  • Grapefruit Swizzle Sticks - RG's grapefruit scent is AMAZING. Definitely my absolute favorite grapefruit scent I've smelled thus far, and I've tried grapefruit scents from many, many vendors. It truly smells like an actual grapefruit, with no perfumey or floral undertone that a lot of other grapefruit scents seem to have. The swizzle sticks scent adds a bit of sweetness and tones down the grapefruit just a tad. I have not melted this scent yet but I did melt a sample of a Pink Sugar and grapefruit blend, and I was a tiny bit disappointed because it did seem to have a bit of a fuel aroma that a lot of citrus scents can have. Hopefully I don't get that fuel scent from this blend when I melt it! Citrus oils can be very tricky to work with so I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it smells SO GOOD cold.
  • Pumpkin Blueberry Cookies - This one is pretty good, though not a favorite. It's a nice blend of blueberry and pumpkin, with the blueberry being the dominant note here. I smell a bit of cookie in the background that I'm hoping will come out more when I melt it. I wouldn't say that this is a spicy pumpkin blend, but more of a sweet pumpkin. This will be a good scent to transition from summer into fall!
  • Nilla Strawberry Noel - I was kind of scared off of Rosegirls strawberry scents after my disappointment in Strawberry Jam Cream Cake, but I'm so glad I got this blend because it is amazing! The chunks are in Nilla Wafers and Strawberry Jam and the overpour is Vanilla Bean Noel. It is SO delicious! The strawberry jam and nilla wafer blended with the VBN makes for such a creamy and bakery strawberry scent that isn't too sweet at all. My husband says this one smells like the way the inside of Dairy Queen smells, and I have to agree. Yes, two DQ comparisons in one order. That just goes to show how edible these tarts smell!
  • Peppermint Coconut Mallow - I got a chunk of this in a destash and I knew I had to have more! I've been loving coconut/peppermint blends lately and this is no exception. The peppermint is definitely the dominant note here with the added sweetness of marshmallow and coconut in the background. If you love peppermint marshmallow scents, I highly suggest giving this one a shot because the coconut adds a kick to it that compliments the peppermint scent so well. Love it!
  • Strawberry Banana Bubblegum - This was another chunk that I got in that same destash that I just had to order a bag of! This is probably my favorite strawberry scent from RG that I've smelled so far. The strawberry and banana notes stand out equally, with an undertone of candy sweetness from the bubble gum. I'm always on the lookout for good strawberry banana blends and this one is definitely one of my top favorites. So sweet and delicious! To me, this smells exactly like a strawberry banana Starburst, a.k.a the best Starburst flavor EVER!
  • Berry Lovely Monster Cookies - I got a chunk of this in another destash and I had to have a bag in it! RG's Berry Lovely scent is a blend of Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, Wildberry and Sweet Lemon Confection and in this particular scent, it has an overpour of Monster Cookie. What an awesome blend this is! Most berry/lemon blends tend to have lemon as the dominant note but I love how they blend two berry scents with the lemon here so that lemon is in the background and the berry scents can take the starring role. This is a fantastic creamy berry blend with hints of lemon and cookie. Everyone needs to try one of RG's Berry Lovely blends at one point in their wax careers. It's just so good.
  • Blue Hawaiian Smoothie - I have been loving Blue Hawaiian scents lately so I knew I needed to toss one into this order. This particular blend of Blue Hawaiian and marshmallow smoothie is really fantastic. Blue Hawaiian is a strong tropical drink scent and the marshmallow note tones it down a bit to make more of a creamy pineapple kind of scent. I'm in LOVE with this. I have a chunk of Blue Hawaiian Swizzle Sticks headed my way as well so it will be fun to compare those two blends. 
  • Orange Danish Coffee - I got a chunk of this in my February sampler and much to my surprise, I loved it! I'm not normally a coffee scent kind of girl but there's something about it blended with the Orange Danish that I really liked about it! I'm not the hugest orange fan either so that's why I was so surprised with this scent. It's so yummy! I would say that the Orange Danish scent is more dominant but you can definitely smell the coffee in there as well. I have had a few other orange pastry/coffee scents from other vendors and this one blows them all out of the water. This blend is creamy and delicious! Like I mentioned in my previous post, Rosegirls has the only coffee scent that I can tolerate. 
  • Raspberry Lilac - Sadly, this was another dud for me. I normally love both raspberry and lilac scents but this one just wasn't doing it for me. The lilac scent was very powdery and I didn't smell much raspberry in here at all. I was so bummed because this was one of the ones I was most excited for. It's such a pretty color combo too, dark maroon with purple chunks. I'll be passing these chunks on to people who might enjoy this scent more.
  • Blackberry Mocha Cuppa Cake (Triple Threat Melts) - This was a new product for March that was only available in limited scent blends, I think there were 5 or 6 different blends to choose from, all with the Cuppa Cake scent in them. I was on my major coffee scent kick when I ordered this one, and it's definitely good but I'm not so sure that I'm loving it. The coffee is definitely the dominant note here, with a noticeable blackberry jam butter cookie undertone. I don't really smell the cuppa cake at all in here. I was thinking about destashing this one but my husband loves it so I'll at least melt one of these chunks (or maybe half, these things are huge) and see how I feel about it first. 
  • Lemon Cotton Candy Cuppa Cake (Triple Threat Melts) - This one was a bit of a disappointment for me as well. I LOVE lemon and cotton candy scents, but pretty much all I can smell in this blend is a strong lemon scent. Not much cotton candy or cuppa cake, unfortunately. The lemon scent does smell good although it's not the bakery lemon I was hoping for. My husband says it smells like Lemonhead candies, and it totally does! This is a nice scent but like I said, I think I was hoping for something different. Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about the Triple Threat product. The scents don't seem to be as well blended as they are in the chunks and I'm not crazy about the scent selection. Maybe if they add more scents that appeal to me I'll give them a try again someday. 
  • Cranberry Cobbler, Pear and Monster Cookie (custom medium pie) -  I got a few slices of a Cranberry Pear Torte pie in a destash, which was a blend of Cranberry Cobbler, Pear and Zucchini Bread. As you all know, I'm not a fan of ZB scents (and Rosegirls being on of my least favorite ZB scents ever) but I really loved the blend of the cranberry and pear. So, I decided to blend those two scents with a Monster Cookie overpour so it would be more up my alley. Lo and behold, this is a good one! I don't smell much of the Monster Cookie scent off of cold throw so I'm hoping it comes out more when melting. This is another great summer-into-fall transitional scent!
  • Strawberry Jam, Grapefruit and Swizzle Sticks (custom medium pie) - I love grapefruit and strawberry scents but I hadn't found one yet that was quite up to par so I created this blend. It is SO good! The grapefruit is the dominant note here with the strawberry and sweet swizzle sticks scents in the background. RG's grapefruit is so strong that it seems to dominate all other notes so next time, I think I might do grapefruit and swizzle sticks chunks with a strawberry overpour to help bring out the strawberry note more. Overall though, I'm really pleased with this blend and I can't wait to melt it!
  • Berrylicious and Lavender - I had gotten a chunk in my last sampler of this blend and I loved it! It smelled to me like my favorite blueberry rooibos tea, so I had to have more of it! The blend was discontinued in the bags so I decided to order a medium pie in the scent. I would say the berry note smells mostly of blueberry and I can smell the lavender and berry notes equally in this blend. I ended up getting a bag of Berrylicious Lavender in a destash and in that one, the lavender was the dominant note and I didn't like it quite as much so I'm glad the berry note is strong in this one! 

So concludes my March Rosegirls order! Overall, I'm very pleased with this order and I can't wait to start melting these sexy little chunks! They will still be working on March orders for the next few weeks and will probably start working on April orders late May/early June! I'm super, duper stoked about my April order as it is my biggest wax order so far. 10 chunk bags, 11 medium custom pies and 3 large pies! I can't wait! 

I have a few more hauls that I'd like to share this week and then this weekend, I will finally be doing a melted review post! It's been forever since I've done one, and even though I've been sick and haven't been melting a lot, I still have tons to review so definitely stay tuned for that. Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you all again soon =)


  1. Some of those sound really good! I think you sent me a chunk of berrylicious lavender and it smells so good! Berry lovely monster cookies sounds good too! I may just have to place a RG order eventually haha

    1. Berrylicious Lavender is to die for!! Yes, you need to hop on the RG train for sure!

  2. AMAZING! waiting for my april order

    1. I bet you got some awesome stuff in your April order! Opening a RG package is like Christmas morning lol.

  3. OMG what an amazing order! Strawberry Banana Bubblegum is going in my next order for SURE! Strawberry Jam Grapefruit Swizzle Sticks sounds like a fantastic blend!

    1. Thanks girl! You may or may not get to try Strawberry Banana Bubble Gum sooner than you think =D

  4. Your pictures are so professional looking! The vendors could use them for promo pics. :)

  5. LOOK AT ALL THE CHUNKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, they are so pretty!!! Like Dana said, AMAZING order! Your Strawberry Jam, Grapefruit and Swizzle Sticks creation does sound good. Does RG have the best grapefruit scent? Peppermint coconut mallow is one of my favorites!

    1. Aren't the chunks gorgeous?! I would definitely say that RG has the best grapefruit scent lol. Definitely give it a try =)