Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rosegirls January 2014 Haul Part 2 - Custom Muffins!

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic week! I'm going to just jump right into Part 2 of my January RG order - THE MUFFZ!!

Part 1 of my RG order can be found here: RG January 2014 Haul Part 1 - Bags!


While I absolutely love Rosegirls' house blends, part of the excitement of ordering for me is the ability to custom blend some scents. I love the process of concocting my blends, from making lists to watching countless YT videos to bouncing ideas off of friends, it's all very exciting! I always keep a blend ideas list going, whether RG is going to be opening soon or not. Anytime I see a blend or think of a blend that I might want to try, it goes on the list. While the majority of the blends I ordered this time around were carefully planned and calculated, there's a few last minute blends that always seem to make their way into my order! Overall, I was pretty pleased with my custom blends this time around but I definitely think there is room for improvement. My quest for the perfect custom blend is endless. I noticed that I used a lot of the same kind of scents in this order (strawberry jam, gilligan's brew, and florida key lime pie to name a few) and next time I decide to do custom blends, I think I'd like to try for more of a variety. 

The products that Rosegirls allows custom blending in are large pies, 2 lb loaves, 1 lb loaves and muffins. I choose the muffins not only because it is the least expensive option, but because it gives me the least amount of product. I have so much wax at this point (especially RG wax) so I don't know if I'll ever use a whole loaf or pie, especially in my custom blends that I'm not even sure I will like. Also, I love the fact that the muffins are especially easy to share with people. The muffins come 4 to a pack, each one individually bagged and labeled which make them super easy to pop in a destash, RR, or swap! Previously, RG also offered custom medium pies that were $8 a piece. Those were always my favorite blending option before they were discontinued. RIP medium pies, we will never forget ye <3 Although a bit more expensive than the medium pies, the muffins are a nice replacement for those looking for a less expensive custom blending option. Plus they are just so darn cute, aren't they?


So here they are, the muffz of my January Rosegirls order!


Top row, L-R: Wildberry Pomegranate, Caramel Butter Brickle Dunk My Donut, Strawberry Watermelon Margarita
Bottom row, L-R: Strawberry Raspberry Coconut Nilla Wafers, Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs Bread, Sicilian Lemon Royal Sugar Cookie Raspberry Coconut, Ooey Gooey Caramel Gilligan's Brew Funnel Cake.
  • Wildberry chunks with Pomegranate overpour - Starting this post out with one of my absolute favorite blends! This isn't one of my own concoctions, but rather was a test scent that they had sent out with some flash sales last fall. Sadly, it didn't make the cut into bags so I knew that I have to custom blend it myself. It is SUCH a wonderful blend. The uber-sweet Wildberry scent blends so well with the tart and juicy pomegranate scent. Simple yet gorgeous. I can smell both notes equally in this blend, which is always something I worry about with the muffins. It is a constant struggle for me when I'm blending to decide which scents will be the chunks and which one will be the overpour. Good thing this scent had already been done so I had a model to use when picking the chunks and OP for this one. 
  • Ooey Gooey Caramel & Butter Brickle chunks with Dunk My Donut overpour - This blend was created for the August opening by my lovely friend Michelle. She had stuck a few chunks of this into a RR for me and I knew I had to have more. Michelle and I were both on a huge butter brickle kick last fall so this was absolutely perfect. To me, this smells exactly like how a Cinnabon smells somehow, although there really isn't any sort of frosting note in this. The caramel and butter brickle blend together to make a super rich caramel scent, and the donut adds a lovely sweet cinnamon dough note. Two thumbs up for Michelle's blend!! I need to do more blends with Dunk my Donut next time, I always seem to love every blend it is in.
  • Strawberry Jam & Watermelon Slush chunks with Margarita overpour - This was one of the blends I was struggling to figure out which scents to make the chunks and which the overpour. I knew that I wanted to do a strawberry watermelon margarita scent, but since all three of those scents are super strong on their own, I just couldn't figure it out. In the end, I went with margarita as the OP because RG has a house blend called Raspberry Pomegranate Margarita and the marg was the OP in that one as well. In the end, I wish I would have chosen the strawberry or the watermelon as the OP. The margarita is SUCH a strong scent that it overpowers the other notes, and it almost has a fizzy note to it. It actually kind of reminds me of that fizzy pop oil that other vendors have. It's definitely not my favorite blend but I am going to give it a whirl. If worse comes to worse, I will toss in a piece of my strawberry jam brittle when it is melting if that margarita is too strong. 
  • Strawberry Jam & Raspberry Coconut chunks with Vanilla Wafers overpour - This is definitely one of my favorites from this order. For the August opening, a group of friends and I did a pie and muffin club, and this was based on one of the blends we did for that. I believe the OP in that one was VBN but I decided to do the vanilla wafers for this one to give it a bit more of a bakery feel. I can smell mostly the strawberry jam and the nilla wafers in this blend, but the raspberry coconut peeks in also. It's a sweet and creamy berry bakery blend with a hint of crunch from the wafers. It almost reminds me a bit of my beloved Nilla Strawberry Noel. Winner winner!
  • Baked Zucchini Bread & Monster Cookie chunks with Marshmallow Smoothie overpour - This was one of my blends from our August pie club and it is amazing! I like to call it Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs Bread. It's honestly just the ultimate bakery blend. So creamy and delicious! If you are a Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs fan, you have to try this blend. It takes it to a whole other level! There's not really much else to say about this scent other than it's absolutely awesome. 
  • Sicilian Lemon Cookies & Royal Sugar Cookies chunks with Raspberry Coconut overpour - I've been wanting to do a Raspberry Coconut/Lemon blend for quite some time now and I finally took the plunge. I added Royal Sugar Cookies to the chunks so that the lemon wouldn't overwhelm the delicate raspberry coconut scent but looking back, I wish I would have only done lemon chunks because the RSC does seem to tone down the lemon a bit too much. Still a really nice blend though and hopefully the lemon comes out more when warmed. Also, I feel like the combination of the RSC and SLC chunks combine together to form sort of an almond-y note. Really digging that!
  • Gilligan's Brew & Ooey Gooey Caramel chunks with Funnel Cake overpour - This was inspired by LSC's Coconut Flan scent. Coconut and caramel smell SO good together, who would have thought?! RG's funnel cake scent is very sweet and almost reminds me of their waffle cone scent. It's a great blender and pulls together the fruity and caramel notes in this blend quite well. I think maybe if I did this blend again, I would probably choose a different overpour as that funnel cake is almost a tad to sweet for me, but I still think it will be really great when warmed.

Top row, L-R: Strawberry Pear Honeydew, Harvest Bake Sale Donuts, Key Lime Pie Gilligan's Brew Pie Crust
Bottom row, L-R: Key Lime Cotton Candy Birthday Cake, Strawberry Brownie Bear Claws, Pink Serendipity Smoothie and Cotton Candy Zucchini Gilligan's Brew
  • Strawberry Jam & Pear chunks with Honeydew Melon overpour - This blend is the result of me trying to narrow down my scent list and combining two of the original blends I was planning. The two original blends were Strawberry Jam/Cotton Candy Frosting/Honeydew Melon and Strawberry Jam/Pear/Swizzle Sticks. I remember hearing that pear and honeydew were good together so I figured, why the hell not, let's combine them! This is undoubtedly my favorite custom blend of the whole order. The sweet honeydew scent definitely takes center stage, but the pear and strawberry add a nice tart, fruity background to the melon. I absolutely adore this blend. I usually end up sharing around half of my RG orders but I think I am going to have to save all 4 muffins in this scent for myself. It's that good. 
  • Dunk My Donut chunks with Harvest Bake Sale overpour - I sniffed Harvest Bake Sale in a RR during the fall and I was pleasantly surprised! Harvest Bake Sale is a pumpkin and apple blend, but what I mostly smell is a sweet apple pie. I wanted to do an apple pie donut kind of scent and I think I went back and forth about 20 times trying to decided whether DMD or Harvest Bake Sale would be the OP in this blend. Obviously, I ended up choosing Harvest Bake Sale and I kind of wish I would have done Dunk My Donut because I really can't smell the donut scent in this yet! Hopefully it'll come out more when warmed because I think these two scents could smell great together.
  • Florida Key Lime Pie & Gilligan's Brew chunks with Pie Crust overpour - This is another one of my favorites from this order! I think it's fairly obvious what I was going for here - key lime coconut cream pie! Like I've mentioned before, Rosegirls has my favorite key lime pie scent ever. It's so tart and creamy and crusty and wonderful. I've been loving coconut and lime bakery scents together lately so it was a must with this order. This blend is perfect. I smell all three notes equally, not one overpowers the other. My only minor qualm is that the pie crust scent may have the slightest hint of a perfumey note to it but I'm hoping that will go away once it is warmed. 
  • Florida Key Lime Pie & Cotton Candy Frosting chunks with Birthday Cake overpour - This blend was inspired by a chunk I got in a sampler awhile back of Key Lime Pie Birthday Cake. It was amazing on it's own but I have been wanting to do a cotton candy lime blend for awhile and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. RG's cotton candy frosting scent is so strong that it ended up dulling down the key lime in this blend a bit but it's still really good. I would classify this as a super sweet bakery scent with a hint of tart lime in the background. While it's not exactly what I had envisioned, it is still a winner in my book!
  • Strawberry Jam & Hot Fudge Brownie chunks with Bear Claws overpour - This one is probably my only true flop of the bunch. I want to like this one, I really do, but there is a weird nutty, yeasty note in the bear claws scent that is throwing this whole blend off. I love Bear Claws when it is used as chunks, but I think it's a bit much when used as an OP. I was envisioning some sort of chocolate strawberry flaky cinnamon pastry kind of scent, but what I got was a weird nutty bakery scent with an underlying plastic-y scent. I should have used Dunk My Donut as the overpour instead! I'll still melt at least one muffin to see if it smells better when warmed but I definitely don't have high hopes for this one. I've been obsessed with chocolate and strawberry blends lately, so I'll have to try for another chocolate/strawberry blend next time around. 
  • Pink Sugar & Serendipity chunks with Marshmallow Smoothie overpour - Even though I love Pink Sugar and I love serendipity scents, I'm generally not a fan of Pink Serendipity scents per se. That was until I smelled RG's Pink Serendipity Smoothie! I got a few chunks of this scent in a destash and I fell in love with the blend. It isn't a scent that is available in bags anymore so I blended it myself. I think that creamy marshmallow OP lets me enjoy this scent that I normally wouldn't enjoy on its own. I know this is a pretty boring blend when it comes down to it, but I'm glad to have more RG Pink Serendipity Smoothie in my stash!
  • Cotton Candy Frosting & Baked Zucchini Bread chunks with Gilligan's Brew overpour - This was another blend that was born out of the need to combine a few different scents to narrow down my order. I knew I wanted a Gilligan's Brew/BZB scent, a cotton candy/zucchini scent and a Gilligan's Brew/cotton candy scent, so this seemed like a good choice. I saw a couple of other people throwing around this blend idea for their January order and I figured, why the heck not! And ya know what, it's not half bad! It's just a rich coconut candy scent with a zucchini bread background. I was hoping that the zucchini bread would be more prominent in this blend but it still smells really good. I can't wait to melt this one! 

The leaning tower of muffz!
And so concludes my January RG order....or does it?! I may have a few tricks up my sleeve in the form of a pie club so stay tuned for that in the (hopefully) near future! I think it's safe to say that between my order and the pie club, I will be well stocked up on RG for awhile! 

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and I will see you all again soon <3


  1. Mmmm! Lovely muffins!! You did some fantastic blends. I love RG margarita and donut scents as well. I am adding your strawberry jam/pear/honeydew to my wish list. Hope your birthday was fabulous!

    1. Thanks Julie!! Yes, RG's donut scent is truly divine. I must remember not to be afraid to use it as an overpour next time! I know you will love strawberry jam/pear/honeydew, it is such a fantastic blend. Thanks again for reading <3

  2. MUFFZ! Seriously, girl - how are your pics so awesome!?!?! Strawberry Jam & Pear chunks with Honeydew Melon overpour sounds absolutely mind blowing. I'm weird with honeydew, but this sounds like it would be MOUTH WATERING! And what a bummer with Strawberry Jam & Hot Fudge Brownie chunks with Bear Claws overpour - I LOVE chocolate raspberry scents and I think strawberry would be great! And you know how much I am OBSESSED with wildberry pom - ITS FREAKING TO DIIIIIIIE FOR!

    1. Lol thank you Dana <3 I'm not over impressed with my muffz pics but they'll suffice =) SJ/Pear/Honeydew is definitely the standout of the bunch, I think you would like it!! Their honeydew is the sweet kind, not the overly floral kind. So good! I'm surprised you haven't tried a whole lot of strawberry/chocolate scents, it's one of my fave combos! I might have to remedy that ;-) But yeah, definitely not so great with that Bear Claws OP lol, not sure what I was thinking with that one. Yes! Your Wildberry Pom obsession is what made me get those muffz!!! Thanks for reading <3

  3. MUFFZ! These are amazing! I'm literally drooling over Wildberry Pomegranate! I only got one set of muffz in my personal order this time; I upgraded my other two custom blends to loafs.

    1. MUFFZ!! Hey Julie, thanks for stopping by!! You need Wildberry Pom, it's to die for! Perhaps for next pie club? ;-) I remember you got those Grapefruit Peppermint muffz, I can't wait to hear what you think of that combo! Can't wait to hear about your other custom blends too, that Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake one sounded amazing too. How creepy is it that I remember your custom blends? LOL okayyyyy thanks again for reading <3

  4. Omg! Awesome blends, like I said before you are the blending queen. I suck at blending, so guess what I'm for surly ordering some of your blends next opening. I hope it's ok with you.

    1. Hi Susy, thanks so much for stopping by! Aww I don't know if I'm the blending queen lol, but I sure do love coming up with blends. You can borrow any blends you'd like sista! I hope you like whichever ones you decide on. Thanks again for reading <3