Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Bathing Garden January Orders

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a splendid weekend. I wanted to pop in with another quick post to show you all my combined January Bathing Garden orders!

The Bathing Garden is always a vendor that has been at the top of my list. For some reason, TBG kind of fell off my radar for awhile when they first starting selling only on Facebook. Truth be told, I enjoyed that rush of trying to order through etsy and when she moved operations to Facebook, it became too easy to order. Crazy right? Most people in the wax world are dying to have a vendor that easy to order from. Me, I craved that rush that comes along with stalking and having to quickly order from vendors. Or at least I did. Now I am absolutely thrilled that Shannon only takes orders through Facebook. I still have my vendors that I will always stalk, but I am happy to have a vendor that takes that stress away from the consumers.

For those unfamiliar with The Bathing Garden's ordering process, it is quite simple. You must be a member of the Facebook group, because in there Shannon will post the restock list. She will give a timeframe during which she will be taking orders. And all you have to do is e-mail her with what you want, pay the paypal invoice she sends you, and voila. Pain free ordering. No refreshing the page to see when stock is added. No staying up way past your bedtime just to get an order in. Just plain, simple e-mail. She always only has a limited amount of scents that she is offering at each opening, which helps keeps the work and TAT down for her. There was talk of her maybe doing things a bit differently for the next opening, so I'm not quite sure how that will work but I do believe things will still be done through Facebook. 

Here is a link to The Bathing Garden's Facebook group: The Bathing Garden on Facebook

There are a lot of things I love about Shannon's wax, but first and foremost it performs well for me. On average, I use about 2 cubes in pretty much any warmer and I generally get a great throw. Sometimes I only need 1 cube, and sometimes I'll need 3, but overall her wax performs consistently for me. And of course, I enjoy a great deal of the scents that she offers. Shannon carries some very unique blends in her lineup, and I appreciate having something a bit different now and then. She carries a lot of standard scents as well so there's always something for everyone. Lastly, but certainly not least, her wax is gorgeous. She does mainly clamshells, with the occasional shape or block tart. The combination of embeds, glitter, wax crumble, and dried flowers that she uses make for a stunning presentation. Looks wise, TBG is one of my favorites. 

So here is what I ordered from The Bathing Garden in January. She did 2 restocks, and I placed small orders from each one. Enjoy! Oh, and these pics look so much better if you click them to enlarge =)

  • Guava Berry Gelato - Guava, raspberry, strawberry, creamy gelato. To me, this smells like the Strawberry Raspberry Guava scent from other vendors, which is an absolute favorite. It's a lovely sweetened up berry scent with a hint of creaminess. I don't really smell a "gelato" note per se, but I can definitely imagine this scent in the form of some sort of iced treat. Really beautiful and always a favorite from TBG.
  • Pomegranate Lime Sweet Tart - Tart lime and pink pomegranate. This was probably the scent that I was most excited about but I ended up strongly disliking, unfortunately. The lime in here reminds me of a lemon or lime cleaning product, and I don't get a whole lot of pomegranate. A friend of mine said this smelled exactly like a Sweet Tart candy, but sadly my nose didn't pick up on that at all. I passed this one along in a round robin, as I know it's a popular scent and I'm sure will find a loving home.
  • The Berry Scandal - Ripe raspberries, red strawberries, blackberry and guava topped with buttercream, candy corn and cake batter ice cream. Basically in this tart, I smell a strong scent of strawberry passion fragrance oil, a scent I've come to recognize from other vendors who carry it. It's more on the fresh side as far as strawberry oils go, with a hint of powdery sweetness. It's not my favorite strawberry oil, but it does smell nice with the creamy cake-y top layer. I'm still torn on this scent, I'll probably have to melt for the final decision.
  • Pirate Punch - Coconut, pinapple, tiare and plumeria flowers. To me, this is the perfect light tropical scent. I get a touch of floral in the background but I mostly smell the sweet coconut and pineapple notes. It's a great combination of floral with tropical fruits that allows this scent to be fresh and fruity at the same time. After a month of curing, this is still quite light but I think it will be a perfect scent to bring with us to Maui in May. Yes, I will be bring wax with us on vacation and yes, I am already thinking about which scents to bring. This was a freebie in my first January order.

  • Tricky Banana Treats - Vanilla cupcake, banana, caramel, cinnamon and cream cheese frosting. I had been dying to get this scent for over a year now, and I'm so glad to finally have it in my possession. It is your standard banana caramel cupcakes scent, I'm not sure if Shannon has added anything else to this scent because it smells like the same scent that I've had from other vendors. I really like this type of scent from anyone so I'm happy to have it, but I was hoping for a bit more of a unique spin on the scent. Oh well, at least this tart is absolutely adorable with all the glitter and that mummy embed! 
  • Almond Macaroon Cheesecake - Cheesecake, almond macaroon. I'm really enjoying the almond macaroon part of this tart, which luckily, seems to be the bottom layer so I can smell it the strongest. However, I'm not so sure about her cheesecake scent. I should have remembered that I didn't care for her famous lemon cheesecake scent either. However, I am still going to melt this one because I adore almond scents and I am hoping that the cheesecake note will blend well with the almond while melted. Fingers crossed!
  • Caramel Velvet Coffee Cake - Ground coffee beans, espresso, caramel, cake bites. I have been absolutely loving coffee scents lately after over a year of not liking them, so I of course had to snag this one. I smell mainly a strong, true coffee note but that caramel note in this blend helps it from being too bitter. I don't get any obvious cake note, but I'm sure it just lends to the creaminess of the blend. This is undoubtedly one of my favorites of the order, and now that these are all cured, I will be melting it as soon as possible. You can't tell from my picture, but this tart is absolutely gorgeous as well. 
  • Marshmallow Cookie Jar - Marshmallow and sweet cookies. The cookie scent Shannon uses in this blend is phenomenal. It's a strong, crunchy cookie note with a hint of a rich, bread-y undertone, akin to Rosegirls' Monster Cookie, but a tad sweeter. The marshmallow in this blend is the top layer an adds a nice creamy sweetness to that rich cookie note. Another definite favorite of the order. I had this tart once before and wasn't impressed, but I'm glad I gave it another shot because it smells different this time around. Better.
  • Zucchini Cake Noel w/ Wild Berry - Zucchini cake, Vanilla Bean Noel, wild berry. Shannon's zucchini bread is undoubtedly one of the more savory zucchini bread oils out there. I wouldn't exactly call it spicy, but it does have a hint of that "corn chip" type of note that in the past would have sent me running the other direction but have now come to love. The VBN with that swirl of wildberry (wildberry mousse, I'm assuming because that's what it smells like to my nose) helps tone down the savory aspect of the zucchini bread and adds a nice sweetness to it all. Really love this one!

  • Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet - Whipped buttercream, brown sugar, sugared rose petals. I was hoping this one would be heavier on the brown sugar aspect, but I smell mostly rose in this blend. I do enjoy rose scents, but like I said, I was hoping for more of a bakery scent with a touch of rose. I'll stick with Lemon Curd and Rose Milk for my rose fix from The Bathing Garden. 
  • Illusions of Labyrinth - Mandarin, musk, sugar and violet. This is a dupe of a Lush scent. I'm not sure quite which scent it is a dupe of, but I can say that I am generally not a fan of Lush dupes in wax. I do enjoy them in the Lush products themselves but most of the time I'd rather not have my whole house smell like them. The exception is Pink Candy Fluff/Snow Fairy dupes - yum! But I digress. This one is nice, but I don't see it being a favorite. I went out on a limb with this one because there were so many raves about it. I smell mostly a sweet citrus with a prominent floral background. I actually usually love violet scents but this doesn't smell like the type of sweet violet note I am familiar with. I am definitely going to hang on to this tart for when I want something a bit different but it won't be a regular scent in my lineup.
  • Faded Opulence - Fizzy clove, ginger, blood orange and cola. This scent is fantastic. I love cola scents, and they are hard to find these days. I smell mostly the fizzy cola note, with the scent of citrus lingering in the background. It does have a perfumey aspect to it, but not so strongly that it turns me off of this scent. It is a nice, fresh effervescent scent that I can see myself melting year round. And this is probably one of the most gorgeous tarts I have ever received from The Bathing Garden. You can see a closeup of this scent below.
  • Ophelia in Gold - Raw honey, jasmine, lily, rose, bergamot, musk. This was a freebie in my second January order, and I can say without a doubt that this is my least favorite scent I've ever smelled from The Bathing Garden. To me, it smells like a old lady perfume. I hate to use that term, but it's all I can think of when smelling this tart. I cannot imagine how anyone could like this scent in perfume, let alone in wax. However, I have seen a lot of people raving about this scent so it just goes to show how everyone's noses are so different. It is a gorgeous block tart and I'm sure I can find a new, loving home for it. It is very generous of Shannon to give samples at all, let alone such a big one, so I am grateful for it whether I enjoy the scent or not.

SCRUBS! This is the first non-wax product that I've ever featured on my blog but The Bathing Garden is famous for her sugar scrubs so I had to include them. They are super creamy, no oily residue with these bad boys! I got them in two scents, Guava Berry Gelato and The Smitten Diaries, which is a new coconut scent. I love them both and I was happy to get a sample in Honeyed Toffee as well. I can't wait to dig into my new scrubs! I'm not a huge body scrub kind of gal but I can't help but get excited about these. 

And to conclude this post, here are a couple closeups of the gorgeous tarts. I swear, this batch of tarts I received from Shannon are some of the most beautiful I've seen yet. Enjoy! 


Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have you recieved an order from The Bathing Garden recently? What are your favorites? If not, are you plotting an order from them? Let me know! 

Have a great weekend <3


  1. Nice orders!! I only got her coconut cream gardenia and vintage circus this time. Really kicking myself for not getting marshmallow cookie jar. But I am sure she will offer it again sometime in the future hopefully. I really want to try the Alice scents, they all sound so unique! Are there any from that one you tried and love? I have only had the Cheshire Cat.

    1. Hi there Julie! Gardenia Coconut Cream is one of my all-time faves from TBG, I am really kicking myself for not grabbing one of those as well but I still have half a clamshell left so I was trying to be frugal for once lol. Vintage Circus is a nice one too! The Alice scents do sound fantastic, don't they?! Again, I am attempting to be frugal since I have so much wax to use up but chances are I will cave and place an Alice order anyways. The only other one I've tried besides Cheshire Cat (which is a fan favorite and crowd pleaser for sure) is Mad Hatter's Tea Party. MHTP is an amazing minty tea scent which I highly recommend as well. Other than that, I haven't tried any of the others. I'll probably pick up MHTP, Drink Me, Eat Me, Painting the Roses Red, and Tea Party with Alice if I do decide to order =)

  2. Loving the photos. Some of these smell amazing! Did you order from this most recent Alice themed restock? Shannon is really a wax master when it comes to scents as well as decorations! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks Lauren!! I did end up caving and ordering from the Alice restock even though I tried really hard not to lol. There was some AMAZING scents that were offered and I've been dying to get my hands on some Strawberry Nonsense forever so....yeah. 12 clamshells I really love Shannon's wax and the talent that she has for making the wax look as delectable as it smells. Thanks for stopping by girl <3