Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sniff My Tarts Chunk Lot Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

Hey everyone!! I'm so excited to share this post with you all today. I present to you my Sniff My Tarts chunk lot haul!

For those of you who don't know, Sniff My Tarts (SMT) is a crazy popular vendor in the wax world. I mean, insanely popular! They are most famous for their chunks but pretty much any SMT product is a hot commodity in the wax world these days. It is run by a mother and daughter team, Donna and Amy, and is based out of Ohio. Both Amy and Donna have full time jobs but they seem to spend pretty much every waking moment not at their regular jobs pouring orders, mixing scents and coming up with new and exciting things for their customers.

Sniff My Tarts got backed up on orders late October-early November so they closed up shop for a bit to catch up. They reopened on December 1st with a great sale, and were absolutely slammed with orders. I don't think anyone could have foreseen the amount of business they received on that day. December 1st is the sale that will go down in Sniff My Tarts history! At the time of this post, March 3, 2013 they are still working on filling sale orders. I believe they only have 20 or so orders left, so there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. 

As you've realized by now, the back up from this sale means that SMT orders that have been placed recently have an extremely long TAT. My order was not even placed until December 5th so I'm probably looking at end of March before I get my order. That will mean that my order will have roughly a 3-4 month TAT. Insanely long. But guess what? I don't mind one bit! Sure, I'm impatient and I can't wait to get my order but I am more than willing to wait for their stuff because it really is that awesome.

Occasionally, Amy and Donna will post chunk lots on their Facebook group, and the first person to comment on the  post gets the lot. Usually the lots are about $30-40, with a bunch of different scent combinations and sizes. These chunks are overpours, things left over from orders that they've filled, scents they're testing out, etc. I have attempted multiple times over the past few months to score one of these lots an have never been successful. They even tried selling them on eBay a few times but they would always sell out in seconds. You have no idea how bummed I was when after hours of stalking, I refreshed their eBay page and in the same second, the lots were posted and sold. So you can see that when I say that SMT is crazy popular, I mean it! 

So I'm just checking my Facebook one day and I see that Amy has posted a massive chunk lot on their Facebook page. A few people before me had posted questions about the lot but none of them had claimed it. I frantically typed  "me!" in the comments, and lo and behold, the lot was mine! I couldn't believe it! This was no normal lot mind you. It was a massive, 7 pound lot of chunks. It was $100, making each ounce of wax less than $1. It was all scents that I thought I would like, and I figured the ones that I didn't like, I could pass on to friends. 

When I received this chunk lot in the mail a few days later, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. Everything smelled absolutely phenomenal. Even those scents that I wasn't so sure I would like....I loved! This was definitely meant to be. This lot was meant to be mine! And now we shall live happily ever after together.

Anyways, enough jibber jabber, I know you all are dying to see what I got so let's get into it! Here's what was in my SMT Facebook chunk lot:

  • Smoothie Sugar and Peppermint - This is a blend of vanilla sugar and peppermint. Not exactly sure what the "sugar" note is but I am getting vanilla and peppermint in these chunks. The peppermint is very strong here but it is toned down nicely by that vanilla smoothie. My guess is that the chunks are peppermint and the overpour is the vanilla smoothie. Really nice blend, very strong! I love peppermint scents so this is right up my alley!
  • Lavender Pink Sticky Mallow - This is a blend over lavender and their Pink sticky marshmallow scent. So basically, we've got Pink Sugar, lavender and marshmallow here. This one is awesome as well. The lavender is definitely the prominent note here. I am now kicking myself for not getting any lavender blends in my December order, their lavender is amazing! It's somehow sweet and herbal at the same time. I get a background scent of Pink Sugar with a hint of creaminess. My guess is that the lavender are the chunks and then the overpour is Pink Sticky Mallow. Really love this one.

  • Raspberry Lime Vanilla Smoothie - This is a blend of Raspberry Lime and Vanilla Smoothie. I can smell all notes equally here. I get a sweet, candy-like raspberry, a tart lime and a creamy vanilla. This is an awesome blend. I love how the sweetness of the raspberry blends with the tartness of the lime and then the vanilla just brings it all together. So awesome.
  • Serendipity Vanilla Butter Fudge - SMT is famous for their vanilla butter fudge scent! There's no chocolate notes in this, it's just a super creamy and rich vanilla scent. However, pretty much all I'm smelling here is the serendipity scent. But that's okay because I am a huge fan of serendipity. The vanilla butter fudge does add a nice bit of creamy goodness to the blend. Love it!
  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle - This was one of the ones that I wasn't sure I was going to like but in the end, it ended up being one of my favorites of the whole order! It smells phenomenal. Their chocolate truffle scent is very rich and true, and I can almost smell hints of liqueur and coffee in it. The raspberry is sweet and blends really well with the chocolate scent. It smells like a raspberry chocolate truffle, which is by far my favorite fruit/chocolate blend to eat as well. You may have seen me post a picture of one of these chunks on Facebook, they are massive! So thick. I will have to cut each chunk into fourths before I use them. Super duper strong!
  • Hot Cocoa Peppermint Vanilla Smoothie - These chunks, on the other hand, are the thinnest of the bunch. Still a good size though! The notes here all all blended nicely, I can smell the peppermint, the hot cocoa, and the vanilla smoothie scents equally. This smells like peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, even though there's no marshmallow scent here. Amazing! It's about a medium scent throw off of cold sniff. 
  • Camp Fire Dessert - And yet another amazing blend. Seriously guys, there's not a single dud in the bunch! This is a blend of marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate. This was another one I wasn't sure I was going to like but I am in love with it! I really, really like the chocolate oil that they use. Once again, I can smell all notes equally here. Crunchy graham cracker, sweet marshmallow and decadent chocolate. Super strong! As you might be able to see in the picture, the bag had a tear in it so I repackaged these ones.
  • Wildberry Mousse Zucchini Sticky Marshmallow - I know what you're thinking. "Jacqui doesn't like zucchini bread scents, she's going to hate this one." Well, you're wrong - I actually like this one! It's probably my least favorite of the whole lot but I still can see myself melting it. The wildberry mousse and marshmallow notes tone down the ZB note enough that I can handle it. Very yummy! I'll still probably pass some of this on to a friend but I'll definitely be melting some of it myself as well. Huge, thick chunks. I can probably get 4 uses out of each of these chunks.
  • Lemon Bundt Cake Fudge - This is my second favorite of the order. It is SO, SO, SO GOOD. The lemon bundt cake scent is such an awesome bakery lemon scent. It almost smells like Fruit Loops. I got a few blends with this scent in my December order and upon smelling this, I'm really glad that I did. The vanilla butter fudge adds a really nice creamy note to the blend. Amazing. I can't get enough of this! These chunks are a bit crumbly so there's a lot of smaller pieces in the bag. But based on how strong this is off of cold sniff, I'll probably only need small pieces anyways.
  • Caramel Butter Cookie - This is, hands down, my ultimate favorite scent of this chunk lot. Simply put, it is incredible. I have heard many raves about their butter cookie scent, but never did I think it would be THIS good. The caramel scent is strong and amazing. The butter cookie scent is strong and amazing. I am IN LOVE with this blend. I am going to share a few chunks of this order with friends, but I will be keeping every single chunk of this to myself. Sorry guys. It's just too good. 
  • Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow (freebie) - This was very generous of them to throw this in, seeing as I was already getting a fantastic deal on these chunks. This is a blend of Fruity Pebbles and marshmallow. Fruity Pebbles pretty much smells like Fruit Loops to me, I can't smell much of a difference. The Fruity Pebbles scent is strong but I can still smell the marshmallow very well in this blend. Awesome!

So concludes my very first Sniff My Tarts post! For those wondering, Sniff My Tarts is currently closed to catch  up on orders and when they reopen in a few months, they will be strictly RTS which will cut down drastically on the TAT. If you don't already have an order in, your best bet to get your hands on these is to stalk their Facebook page and see if they post any chunk lots. 

Anyways, thanks for stopping by today and I'll be back shortly with my Weekly Wax Meltdown! See you all soon =)


  1. Look. At. All. Those. Chunks.

    YOU ARE SO LUCKY!! You got so many great scents...aren't their butter fudge ones the best!? So worth the money. Enjoy them all! :)

    1. I was in shock that I actually got a lot, it was crazy!! Their butter fudge is so yummy, it adds an awesome creaminess to the blends that is unparalleled by any other vanilla scent. SO good! And definitely worth the money =)

  2. WOW!!! Congrats on scoring a lot. I tried once and it was crazy. I placed a regular order in late December though. I thought the TAT was 8 weeks max but it looks like I won't be seeing my order until late March or even April after reading about/viewing the TAT for other orders placed much earlier than mine. The weather is heating up in L.A. so the extended TAT worries me.

    1. Thanks =D I wouldn't worry too much, I have a feeling that after they're done with the sale orders (hopefully this week), they'll be able to bust out the rest of the orders much more quickly!

  3. WOWZA! I can't wait to smell these bad boys in person!