Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Wax Meltdown #6 - 3/3/2013 to 3/23/2013

Hi everyone! I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!! DID YA MISS ME?! I actually got back from vacation last Sunday but I needed the whole week to recover. Well, that and I've been super busy with school for the past week (a.k.a le suck fest). Also, my husband and I got to hang out with Dana from Dana's Little Wax Blog and her fiance Jeff and we exchanged a lot of wax and drank a lot of booze. Definitely the highlight of my week! Now that things are finally getting back to normal, I'm here to share with you all my melted wax reviews for the past few weeks or so. I'm glad to be back!

Here we go!

  • Sniff My Tarts Lemon Bundt Cake Fudge - This was the first thing I melted from my SMT Facebook lot and it was pretty good. Pretty good. Not amazing. This particular scent is a blend of Lemon Bundt Cake and Vanilla Butter Fudge. I melted a few smaller chunks that had crumbled apart, probably about 2 ounces total. I definitely got a background of the lemon bundt cake but the predominant scent that I picked up on was a very buttery vanilla, almost like buttered popcorn without the popcorn note. It was nice, but not my favorite. The throw was medium, lasted about 6 hours in a 24 watt hotplate warmer. This is the second thing I've melted from SMT and while the first thing blew my socks off, this was less than thrilling for me. For how coveted these tarts are, I was expecting better. But again, it wasn't bad, just not a favorite. I like this one much better on cold throw than warmed because cold I can only smell the lemon bundt cake.
  • Rosegirls Beach Vacation - LONGEST LASTING TART EVER. For real. I have been melting a chunk of this one for a week on and off in my 24 watt hotplate in my bedroom (I have a huge bedroom) and this sucker just will not die. The first time I melted it on Tuesday for over 24 hours straight, and each subsequent day for about 8-12 hours each time. This STILL has scent left in it. I am in awe of this tart. Oh yeah, what does it smell like? It's a blend of coconut suntan lotion and Pink Sugar, though I mostly only smell the coconut scent. That's okay though because it's simply amazing. I need a bag in this scent next time I order for sure. Maybe even a giant pie! Hell, I'll take a whole truckload. 
  • Rosegirls Florida Key Lime Pie, Serendipity and Vanilla Ice Cream - This one, however, was pretty underwhelming. On cold sniff, the notes smelled awesome together but I didn't get much throw when I warmed it. Light to medium throw at best. Granted, it could have been the warmer I was using which was a 25-watt lightbulb warmer. I have one chunk of this left after giving away a few so I will definitely be melting the last one in a 24-watt hotplate to see if it throws better. It's funny how you can get two things from the same vendor and have them perform completely differently from the other. Just goes to show that sometimes even the best vendors will have some duds. It's all trial and error. 

  • Combo #1:  Pics, Petals & Scents Pumpkin Pie Spice and Tiffany Candles Cheesecake - I cleaned out my wax drawers a bit this week and I found a single Tiffany's Cheesecake tart in the old wax at the bottom of one of my drawer and I figured I should use it up. I didn't get a strong throw from this scent in the old wax so I knew one tart wasn't going to cut it, so I decided to blend it with a cube of PPS Pumpkin Pie Spice. It was a very yummy blend, but the Pumpkin Pie Spice scent dominated the cheesecake after a few short hours and all I smelled after that was pumpkin pie spices. No pumpkin, no cheesecake, just spice. I didn't mind the after scent but I wish the other notes would have lasted longer. Medium to strong throw in my 18-watt hotplate. Lasted about 4 hours.
  • Combo #2: ScentSationals Lemon Chiffon and Cupcake - One cube of each of these in my 18-watt hotplate threw like crazy! If you've never smelled Lemon Chiffon, it pretty much smells like other vendors' Fruit Loops scents. Very strong and fruity, and that cupcake toned it down a bit and added some creaminess to the blend. Strong throw. Lasted about 8 hours. This blend is a classic, I'll do it over and over and over again. You just can't beat the throw and price of these ScentSationals clamshells!
  • Febreeze White Peach - This is from a new line of wax melts available at Wal-Mart. Most of the scents in the line are clean, fresh, febreeze-y type scents but there's a few fruity and foody ones as well. This one is one of my favorites of the bunch, it's a nice juicy peach scent with a distinct floral undertone. Very nice! Medium to strong scent throw in my 24-watt warmer. 2 cubes lasted about 6 hours. 
  • Scentsy Lucky in Love - I've had 2 cubes of this laying around forever so I decided to just use it up. This is a dupe for Victoria's Secret Love Spell, which is a sweet, candy-like fruity floral scent. Very pretty but a bit overdone for me. Medium scent throw in a 24-watt hotplate warmer. Lasted about 4 hours, but these are meant to be used in lightbulb warmers so I'm sure they would have lasted a lot longer had a I used a proper warmer. Oh well!
  • ScentSationals Chillaxin - Again, I had 2 cubes of this left so I wanted to use it up. It is a eucalyptus mint scent. I'm always going back and forth on Eucalyptus Mint scents, I like them and then I hate them. This week, I hate them. This was too cloying and masculine for me. It smells like a very strong cologne. Super strong scent throw, but I turned it off after about 30 minutes because I couldn't stand it any longer. 
  • Yankee Lemon Lavender -  I feel like Yankee gets a bad rap in the wax community because I always have great luck with them in my tealight warmers. This is a classic Yankee scent, a nice blend of tart lemon with herbal lavender. Strong scent throw. Lasted about 8 hours. Would definitely repurchase!
  • Scentsy Thunderstorm - Yet another clamshell I had lying around with only 2 cubes left. This used to be one of my favorite Scentsy fragrances, a nice, ozonic scent with a hint of a masculine undertone. I still really like this one but I don't think it's a favorite anymore. Medium throw in a 24-watt hotplate. Lasted about 6 hours. 
  • Better Homes and Gardens Candied Caramel Apple - This was another attempt to use up another clamshell but I didn't quite get around to it, as I only melted one cube of this one because it was so strong! Very nice and authentic caramel apple scent. You get both the caramel and the apple here. Strong scent throw in a 24-watt hotplate. Lasted about 6 hours. 
  • Country Home Scent Holiday Eggnog - In my attempt to use up some older stuff this week, I used up the rest of my CHS tarts. I was so bummed when CHS went out of business because I loved their stuff. But, the packaging they used was not cello and was bound to suck the scent out after awhile so I figured their days were numbered at this point. Holiday Eggnog was a nice, spicy eggnog scent. It was a medium to strong throw, lasted about 6 hours. I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of eggnog scents but this one wasn't bad.
  • Country Home Scent Gingerbread House - This one was phenomenal!! It was a sweet gingerbread scent, very similar to a lot of donut shop or cinnamon donut scents from other vendors. This was super duper strong, but only lasted about 4 hours in my 24-watt hotplate. I probably should have melted these in a lightbulb warmer since they were such a soft wax, but I only have my hotplates out right now so that's where they got melted. I have the Gingerbread House scent from a few other vendors and they smell the same as this one off of cold sniff so I hope they perform as well!
  • Country Home Scent Gingerbread Brulee - This one was more of a true gingerbread scent with a bit of a burnt sugar undertone. It was good, but not nearly as awesome as Gingerbread House. Medium to strong scent throw. Lasted about 6 hours on my 18-watt hotplate. 
  • Country Home Scent Tinsel - This is a favorite scent of mine from any vendor, and CHS's version did not disappoint! Tinsel is a blend of fruits (strawberry and pomegranate) and peppermint. If you've never smelled Tinsel before, you must! It's marketed as a holiday scent but I think it could definitely work all year round. Just a nice, fresh fruity scent with a kick from the peppermint. Love!
  • Lil' Kitchen Candles Strawberry Banana Smoothie/Orange Dreamsicle - This is a custom blend of mine. It just didn't blow me away. I started out with 2 giant cubes but got no scent throw so I threw in two more and was finally able to get a medium scent throw from it. I got mostly a strawberry note, no banana and no orange dreamsicle. Honestly, I am not at all impressed with LKC from what I've melted so far. It seems to be one of those newer vendors that just got a lot of hype and is not living up to my expectations. I've heard of other people having issues with her stuff lately as well. I don't think I will be placing another order with this vendor. 
  • Lil' Kitchen Candles Circus - Last time I melted this, I got absolutely no scent throw from 4 of the little lego tarts so I just threw the last 6 in, hoping I would get something from it. The scent is a blend of orange dreamsicle, banana smoothie and cotton candy. It did have a light throw, but the scent was extremely unpleasant. I don't know, maybe it's her orange dreamsicle oil that is throwing off a lot of these blends. It is, undoubtedly, the worst orange dreamsicle scent I've ever smelled. It smells like plastic. In addition, her clamshells have a strong plastic scent to them as well. No go for me. 
  • BeauxSavonsFrais Pink Cherry Sugar Cookie - Now here's a newer vendor that I actually had a good experience with! This was a blend of Pink Sugar and Cherry Sugar Cookie. I couldn't really smell any Pink Sugar in this, but the cherry sugar cookie scent was very strong and long lasting! The cherry was sweet, not medicinal like some cherry scents can be, and the sugar cookie added a nice crunchy note to the blend. Lasted over 12 hours in my 18-watt hotplate. I can't wait to melt more of my things from this vendor! 
  • Lasting Scent Candles Wildberry Mousse - This was from my very first LSC haul back in October so I figured it was time to use it up! This smells like every other Wildberry Mousse scent I've smelled, very sweet and creamy berries with a slight bakery undertone. It was good but I prefer Wildberry Mousse blended with other notes, I think. Strong throw. Lasted about 6 hours in my 18-watt hotplate warmer.
  • Lasting Scent Candles Honey Vanilla Pound Cake - This was another one from my first ever LSC order that needed to be used up. It was a nice vanilla cake scent with a hint of a butterscotch undertone. It was about a medium scent throw, which is to be expected for most plain vanilla scents. Lasted about 6 hours in my 24-watt hotplate.
  • Lasting Scent Candles Peppermint Marshmallow Snow - This blend of marshmallow and peppermint is a favorite scent of mine, but for some reason it was a bit weaker this time around than I had remembered. Last time I melted one of these, the throw was very strong. This time it was only about medium in my 24-watt hotplate. Perhaps my nose was having an off day. I still have a few of these left so I'll try another one in a few weeks to see how it does. 
  • Victoria's Designer Creations Cotton Candy Milkshake - There has been a lot of talk lately about how VDC isn't performing well for people so I wanted to try a few of mine this week and see how they did. This one smelled absolutely amazing off of cold sniff, very strong and a true cotton candy scent. It's a very sweet cotton candy scent (think Parfums de Coeur Cotton Candy body spray) mixed with a bit of a sweet, milky note. Warmed, it was a medium throw in my tealight warmer and only lasted about 4 hours. However, I loved the scent so much that I went and ordered a whole loaf of it! Yes, a whole loaf. This was my first loaf purchase ever, and probably my last. I don't normally see the need for a whole 2 pound chunk of wax, but I figured since this is a lighter scent, I can use as much as possible when I want to melt it. 
  • Victoria's Designer Creations Pumpkin Muffin - This one, however, had absolutely no scent throw while melting. I'm not sure how old this was, as the person I got it from got it from a destash, but it smelled yummy off of cold throw so I was hoping it would be good warmed as well. Cold, it was a nice pumpkin bakery scent with a hint of spice. While it was melted, I could only smell a faint hint of spice while hovering over the warmer. I have a small order coming from her with the loaf and will be participating in a RR with some of her products, so I will try some of those before I come to a final conclusion about her stuff. Her wax is just so darn pretty so I'm trying really hard to like it. 
  • Can-Do-Candles Sugar Butt - This was a really nice sweet, buttercream frosting scent. It had a strong scent throw which is unheard of for buttercream-type scents but it only lasted about 4 hours. Still, based on scent throw alone, I'd definitely repurchase this scent.
  • Beezy Tarts Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar - This is another favorite scent of mine, and Beezy's is another favorite vendor. If only he had more scents, he may even be my #1 vendor! Anyways, this is such an awesome scent of an almost savory sweet potato note mixed with brown sugar and spices. It's such an authentic scent, I've never smelled another sweet potato scent that was more true to life than this one. Strong scent throw in my 24-watt hotplate warmer. Lasted 12+ hours. I have quite a few of these left but I think this will be the last one I melt before fall. I have a few other sweet potato scents I'd like to try out before then.
  • Orchid Lakes Grapefruit Blackberry - This was a nice fruity scent. The tartness of the grapefruit blended really well with the floral-sweet blackberry note. Medium to strong scent throw in a 24 watt warmer. I have to say though, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of Orchid Lake these days. Even with these mega 2 oz. tart cups, I'm not getting as strong a throw as I'd like with them. I got an order in from them the other day and most of the things that I ordered had a VERY weak cold throw, and that is after almost 2 weeks curing. I do like this particular scent but I think I'm going to try to find this scent from another vendor because I don't see myself ordering from OLC again, unfortunately. 
  • Skinny Dip Soaps Blueberry Cobbler - This could have been a nice blueberry bakery scent, but had a hint of that sharpness that some blueberry scents have that I do not care for. I melted this in a tealight warmer and it did have a strong throw but the scent wasn't really speaking to me. This is another company that I don't see myself ordering from again, I wasn't overly impressed with my order. I know a lot of other people like this vendor though, as everyone's nose and preferences are different! 
  • Blues City Candles Pink Vanilla Buttercream - I got this tart out of a Round Robin so I'm not quite sure how old it was. The tart cup was in pretty bad shape, cracked and nearly falling apart so I was nervous that some scent had escaped. I was pleasantly surprised that I got a nice medium throw from this tart, which is good for this type of scent. Lasted about 8 hours. I smelled mostly Pink Sugar in this but I definitely got a fair amount of the buttercream note in here as well. I have heard very mixed reviews on this company but I am eager to try more from them. 
  • Granny's Kountry Candles Changing Seasons - This was another tart that was pretty much on its last legs. The oils had seeped into the cup so much that the cup was basically fused onto the tart! I had to peel back the cup, it had become extremely soft. However, none of the scent was sucked out of this one because it was SUPER STRONG! Because this is a seasonal scent, I couldn't find an official scent description but to me it smelled like a mix of Scentsy's Honey Pear Cider mixed with a spiced apple scent. It was awesome! I will for sure be buying this again if she carries it again for the fall. Strong scent throw in my 24-watt warmer. Lasted over 12 hours. 
  • Sweet Fixations Blue Hawaii - In case you haven't heard, Blue Hawaii is the new Serendipity ;-D. Blue Hawaii is another cherry-coconut-citrus tropical scent, but it is much heavier on the coconut than any Serendipity scent that I've smelled. I can't wait to start doing blends with this scent! It had a medium scent throw, and although I was hoping for a stronger scent, it was still awesome. I am going to try Blue Hawaiian from a few more vendors to see which one is strongest for me. This will be a summer staple in my house for sure! 
  • Candles from the Keeping Room Sugar Milk and Cookies - OMG this one was so awesome! I now see what the hype is all about! I didn't get too much off of cold throw with this one but it was phenomenal when melting. It is a blend of sugar milk and CFTKR's famous sugar cookie scent. I smell both notes when melting, and that milk note adds a richness to the cookie scent that sets this one apart from every other cookie scent I've smelled. So good. Medium to strong scent throw in a 24-watt hotplate warmer. Lasted about 8 hours. I have a bag of this one coming from Shelby and I'm so excited to melt more of this scent!
  • CFTKR Holiday Treats - This one, however, was a bit underwhelming for me. It is supposed to be a Vanilla Bean Noel cookie kind of scent. When melting, it to me smelled just like a generic sweet scent, I couldn't pick out any cookie or bakery notes. It was just meh for me. Light to medium scent throw in a 24-watt hotplate. Lasted about 6 hours. Meh. 
  • CFTKR Sea Island Grapefruit - This is a great, fresh grapefruit scent. It has a slight ozonic undertone to it, and that sets it apart from most other grapefruit scents on the market. I would classify this scent as more of a fresh scent as opposed to a fruity scent. It had a medium to strong scent throw in my 24-watt hotplate warmer. I'm not sure if I'd order it again but it was nice. 
  • CFTKR Wildberry Mousse Indian Bread - I was really excited about this one because the Indian Bread note smelled like sugar corn pudding to me. Unfortunately, as much as I love sugar corn pudding scents on cold sniff, I'm beginning to realize that I just don't like them when they are warmed. Even the wildberry mousse note in here couldn't save it for me. It had a strong scent throw, but I dumped it out after about an hour when I just couldn't stand it anymore. I think I will be purging the rest of my sugar corn pudding/indian bread tarts from my stash. 
  • Front Porch Cotton Candy Cookies - Last time I melted this, the throw wasn't as strong as I had liked so I threw in 2 grubby tarts in my 24-watt hotplate to ensure a strong throw. WOAH MAMA, this was incredible! I don't know what my deal was last time but this was SUPER STRONG! Cotton Candy scents are pretty iffy sometimes but I am so glad to have found a strong one. It lasted for well over 12 hours, and I could even smell it the next morning after turning it off before going to bed the night before. I'm going to need a big honkin' jar of the scoopable wax in this scent FO SHO!
  • Front Porch Cake Shoppe - This was a scent that I got in my very first FP order so I figured I should just melt it! Do you see a theme with me using stuff up this week? Haha anyways, this was just okay. It was just a super sweet vanilla cake scent with a slight hint of chocolate. I always hear such good things about this scent, so I'm not sure if the age of the tart had something to do with it but it just wasn't anything special for me. Medium scent throw in an 18-watt hotplate. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • CFTKR Peppermint Meringue - I got this little guy in a gift from Shelby, and Dana requested that I melt this one when she was over the other day. It was a very nice sweet peppermint scent. Nothing that blew me away but it was very good. Strong scent throw, lasted about 8 hours.
  • Haley's Heavenly Scents Whipped Peaches and Cream - I was so excited to melt this one, as it was my absolute favorite peach scent off of cold sniff that I had ever smelled! Sadly, it just wasn't as strong as I had liked when melting. I had to use 2 of these tarts to get a medium scent throw off of this one. Super bummed because I thought I had found my perfect peach scent! The sweetness that I was picking up on cold throw turned into a weird, almost buttery note when melting. Not sure if my nose was off that day but I'm definitely going to have to give this one another try. Medium throw. Lasted about 4 hours. 
  • Haley's Heavenly Scents Americana - Now this was an awesome scent!! It is a blend of strawberry, vanilla and Blue Sugar. Not very many vendors do Blue Sugar blends so I was pleasantly surprised to come across this scent. I melted one scalloped tart in a tealight warmer and got a super strong throw. I think next time I'll blend this with a strawberry scent to bring out the strawberry a bit more. 
  • Tiffany Candles Winter Dreams - I was trying desperately to use these last 4 heart tarts up this week but I couldn't do it. I'm so sick of this scent! When Christmas rolled around, I wasn't sure if they would be discontinuing this scents so I bought a whole jar of tarts and a 12-pack refill. Of course, they didn't discontinue it so there was no need for me to do that haha. Anyways, Winter Dreams is a really nice fruity-mulberry-spicy-pine scent. Really great for the holidays. I hope I haven't overdone it on this scent because I'd like to be able to melt it again this year around the holidays. Strong scent throw from 2 heart tarts. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Tiffany Candles Lemon Poppyseed - Amaaaaaaaaazing. Amazing. Such a great bakery lemon scent, no pledge notes here. Used the whole scent shot in a tealight warmer and it lasted through about 4 tealights. Love this one, always a repurch!

WHEW! That was a lot! I will definitely now be back to doing these posts every week so they don't build up like this! I'll be seeing you guys all week with lots of haul and review posts. See you all soon and thanks for stopping by <3


  1. Isn't SF Blue Hawaii AMAZING! I tried it this week too, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    1. It's so good! I need to try every Blue Hawaiian scent ever lol!

  2. I'm melting Scentsationals Cupcake right now!

    1. Isn't it so good?! I hope they never discontinue this one, it's such a staple!

  3. Hoooooooooly cow that's a lot if melting! I really need to try a Blue Hawaiian scent for sure!;)

    1. Lol well this is from the whole week before vacation and the whole week after =) You for sure need to try a Blue Hawaiian scent!!

  4. "we exchanged a lot of wax and drank a lot of booze" <---Can I come? :)

    Dang, you didn't waste any time with the melting! Nice stuff this time around...both HHS scents sound FABULOUS.

    Gotta agree with you about the peppermint meringue, though, wasn't overly a fan of it, something about it left me unimpressed.

    I have an order supposedly coming from Blues City Candles that I placed AROUND CHRISTMAS WEEK...I am not impressed with the TAT and she's making other companies with 2 month wait times look like RTS companies, LOL.

    I still need to order form BSF. :)

    1. LOL yes, next time you better hop a plane and get over here for the wax/booze fest! Yeah, I've heard that about Blues City Candles, that is a major bummer! Looks like her TAT is rivaling SMT's at this point. I have a few coming from Shelby so I won't have to wait quite that long. BSF stuff is really good, definitely place an order!

  5. WOW - you melted a ton. I must try Blue Hawaiian ASAP. I have some from CFTKR.

    What a bummer that Holiday Treats was no good! I have a small bag. I hope I like it.

    1. This is 2 weeks worth of wax! Blue Hawaiian is awesome, Carol is restocking it today and I'm really hoping to get a bag! Hopefully you like Holiday Treats, it was okay but just didn't stand out for me.

  6. I got my package! Thank you so much, I love all the chunks. Every single one!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! <3

  7. Welcome back! many look good!

    Blue Hawaii caught my eye just because of the color! Now I definitely want to give it a try!

    And Ferbreze wax cubes! I'll have to keep my eye out! :)

    1. Blue Hawaii is AWESOME! And yes, definitely keep your eyes peeled for the Febreeze ones. I've heard mixed reviews but the peach one really worked well for me!

  8. Replies
    1. I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! Going to do a weekly melts post today =D

  9. Hi. I know that this is way off topic but I don't know who else to ask...

    Is there a way to identify the wax type used in store bought candles and the brand's website doesn't provide information about the type of wax used?