Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Surprise from Shelby Swatches!

Hey everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start. Today I am here to share my surprise birthday gift from my friend Shelby. Shelby and I are both nail bloggers and I was so excited when I saw her making wax videos because I didn't know she was into wax. We did a really fun swap and from there, we've become great friends and are always chatting about wax, school, and life! Anyways, I had no idea she was sending this to me, and when I got home from school last night all of these goodies were waiting for me! It was so generous and thoughtful of Shelby to send this to me so thank you very much!! Sweetest birthday gift ever <3 

She sent me a bunch of different vendors that I have never tried before so that was super exciting! I'm going to show you what all she sent and give some quick cold throw impressions. Enjoy!


  • Granny's Kountry Candles Blitzen's Breakfast - A brand I've never tried before! This is super yummy! The scent description of this is maple syrup, honey, butter, apples, pecan and cinnamon. It is such a delicious breakfast scent. I can't really pick out any of the individual notes but together it's like a scrumptious, crunchy, sweet, spicy breakfast! Lol!
  • GKC Changing Seasons - I couldn't find the scent description for this one but it smells like apple cider with something extra. I like this one too, though it has an odd note that I can't put my finger on. I am going to melt this one soon to try to figure out what that note is!
  • GKC Santa's Workshop - This one is described as a hot cider scent with spices, pomegranate and strawberry. To me, this smells like a strong pomegranate with a hint of strawberry. Can't really smell the spices or cider yet, but that's okay because I absolutely love pomegranate scents! Delish!
  • GKC Cotton Britches - This is a cotton scent, it smells very similar to Yankee Candle Clean Cotton. Really like this one! I have definitely been warming up to laundry and linen type scents lately. 

  • Pics, Petals and Scents Iced Lemon Cookies - Another new-to-me brand =) Iced Lemon Cookies is always a favorite scent, it's an almond and lemon cookie fragrance. This one smells right on the money! Love it.
  • PPS Pumpkin Pie Zucchini Bread - This one is a bit iffy. I can smell an actual zucchini note in this one, it's definitely different from all the other ZB blends I've tried. I also get a hint of pumpkin pie spice. Not my favorite of the bunch but I'll give it a whirl.
  • PPS Pumpkin Pie Spice - A very strong pumpkin pie spice scent! I can't really smell any pumpkin, just the spices. Very good, but I'll probably blend it with a creamy bakery scent to tone down the spices a bit.
  • PPS Plum Delicious - This one is awesome!! I wish there was a scent description on the site because I'm so bad at figuring out notes on my own. I can definitely smell the plum, plus some spices and a bakery note. So yummy! I don't have anything else that smells like this in my wax collection.
  • Sniff My Tarts Pumpkin Apple Butter Mallow - I seriously jumped up and down when I saw this!! I have been DYING to try some SMT products but their TAT is so long that my order isn't going to be here for awhile. This smells phenomenal. Pumpkin, apple, gooey marshmallow. I'm melting it right now =) I'll be chatting about this in my weekly melts on Sunday!
  • Victoria's Designer Creations Butter Rum Raisin - Yet another vendor I have been dying to try. I have an order in with her as well but her TAT is crazy long also. This one smells DIVINE. It smells exactly like butter rum raisin ice cream. I can't wait to melt this bad boy! And it is HUGE by the way, basically the size of my entire hand.

  • Better Homes and Gardens Classic Frosted Gingerbread - Shelby knows this is one of my favorite scents ever an I'm so glad I have a backup! I would't call it a frosted gingerbread though, as it's pretty much just a straight spicy bakery scent. No frosting. It smells exactly like this Gingerbread spray I used to have as a kid and it reminds me of Christmas =) Love it!
  • Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie - This was one of my favorite scents that came out this fall and I'm so glad to have it in a tart now. Very true caramel pecan pie scent. Yum!
  • Yankee Candle Harvest - I am a huge Yankee fanatic and Harvest is one of my top 10 favorites of all time. It's such a lovely soft spice scent. Obsessed!
  • Slatkin (Bath and Body Works) Cinnamon Sugared Donut - Another favorite! As you all may know, I am obsessed with donut scents. This one was fairly light in the 3-wick so I'm glad to have a mini to put in my tart warmer!
  • Sweet Fixations Apple Mango Tango - I have been so curious about this scent an I'm glad to finally try it! It is a very nice dupe of Gain's Apple Mango Tango detergent. Another laundry scent that I'm liking better than I would have thought!
  • SF Honeysuckle Peach - This is such a pretty floral scent! I don't smell any peach, but the honeysuckle scent is very true to the flower. I can't wait to melt this in the spring! Very strong.
  • SF Violet & Birch - I love violet scents so I was excited to see this one! It's very strong on the birch note with a light, powdery hint of violet. Really pretty!
  • Scent Appeal Candles Hansel & Gretel's House - Another yummy gingerbread scent! It kind of smells similar to the BHG one but with a hint more sweetness to it. I am a gingerbread fanatic so this one will be well loved for sure. And look how pretty it is with the red and green sanded sugar on top!
  • Beezy Tarts Red Velvet Cake - This one is pretty light off of cold throw. I can definitely smell the cake and frosting noes but no chocolate as is usually found in red velvet scents. It does smell really good though and Beezy's stuff is always super strong so I'm sure this will smell great when melting!
  • Beezy Tarts Kettle Corn - This one really smells like kettle corn! So crazy! I didn't think I would like a kettle corn scent but I really do. I can't wait to see how this smells when it's melting.
  • Front Porch Sugary Marshmallow - This one is a blend of Warm Vanilla Sugar and marshmallow. It is so yummy! I absolutely love Front Porch's marshmallow scents, the oil they use is amazing. I'm also melting this one right now =)
  • Tiffany Candles Buttercream Frosting - This is a really nice, sweet buttercream frosting scent. I believe these little guys are in the new wax. I'm melting these right now as well!
  • Tiffany Candles Vanilla Sandalwood - Absolutely love this one. I got a sample of this in my order as well so I'm so glad to have two now. This smells very similar to Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Vanilla. Really great scent!
  • Ten Digit Creations Pistachio Coconut Fluff - Love this one!! I'm a huge fan of both pistachio and coconut scents and together they are amazing. It's definitely stronger on the pistachio but the coconut adds a nice bit of sweetness.
  • Orchid Lake Candles Mistletoe - This is amazing! I absolutely love pine/balsam type scents and this one is quite realistic. I'm not sure what mistletoe actually smells like but this tart smells like Christmas to me. So good.
  • Candles From The Keeping Room Peppermint Meringue - I absolutely love peppermint scents and this was one of the ones I had not yet tried from CFTKR so I'm super glad she sent it! This is a nice, strong peppermint scent with a hint of vanilla. Yum!

That's all for now! Thanks again to Shelby for this amazing gift! If you haven't already, you all should go check out her youtube channel here: Shelby Swatches Youtube Channel. Thanks everyone for stopping by today and I will see you all again soon with more wax reviews =)


  1. What a great surprise!! She sent you some really great stuff. Happy birthday, by the way! Enjoy all of your goodies! :)

    1. She really is the best! Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! It's this Sunday =) Somehow my birthday always seems to fall on Super Bowl Sunday haha =)