Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Fixations Haul #2 - Cold Sniff Reviews

Whew! Last post of the day! I'm so glad I'm going to be able to finally put all this wax away =) 

This post is all about my second order from Sweet Fixations. I decided to get mostly scalloped tarts this time instead of scent shots. Why? Just to mix it up I suppose! I also went with RTS this time so my order was shipped super quickly. Not much else to say except I'm super impressed with the scents, the customer service and the experiences I've had with this company in general!

Here's what I ordered:

  • Strawberry Jam - This is a very nice strawberry scent. It's pretty standard, smells very similar to all the other strawberry jam scents out there. Yummy!
  • Bread and Jam - I absolutely love SF's bread scent! It smells like sugar corn pudding to me. This blend has a fruity jam note to it that makes it even more delicious smelling. LOVE this one!
  • Banana French Toast - And so my banana obsession continues. I loved all of the other banana scents that I smelled from this vendor and I loved their french toast scent as well so I figured they would smell fantastic together. And they do =)
  • Vanilla Buttercream Crunch - This is a really yummy buttercream scent. There's almost a hint of maple to this one. I can smell the "crunch" in this as well. Very good and strong!
  • Raspberry Macaroon - This is a blend of raspberry, coconut and caramelized sugar. I figured it would smell similar to my beloved Raspberry Zinger scent but it's a bit different. The raspberry in this is predominant, while the other notes are in the background. Still good though!
  • Frosted Lime Cupcake -  Love this one! I've heard a lot of people talking about this scent from various vendors lately so I figured I'd give it a try. I can see why people love this one! It's very strong on the lime, but the lime is sweet, almost like a margarita lime! The cupcake note blends very well with the sweet lime. Very delicious =)
  • Dole Whip - This is an awesome blend of pineapple and vanilla ice cream! So yummy! My one regret about our trip to Hawaii is that we didn't have time to stop at the Dole Plantation and get some Dole Whip. I've heard it's absolutely delicious!
  • Blue Raspberry Icee - I've been so curious about this scent and when I saw that she had it listed in the RTS section, I had to try it! It's a tart, fake raspberry scent. I didn't love this one quite as much as I had hoped. I think I was expecting it to smell different. The jury's still out on this one.
  • Georgia Peach - This is an awesome straight up peach scent. Very juicy and realistic. As I've said a lot lately, I have been really into peach scents as of late. This is definitely one of the best ones I've smelled!
  • Summer Lovin - This is a blend of watermelon and cotton candy! This is amazing!! I can definitely smell the cotton candy in this along with the watermelon. If this one performs well when melting, I can see it becoming a favorite!
  • Summer Nights - This is a RTS exclusive blend of pineapple, coconut, lavender, lily of the valley and vanilla. It's okay. Definitely not my favorite. I usually like fruity-floral blends but there's something about this one I'm not loving. 
  • Watermelon - This is just a straight up, juicy, sweet watermelon scent! Yummy!
  • Bedtime Bath - This is a dupe a dupe of Johnson's Bedtime Bath. It has lavender, chammomile, lily of the valley and musk. A lot of people call this a "bedroom scent" and like to melt this at nighttime. I don't melt wax at night but this is definitely a very relaxing scent and will be a nice stress reliever. I'll save this one for midterms time =)
  • Sinus Relief - Straight up Vick's Vap-o-Rub. This is the best scent to melt while you are sick. Even just smelling it cold clears my sinuses! Always need to have some of this on hand.
  • Honeysuckle Peach - Love this one! My friend Shelby sent me one of this scent too so I'm glad to have two of them. It's a really nice, true honeysuckle scent. I can't smell any peach in this but that's okay because it's a beautiful scent on its own.
  • Waffle Cone (freebie) - Can't really smell much on this one. Maybe a hint of vanilla. Nothing too special. I'll probably use it to blend with something else.

Ahhhhh my last post of the day! Feels so good to have these done and over with! I'm sure I could have scheduled these and spread them out over the course of a week but I have so many other posts that I want to do with you guys as well as a few other orders coming in so I just wanted to get them up and out of the way. Hope you've enjoyed reading these posts today and I will see you all tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by =)


  1. Frosted Lime Cupcake sounds amazing! :)

  2. You got so many great scents! Banana French Toast sounds awesome! If you go to Disneyland, they have a Dole brand stand there where you can get dole whip I believe! I can't give you my opinion on it since I'm allergic to pineapple, but I've heard it's awesome :)

    1. Banana French Toast is amazing! Disneyland eh? I think we are going to Disney World in March so maybe they'll have it there. That is a bummer you are allergic to pineapple =( It's so delish!