Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Skinny Dip Soaps Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

Good morning my lovely readers! I have a bunch of hauls to share with you all today. 

First up is from Skinny Dip Soaps. This was a new to me company but I had heard great things about them so I decided to place an order. TAT was 7 days. Pretty standard. Prices were pretty standard. To be quite honest, my first impression of this company is "meh." I ordered two samplers, one was a bakery sampler and one was a fruit sampler. I did this because their scent list is very small compared to other vendors I order from and I honestly couldn't find that many scents that I wanted to try. But, having heard wonderful things about this company I wanted to give them a try so I figured ordering samplers would be a good way to try some scents that I may not have ordered on my own. 

Sadly, I just as indifferent to the scents upon smelling them as I was looking at them online. I find myself wanting to order from vendors who have different and unique scents because I already have favorite vendors that I get my standard lemon cookie/Froot Loops/Pink Sugar/fruity type scents from. Some of the scents from this company are good, some are not. But I am going to make sure these cure for a good amount of time and I will give them a fair shot when they are melting. I might be blown away by the scent throw, who knows! But for now, unless they blow me away when melting, I'm not sure I can see myself placing another order from this company. These tarts have been curing for about 2 weeks now so I'll probably be melting them soon.


Here's the bakery sampler plus one other individual cup that I ordered:

  • Strawberry Zucchini Bread - This was the extra one that I ordered. This was when I was going through my "I'm trying really hard to like zucchini bread" phase. The strawberry in this is nice and it does blend well with the zucchini bread. This seems to be more of a creamy zucchini bread scent (as opposed to a spicy zucchini bread scent). But, I'm just not really a fan. Zucchini bread is not my thing. It is pretty strong though off of cold sniff. 
  • Pumpkin Butter Cream - I can smell a hint of spicy pumpkin with a hint of creamy vanilla. It's  weirdly sweet. Even after 2 weeks of curing it's still pretty light. I don't know about this one. 
  • Honey Vanilla Cream - This is a nice buttercream scent. I can't smell the honey but it's definitely a good creamy vanilla. Reasonably strong off of cold sniff.
  • Blueberry Cobbler - This is your standard blueberry bakery scent. The blueberry is a bit "fake" smelling but not overly so. The bakery note adds a nice creamy aspect to the scent. Pretty strong off of cold throw. 
  • Lemon Sugar Cookie - This is a standard lemon cookie scent. It's a nice bakery lemon, no lemon cleaner note. The cookie is definitely in the background but the lemon is the star here. Strong.
  • Sugar Cookie Noel - I honestly can not smell a thing with this. Perhaps a veeeeeeeeeeery slight note of Vanilla Bean Noel. I can't imagine this would be strong when melting either. Maybe I'll blend it with something. But yeah. No throw on cold sniff.
  • Sticky Buns - A decent caramel nut scent. Medium throw on cold sniff. I've smelled better sticky buns scents.
  • Million $ Shortbread - Can't smell much off of this one either. Maybe a slight hint of a cookie note. Another disappointing one.
  • Praline Pound Cake - This one is gross. It has a really strange plastic note to it. Blah. 
Now here's the fruit sampler:
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit - Decent grapefruit scent. I have been having a tough time finding a good grapefruit scent that has that tartness that real grapefruits do. This one has a bit of a floral note that I'm not loving. Also, it seems to be a pretty light scent.
  • Fresh Strawberry - This is a basic strawberry scent. It's a mix between a green strawberry and a sweet strawberry. I quite like this one. Sadly, it's very light off of cold throw. I'm hoping it will be stronger when melting.
  • Anjou Pear - A good pear scent. It's different from a lot of the fresh pear scents I've smelled, it's a tinge artificial but still good. Pretty strong.
  • Apple Jack & Peel - LOVE this one! I've seen it from a lot of other vendors but never ordered it and I'm so glad I got a chance to try it! It's an apple, orange and spice scent. This is the ultimate fall scent. I can't wait to melt this one!
  • Summer Daze - Very generic, blah fruity scent. Smells like a furniture cleaner. They don't have scent descriptions listed so I'm not sure what is in this. My advice? Avoid this one like the plague.
  • Juicy Peaches - I like this one!! Again, a bit artificial smelling but still good. I've been really into peach scents lately. I'll probably blend this one with a bakery or vanilla scent as it has a tiny hint of floral to it that I'm not sure I'm loving.
  • Tea Leaf Papaya - Another scent I've seen from a lot of vendors but never ordered. It's a nice papaya scent. Pretty light. Nothing too special.
  • Fruit Loops - This is a dead on Froot Loops scent. Smells exactly like Froot Loops cereal. It's one of my favorite scents ever. Very strong! Always love a good Froot Loops scent! 
Then I got a couple 4-packs:

  • Passionate Kisses - This scent is some sort of Lush dupe. The scent notes are berries, coconut, rose, musk, and vanilla. It's pretty good. I've heard this one is super strong when melting and I can believe it because it's very strong off of cold sniff. The tarts are quite small (less than a half once) but they are so pretty!
  • Lemon Squares - Good lemon bakery scent. It smells really similar to other vendors' Lemon Pound Cake or Lemon Poppyseed scents. Nothing original but good nonetheless. Medium-ish cold throw. 

Overall, I'm not overly thrilled with this order but not entirely disappointed either. I am eager to find out how these will do when I melt them.

I'll be back shortly with another haul! 


  1. I am really enjoying reading your reviews. I only have Scentsy melts and I know they are not really the best (and they are pricier) but my husband doesn't really like anything smelly in the house. :-/ I am trying to ease him into it. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! Some Scentsy stuff is good but these online vendors pretty much blow Scentsy out of the water! Hopefully hubby warms up to the idea of having scented stuff in the house =)