Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ollie's Soaps Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews!

Back again! This time I'm here with my first haul from Ollie's Soaps! This is yet another new-to-me vendor that I've heard good things about and decided to place a small order. I've heard that she has excellent soaps as well. I'm not really a soap fan (I prefer body wash) but if you're into them, I'd check her out for soaps as well! 

Anyways, I am pretty impressed with this company! First of all the TAT was LESS THAN 2 DAYS! For real! I ordered on a Thursday evening and my package arrived on Saturday. Love that! The majority of the scents that I got were really good and although her scent list is smaller than most, she has some interesting, unique blends. I haven't melted any of these yet so I can't speak to the hot throw but off of cold sniff, they seem pretty strong! 

I got 2 6-packs of the scalloped tarts and she sent 3 freebies. Here's those first:

  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte - Definitely not a fave. I don't smell any coffee or pumpkin, just a super strong, buttery caramel scent. It smells somewhat similar to B&BW's Pumpkin Caramel Latte, but with that strange butter note. 
  • Mystery - This one is so cool! It's 3 different layers! The top scent is serendipity, the bottom scent is caramel apple and I can't figure out what the middle layer is. Surprisingly, the serendipity and caramel apple scents smell amazing together!
  • Sugar Cookies - This is a very sweet sugar cookie scent. It smells very similar to CFTKR's sugar cookie scent so if you've smelled that, that's what this smells like. Not my absolute favorite cookie scent but it's still yummy!
And now onto what I ordered:

  • Pink Oreos - This is a blend of Pink Sugar and an Oreo cookie scent. This is amaaaaziingg! I don't think I've ever seen a blend like this at any other vendor. I can smell both the Oreo cookie and the Pink Sugar scents. I'm going to need to order this one in bulk. So, so SO GOOD! Even if you don't like chocolate scents, I'd give this a try. 
  • Pink Vanilla Fudge - This is a blend of Pink Sugar and Vanilla Butter Fudge. Everyone has been raving about the vanilla butter fudge scent from Sniff My Tarts so I figured I'd give this one a try. The vanilla butter fudge is a very rich vanilla scent and it blends really well with the Pink Sugar. The Pink Sugar is the main note in this but the VBF adds a nice creaminess. I'm not head over heels with VBF yet but I do like it!
  • Serendipity Noel - Yum! The Serendipity is the dominant note but the Vanilla Bean Noel mellows it out and makes it creamier. Delish.
  • Frosted Pumpkin - This is supposed to be a dupe for my beloved Yankee Candle Frosted Pumpkin scent. They do smell similar, but this one is lacking that maple note that the Yankee version has. Basically this one is a strong, spicy pumpkin scent. Definitely prefer the Yankee version but this one is good too =)
  • Pineapple Orchid - This is a dupe for Bath and Body Works Pineapple Orchid. I have smelled the B&BW one before but I can't recall if this one is similar to it. This has a very odd green note that I'm not fond of. It's definitely not my favorite of the bunch.
  • Lavender Serendipity - This is probably my favorite Lavender Serendipity blend I've tried thus far. It's definitely an herbal lavender blended with the fruity Serendipity. Together, they kind of smell like the best incense I've ever smelled. Really loving this one! 
  • Orange Chili - This is a blend of orange and chili pepper! IT IS SO GOOD! I don't really smell the chili pepper, but it smells like the a juicy, fresh orange. It has a deepness to it that other orange scents don't have though. Perhaps it's a blood orange. Oh so delicious! 
  • Raspberry Lemonade - This is your standard raspberry lemonade scent. And it's good. Really good. I can never get enough of this blend! So strong and summery!
  • Lemon Cheesecake - This one is not good. I went to check what the scent notes  in this are and I noticed that you are supposed to choose between two different scents - either a pre-blended one or her own blend of lemon cheesecake. I didn't know this so I'm not 100% sure which one she sent. However, based on other people's experiences with this scent, I'm fairly certain it's the pre-blended oil. Next time I'll try her own blend. Anyways, this version is a very strong Pledge-y lemon scent with a weird, buttery crust note. Yuck.
  • Lemon Colada - This is a blend of lemon and pina colada. It's pretty yummy! I like this one better than other lemon-coconut scents I've tried. Not my favorite ever use of a lemon scent but it's still nice. 
  • Pink Lime - I'm in love with this one! It is a blend of Pink Sugar and lime. The lime definitely takes center stage here but the Pink Sugar adds, you guessed it, a nice creamy aspect to it. So good! 
  • Hawaiian Fizz - This is a dupe for Bath and Body Works Bahama Fizz. Again, I've smelled this scent before but I don't really remember what it smells like. This one is a very nice, fruity tropical scent. I tend to dislike overly generic tropical fruit scents but I like this one! I get mostly pineapple with this one.
And so concludes my first Ollie's Soaps order! I see that she has chunks as well so I see another order in my near future =) Thanks for stopping by today folks! I'll be back tomorrow with an extra special post that I hope you'll all enjoy!


  1. I just got an order in from this company! Lemon Colada smelled a little off to me and the Lavender is sooo laundry-like! I think I prefer herbal lavenders. I got her fruit slices and it smells wonderful!!

    1. Yeah, I just sniffed the lemon colada again and you're right, it does smell kind of off to me! The lavender in the serendipity blend smells kind of herbal but maybe it's the cherry note in it that's making it smell herbal? I agree though, I definitely prefer herbal lavenders!

  2. Love this company! You got some fantastic scents, Pink Lime sounds like it'd be amazing!! Orange Chili sounds adventurous!!

    1. I'm still letting them cure, I can't wait to melt them! Pink Lime is amazing, definitely give it a try next time you order. Orange Chili too, it's so good!