Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Fixations Haul #2 - Cold Sniff Reviews

Whew! Last post of the day! I'm so glad I'm going to be able to finally put all this wax away =) 

This post is all about my second order from Sweet Fixations. I decided to get mostly scalloped tarts this time instead of scent shots. Why? Just to mix it up I suppose! I also went with RTS this time so my order was shipped super quickly. Not much else to say except I'm super impressed with the scents, the customer service and the experiences I've had with this company in general!

Here's what I ordered:

  • Strawberry Jam - This is a very nice strawberry scent. It's pretty standard, smells very similar to all the other strawberry jam scents out there. Yummy!
  • Bread and Jam - I absolutely love SF's bread scent! It smells like sugar corn pudding to me. This blend has a fruity jam note to it that makes it even more delicious smelling. LOVE this one!
  • Banana French Toast - And so my banana obsession continues. I loved all of the other banana scents that I smelled from this vendor and I loved their french toast scent as well so I figured they would smell fantastic together. And they do =)
  • Vanilla Buttercream Crunch - This is a really yummy buttercream scent. There's almost a hint of maple to this one. I can smell the "crunch" in this as well. Very good and strong!
  • Raspberry Macaroon - This is a blend of raspberry, coconut and caramelized sugar. I figured it would smell similar to my beloved Raspberry Zinger scent but it's a bit different. The raspberry in this is predominant, while the other notes are in the background. Still good though!
  • Frosted Lime Cupcake -  Love this one! I've heard a lot of people talking about this scent from various vendors lately so I figured I'd give it a try. I can see why people love this one! It's very strong on the lime, but the lime is sweet, almost like a margarita lime! The cupcake note blends very well with the sweet lime. Very delicious =)
  • Dole Whip - This is an awesome blend of pineapple and vanilla ice cream! So yummy! My one regret about our trip to Hawaii is that we didn't have time to stop at the Dole Plantation and get some Dole Whip. I've heard it's absolutely delicious!
  • Blue Raspberry Icee - I've been so curious about this scent and when I saw that she had it listed in the RTS section, I had to try it! It's a tart, fake raspberry scent. I didn't love this one quite as much as I had hoped. I think I was expecting it to smell different. The jury's still out on this one.
  • Georgia Peach - This is an awesome straight up peach scent. Very juicy and realistic. As I've said a lot lately, I have been really into peach scents as of late. This is definitely one of the best ones I've smelled!
  • Summer Lovin - This is a blend of watermelon and cotton candy! This is amazing!! I can definitely smell the cotton candy in this along with the watermelon. If this one performs well when melting, I can see it becoming a favorite!
  • Summer Nights - This is a RTS exclusive blend of pineapple, coconut, lavender, lily of the valley and vanilla. It's okay. Definitely not my favorite. I usually like fruity-floral blends but there's something about this one I'm not loving. 
  • Watermelon - This is just a straight up, juicy, sweet watermelon scent! Yummy!
  • Bedtime Bath - This is a dupe a dupe of Johnson's Bedtime Bath. It has lavender, chammomile, lily of the valley and musk. A lot of people call this a "bedroom scent" and like to melt this at nighttime. I don't melt wax at night but this is definitely a very relaxing scent and will be a nice stress reliever. I'll save this one for midterms time =)
  • Sinus Relief - Straight up Vick's Vap-o-Rub. This is the best scent to melt while you are sick. Even just smelling it cold clears my sinuses! Always need to have some of this on hand.
  • Honeysuckle Peach - Love this one! My friend Shelby sent me one of this scent too so I'm glad to have two of them. It's a really nice, true honeysuckle scent. I can't smell any peach in this but that's okay because it's a beautiful scent on its own.
  • Waffle Cone (freebie) - Can't really smell much on this one. Maybe a hint of vanilla. Nothing too special. I'll probably use it to blend with something else.

Ahhhhh my last post of the day! Feels so good to have these done and over with! I'm sure I could have scheduled these and spread them out over the course of a week but I have so many other posts that I want to do with you guys as well as a few other orders coming in so I just wanted to get them up and out of the way. Hope you've enjoyed reading these posts today and I will see you all tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by =)

Lil' Kitchen Candles Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

Back again! This time I'm here with my very first Lil' Kitchen Candles haul! LKC seems to be a relatively new vendor but has quickly gained popularity. She has tons of different and fun shapes for her tarts and a great scent list. Her scent list is still fairly small compared to some more established vendors but she has some really unique blends! 

I placed a very small order and I wish I would have ordered more because every single thing smells absolutely fantastic. I've heard that her stuff has great throw when melting and I can definitely see that because everything smells so strong and so good off of cold sniff. I've been kind of skeptical of new vendors after the Skinny Dip Soaps and Kissing Booth debacles (more on the Kissing Booth one later) so that's why I placed a super small order. There's nothing to worry about with Lil' Kitchen Candles though! Next time around I'll be placing a sizable order for sure!

Here's what I ordered:

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie (wax sticks) - This is an amazing blend of strawberry and banana. I'm always on the lookout for a good strawberry banana scent and this is the best I've smelled so far. Blows Tiffany's Strawberry Banana scent out of the water for sure! Can't wait to melt this one!
  • Circus (Lego tarts) - First of all, how stinkin' cute are these tarts in Lego shapes?! My husband thinks they are the coolest things ever haha. Anyways, Circus is one of her new and most popular blends. It is a mix of orange dreamsicle, banana smoothie and cotton candy. It is simply amazing! I mostly smell the orange dreamsicle in this but I can also smell hints of banana and cotton candy. I've only had this order for a few days now so I'll definitely let this one cure for awhile to see if the other notes come out more. Even if they don't, this still smells fantastic!
  • Birthday Fruit Loops (daisy tarts) - You really just can't go wrong with a good birthday cake/Fruit Loops blend. This one is divine. I love the birthday cake scent she uses, it smells like cake batter! Anyways, this is mostly Fruit Loops but the birthday cake mellows it out nicely. Very good!
  • Serendipity Cotton Candy - (Hello Kitty tarts) - I should have taken these out of the bag to show you guys. They are adorable! And the scent is fantastic as well - a blend of cotton candy and Serendipity. I can't really smell the cotton candy at this point but like I said, these are only a few days old so I am going to let them cure for awhile. Delish either way!
And even though I only ordered 4 things, she sent two full size scent shots as freebies! So generous!

  • Momma Can't Cake - I'm not quite sure what's in this but I think it's cookies and zucchini bread. Not my favorite but I think this might be another zucchini blend that I can tolerate. I'll definitely give it a shot!
  • Birthday Cake - An amazing, strong birthday cake scent. I can smell the cake and the frosting in this one. Like I said, it smells a lot like cake batter! There's no almond or maple notes that a lot of cake scents cane have. Just a nice pure birthday cake scent!

So concludes my Lil' Kitchen Candles order. Very impressed with this company and I can't wait to try more of her scents! I saw that she added a honeydew cotton candy blend - I'm all over it! Be back soon with my last haul of the day. That's going to make 7 haul posts total today! Hope you all aren't sick of me yet =)

Sugar and Spice Gourmet Soy Haul - Cold Sniff Reviews!

Aaaaand we're back!!! (Late 90's SNL reference, anyone?) Anyways, this post will be all about my most recent Sugar and Spice Gourmet Soy haul. I'm a huge fan of this company! She has a huge scent list and the option of either RTS or custom tarts. She usually has a huge amount of RTS stuff and updates it fairly often. I've only melted a few of her things so far but from what I did, they performed quite well. 

I ordered all RTS items, for many reasons. First of all, RTS usually means that they have been sitting for a bit so the cure time needed is significantly shortnened. Second of all, she ships out the RTS tarts the next day and I'm all for short TATs! Also, she had a bunch of great scents in the RTS section so I figured I'd just go ahead and get those. I have yet to place a customer order from her but I'm sure I will at some point. This order was amazing! There was not one thing in here that I didn't like. 

Here's my small order:

  • Pink Coconut Butter Fudge - Uhhh yumm! This is so good! It is a blend of Pink Sugar, coconut and vanilla butter fudge. I can smell all the notes in this one, not one overtakes the other. I definitely like this one better than the straight Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge from Ollie's that I reviewed earlier. Delish!
  • Strawberry Fruit Loops - This is phenomenal! Why do more vendors not have a strawberry fruit loops blend? The strawberry blends so well with the citrusy scent of Fruit Loops! I'm going to need this in mass quantities. 
  • Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread - Another great blend! This one is of Pink Sugar and cookie dough bread. The Pink Sugar is the stronger note here but the cookie dough adds a nice bakery note to it. I'm a bit Pink Sugared out at this point (crazy, right?) so I probably won't melt this one for awhile but it's definitely a good blend.
  • Warm Serendipity Sugar Cookies - Oh man this is fantastic too! I can smell the crunchy cookie note mixed with the tropical fruitiness of Serendipity. These blends are all amazing. 
  • Fruit Loop Fluff Cake - This is a blend of Fruit Loops, marshmallow and cake. Very similar to Tiffany's Birthday Bash. What can I say? This one is amazing too! 
  • Strawberry Lemon Fluff - Two of my favorite scents together! The lemon is a bit stronger than the strawberry but I can smell both notes. The "fluff" part is marsmallow and it's definitely adding a nice creamy note to the blend. So good!
  • Herbal Essences type - Yup, this smells exactly like Herbal Essences shampoo. Speaking of, did you guys hear that they brought the original stuff back? I'm so excited! I probably won't use it on my hair because I'm so picky these days but perhaps I'll use it as body wash. I just love the smell of it!
  • Ghost Munch - I almost didn't get this one because I saw that it had zucchini bread in it, but I bit the bullet and got it anyways and I'm SO glad that I did. This is the first scent that has zucchini bread in it that I truly love. It is a blend of caramel apple, candy corn, toasted marshmallow and zucchini bread. The caramel apple is the main note in this but all the other notes blend together and make it extra special. This is amazing!!!
  • Juniper Breeze - Another blast from the past scent! This smells exactly like the discontinued Juniper Breeze scent from Bath and Body Works. It's a fresh, herbal scent but is light enough so that it has mass appeal. This scent reminds me of middle school! Another good one.
  • Peach Margarita - YUM! Lime and peach. So good. Juicy, fresh, and perfect for spring and summer. Cannot wait to melt this one!
  • Honey Vanilla Love Dust - This is a blend of honey, cocoa butter and chocolate. It's delectable! The chocolate scent in this is very realistic, it smells like brownie batter! So yummy.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk - This one has a bit of a fake chocolate note to it but somehow I still love it! I can't really smell any of the "milk" note at the moment. Probably my least favorite of the order but it's still really good =)

Thanks for reading! I'm really pleased with this order. It's not often that I get an order where every single thing is a hit! If you haven't tried Sugar and Spice Gourmet Soy before I highly recommend giving them a try! 

Ten Digit Creations Haul #2 - Cold Sniff Reviews

Hey everyone! So I'm back with more hauls. I have a bunch sitting around waiting to be reviewed and I wanted to get them done so I can organize them and put them all away. It's driving me nuts to have these boxes sitting in my office! Anyways, first up is my second Ten Digit Creations haul! A lot of the scents in this order are re-orders but I figured I'd show you anyways. 

Ten Digit Creations is fast becoming a favorite company of mine. Their stuff is "no-frills" - the wax has no dyes, the labels are simple brown paper, and the tarts are made in aluminum muffin tins. Because of this, their tarts are really reasonably priced and the TAT is super fast, usually around 2-3 days max. They also have a lot of different scents on their scent list, including tons of non-bakery scent. Don't get me wrong, I love bakery scents but sometimes a girl needs a little change of scenery. 

This is a small order, I just got a 13 pack of individual tarts. Here's my order:

  • Merlin's Forest - This is a blend of amber, cedar, rose and bergamot. Definitely out of my comfort zone! I usually like all those notes individually so I figured I would like a blend with all of them together. Unfortunately, this one was a no-go for me. The amber and the rose mixed together makes a super duper powdery scent. Yuck!
  • Purple Sandalwood - Another one that is out of my comfort zone! The notes are sandalwood, violet, cashmere, peach blossoms, lavender, vanilla and musk. Again, I like most of those notes on their own so I figured this might be a good one. It's actually not bad! The violet and sandalwood are the main things I smell here. Usually I prefer sandalwood blended with vanilla but mixed with the floral notes here it's not bad! Probably not a favorite but I'm glad I tried it.
  • Vintage Vanilla - Yet another different kind of scent for me. This one is bourbon vanilla, cedarwood, patchouli, amber and sandalwood. This one is AMAZING! The scent is very familiar to me but I can't quite pinpoint what it is. I'm pretty sure it's a dupe for something. It's a very deep, earthy and woodsy vanilla. So good! And I usually don't like woodsy scents. 
  • Violet Vixen - This is a blend of violet and lime. I love violet, I love lime and I for sure love them together! The violet is the predominant note here but the lime adds a burst of freshness. Really pretty!
  • Summer Fresh - BLAH. This smells like the cheap soap used in public restrooms. DO NOT WANT.
  • Forget Me Not - This one is amazing. It is a re-order. as I got a sample of this in my first order. It is the most beautiful fresh flower scent I've ever smelled. It's such a true flower scent! You can even smell the fresh-cut green stems. I heard someone refer to this as a spa scent, not a floral, and I can definitely see that. It's amazing! Even if you don't like florals, I suggest trying this. It's SO GOOD.
  • Ginger Ale (x2) - This was another reorder of my favorite TDC scent! Ginger ale is an amazing fizzy pop scent blended with ginger. AMAZING!!! If you are into citrus scents at all, try this! You won't regret it. It's amazeballs.
  • Hansel & Gretel's House - This is a yummy gingerbread scent. I can smell a frosting note in  this one. Love!
  • Monkey Bread - Another re-order. This is a spicy scent with brown sugar, cinnamon, caramel and walnuts. There's no bread scent to this but no matter because it is divine!! When I melted the one from my last order it lasted over 24 hours. Now that's impressive!
  • Lollipops - I've heard great things about this scent so I had to order it. It smells like a cherry lollipop! The cherry is a good cherry, sweet and juicy. It almost has a hint of citrus to it. I can see why this one is so popular!
  • Sunday Morning - This smells EXACTLY like Bath and Body Works Creamy Nutmeg. Like, dead on. They don't make Creamy Nutmeg anymore so I was super excited when I sniffed this one! It's a creamy scent with a hint of sweet spice. Yum!!
  • Beach Daisies (freebie) - This one smells like suntan lotion mixed with flowers. Not a fan.
  • Lavender Lemongrass - This one is awesome! It's a nice herbal lavender with the fresh, crisp scent of lemongrass. Something about it reminds me of the cabin we stayed in the town of Volcano Village in Hawaii so that makes me very happy!

There you have my little TDC order. I definitely went out on a limb with some scents but with tarts so cheap, it's a great opportunity to try some new scents. Hope you've enjoyed this post and I'll be back shortly with yet another haul =)

Ollie's Soaps Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews!

Back again! This time I'm here with my first haul from Ollie's Soaps! This is yet another new-to-me vendor that I've heard good things about and decided to place a small order. I've heard that she has excellent soaps as well. I'm not really a soap fan (I prefer body wash) but if you're into them, I'd check her out for soaps as well! 

Anyways, I am pretty impressed with this company! First of all the TAT was LESS THAN 2 DAYS! For real! I ordered on a Thursday evening and my package arrived on Saturday. Love that! The majority of the scents that I got were really good and although her scent list is smaller than most, she has some interesting, unique blends. I haven't melted any of these yet so I can't speak to the hot throw but off of cold sniff, they seem pretty strong! 

I got 2 6-packs of the scalloped tarts and she sent 3 freebies. Here's those first:

  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte - Definitely not a fave. I don't smell any coffee or pumpkin, just a super strong, buttery caramel scent. It smells somewhat similar to B&BW's Pumpkin Caramel Latte, but with that strange butter note. 
  • Mystery - This one is so cool! It's 3 different layers! The top scent is serendipity, the bottom scent is caramel apple and I can't figure out what the middle layer is. Surprisingly, the serendipity and caramel apple scents smell amazing together!
  • Sugar Cookies - This is a very sweet sugar cookie scent. It smells very similar to CFTKR's sugar cookie scent so if you've smelled that, that's what this smells like. Not my absolute favorite cookie scent but it's still yummy!
And now onto what I ordered:

  • Pink Oreos - This is a blend of Pink Sugar and an Oreo cookie scent. This is amaaaaziingg! I don't think I've ever seen a blend like this at any other vendor. I can smell both the Oreo cookie and the Pink Sugar scents. I'm going to need to order this one in bulk. So, so SO GOOD! Even if you don't like chocolate scents, I'd give this a try. 
  • Pink Vanilla Fudge - This is a blend of Pink Sugar and Vanilla Butter Fudge. Everyone has been raving about the vanilla butter fudge scent from Sniff My Tarts so I figured I'd give this one a try. The vanilla butter fudge is a very rich vanilla scent and it blends really well with the Pink Sugar. The Pink Sugar is the main note in this but the VBF adds a nice creaminess. I'm not head over heels with VBF yet but I do like it!
  • Serendipity Noel - Yum! The Serendipity is the dominant note but the Vanilla Bean Noel mellows it out and makes it creamier. Delish.
  • Frosted Pumpkin - This is supposed to be a dupe for my beloved Yankee Candle Frosted Pumpkin scent. They do smell similar, but this one is lacking that maple note that the Yankee version has. Basically this one is a strong, spicy pumpkin scent. Definitely prefer the Yankee version but this one is good too =)
  • Pineapple Orchid - This is a dupe for Bath and Body Works Pineapple Orchid. I have smelled the B&BW one before but I can't recall if this one is similar to it. This has a very odd green note that I'm not fond of. It's definitely not my favorite of the bunch.
  • Lavender Serendipity - This is probably my favorite Lavender Serendipity blend I've tried thus far. It's definitely an herbal lavender blended with the fruity Serendipity. Together, they kind of smell like the best incense I've ever smelled. Really loving this one! 
  • Orange Chili - This is a blend of orange and chili pepper! IT IS SO GOOD! I don't really smell the chili pepper, but it smells like the a juicy, fresh orange. It has a deepness to it that other orange scents don't have though. Perhaps it's a blood orange. Oh so delicious! 
  • Raspberry Lemonade - This is your standard raspberry lemonade scent. And it's good. Really good. I can never get enough of this blend! So strong and summery!
  • Lemon Cheesecake - This one is not good. I went to check what the scent notes  in this are and I noticed that you are supposed to choose between two different scents - either a pre-blended one or her own blend of lemon cheesecake. I didn't know this so I'm not 100% sure which one she sent. However, based on other people's experiences with this scent, I'm fairly certain it's the pre-blended oil. Next time I'll try her own blend. Anyways, this version is a very strong Pledge-y lemon scent with a weird, buttery crust note. Yuck.
  • Lemon Colada - This is a blend of lemon and pina colada. It's pretty yummy! I like this one better than other lemon-coconut scents I've tried. Not my favorite ever use of a lemon scent but it's still nice. 
  • Pink Lime - I'm in love with this one! It is a blend of Pink Sugar and lime. The lime definitely takes center stage here but the Pink Sugar adds, you guessed it, a nice creamy aspect to it. So good! 
  • Hawaiian Fizz - This is a dupe for Bath and Body Works Bahama Fizz. Again, I've smelled this scent before but I don't really remember what it smells like. This one is a very nice, fruity tropical scent. I tend to dislike overly generic tropical fruit scents but I like this one! I get mostly pineapple with this one.
And so concludes my first Ollie's Soaps order! I see that she has chunks as well so I see another order in my near future =) Thanks for stopping by today folks! I'll be back tomorrow with an extra special post that I hope you'll all enjoy!

Front Porch Haul - Cold Sniff Reviews

Let's just move right along into my Front Porch haul! Front Porch is one of my favorite vendors. She has great scents, her stuff is RTS so the TAT is pretty quick, and most importantly, her stuff is strong! This is a vendor I would definitely recommend to someone who is new to the wax world. 

There's a few things about Front Porch that I don't love. First of all, being that she is RTS, not all the scents from her scent list are available all the time in tarts. She makes about 10-15 new scents each day and at any given time there are probably about 75 or so different scents available in tarts on her site. However, she does take scent requests on her Facebook page and tries her best to accommodate those requests. Also, if you are absolutely desperate for a scent and she doesn't have it in her RTS stock at the moment, you can order it in a candle, as those are always available as a custom order. Another thing that I don't love about Front Porch is that the wax seems to have a bit of a base scent. I'm not sure if it's from the molds not being cleaned well between making of the tarts or if the wax really does have a base scent. It's not too bothersome, but sometimes certain scents don't seem to work well with that base smell. But that's very rare.

The prices of the tarts are a bit higher than most vendors but one has to remember that shipping with Front Porch is always FREE! In the end, I'm more than willing to pay a bit more for the tarts for free shipping. She used to do a free pack with every $25 purchase, but now it's 10% off once you hit $25. Not as good a deal when you're only ordering $25 worth of stuff but when you're placing a bigger order, that 10% can really make a dent in the order. Front Porch has definitely been through some growing pains in the past year but in the end, the pros far outweigh the cons and I continue to be an avid Front Porch fan. 

These are two combined orders. Here's what I got (sorry these photos are a bit out of focus):

  • Caramel Apple Funnel Cake - *passes out from the deliciousness* This one is scrumptious! It's stronger on the caramel apple note but there is definitely that friend dough note from the funnel cake scent as well. SO GOOD!! 
  • Raspberry Preserves - This is a great tart, raspberry scent. It's pretty authentic as far as berry scents go. No other notes here, just a strong, yummy raspberry! Delish!
  • Tea Time - This is a blend of her black tea and sugar scents. This one is very strong! It smells like fresh brewed tea with a hint of a floral note that most tea scents tend to have. Very refreshing! I prefer tea scents blended with other things so I'm looking forward to coming up with some combos with this!
  • Iced Tea with Lemon - Love this one! The tea note is dominant here but you get a nice hit of the lemon scent as well. I've been really into lemon tea scents lately since Bath and Body Works released their AMAZING London Calling candle. That is still my favorite lemon tea scent but Front Porch's version is great too!
  • Pink Sugar Marshmallow - Have I mentioned how much I ADORE Front Porch's marshmallow scents? They are truly amazing. This is a fantastic blend of Pink Sugar and marshmallow. And dare I say it's stronger on the marshmallow? It's so yummy!
  • Coconut Cream Pie - Another winner! You can smell the coconut, the cream and even the pie crust. Scrumdiddilyumptious! 
  • Pink Sugar Noel - This is a blend of the famous Pink Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel scents. Always a classic. This one is definitely heavier on the Pink Sugar but the VBN note adds a nice creaminess. Out of Pink Sugar Marshmallow and this, the marshmallow one is my favorite but this one is still very nice.
  • Lemon Marshmallow (free packs, 2) - This was from the beginning of the year when she was still trying out the pre-selected free pack with $25 order option. Lemon Marshmallow is one of my favorites! It's a great blend of sweet lemon and marshmallow. These tarts are about half the size of her normal ones but that's okay because they were free! 
  • Monkey Farts - This is a popular scent with lots of vendors and it's one of my favorites. It's a sweet candied banana with slight hints of other fruits. Love it!
  • Nana's Banana Pudding - This is a creamy, candied banana scent. It smells exactly like banana runts! I know some people don't like this kind of scent but I loooove it! 
  • Honeydew Melon - Not my favorite honeydew scent. It smells like a chlorinated pool. Yuck!
  • Serendipity Laundry - This is a blend of Serendipity and a laundry detergent scent. This one is interesting. The laundry scent is definitely dominant here but I can definitely smell the Serendipity. I'm not sure about this one. I think I like it. We shall see when I melt it!
  • Pink Roses - This is a blend of Pink Sugar and roses. I really like this one! The rose is dominant  but the Pink Sugar is definitely there. I can't wait to melt this!

And that's my Front Porch order! I placed another small order this week and after that I'm really going to try to use up more of my FP stash before I order more because I have so much! We'll see how long that lasts though because she's been adding a lot of new scents lately and I can't seem to resist the free shipping =)

Be back soon with yet another haul =)

Skinny Dip Soaps Haul - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

Good morning my lovely readers! I have a bunch of hauls to share with you all today. 

First up is from Skinny Dip Soaps. This was a new to me company but I had heard great things about them so I decided to place an order. TAT was 7 days. Pretty standard. Prices were pretty standard. To be quite honest, my first impression of this company is "meh." I ordered two samplers, one was a bakery sampler and one was a fruit sampler. I did this because their scent list is very small compared to other vendors I order from and I honestly couldn't find that many scents that I wanted to try. But, having heard wonderful things about this company I wanted to give them a try so I figured ordering samplers would be a good way to try some scents that I may not have ordered on my own. 

Sadly, I just as indifferent to the scents upon smelling them as I was looking at them online. I find myself wanting to order from vendors who have different and unique scents because I already have favorite vendors that I get my standard lemon cookie/Froot Loops/Pink Sugar/fruity type scents from. Some of the scents from this company are good, some are not. But I am going to make sure these cure for a good amount of time and I will give them a fair shot when they are melting. I might be blown away by the scent throw, who knows! But for now, unless they blow me away when melting, I'm not sure I can see myself placing another order from this company. These tarts have been curing for about 2 weeks now so I'll probably be melting them soon.


Here's the bakery sampler plus one other individual cup that I ordered:

  • Strawberry Zucchini Bread - This was the extra one that I ordered. This was when I was going through my "I'm trying really hard to like zucchini bread" phase. The strawberry in this is nice and it does blend well with the zucchini bread. This seems to be more of a creamy zucchini bread scent (as opposed to a spicy zucchini bread scent). But, I'm just not really a fan. Zucchini bread is not my thing. It is pretty strong though off of cold sniff. 
  • Pumpkin Butter Cream - I can smell a hint of spicy pumpkin with a hint of creamy vanilla. It's  weirdly sweet. Even after 2 weeks of curing it's still pretty light. I don't know about this one. 
  • Honey Vanilla Cream - This is a nice buttercream scent. I can't smell the honey but it's definitely a good creamy vanilla. Reasonably strong off of cold sniff.
  • Blueberry Cobbler - This is your standard blueberry bakery scent. The blueberry is a bit "fake" smelling but not overly so. The bakery note adds a nice creamy aspect to the scent. Pretty strong off of cold throw. 
  • Lemon Sugar Cookie - This is a standard lemon cookie scent. It's a nice bakery lemon, no lemon cleaner note. The cookie is definitely in the background but the lemon is the star here. Strong.
  • Sugar Cookie Noel - I honestly can not smell a thing with this. Perhaps a veeeeeeeeeeery slight note of Vanilla Bean Noel. I can't imagine this would be strong when melting either. Maybe I'll blend it with something. But yeah. No throw on cold sniff.
  • Sticky Buns - A decent caramel nut scent. Medium throw on cold sniff. I've smelled better sticky buns scents.
  • Million $ Shortbread - Can't smell much off of this one either. Maybe a slight hint of a cookie note. Another disappointing one.
  • Praline Pound Cake - This one is gross. It has a really strange plastic note to it. Blah. 
Now here's the fruit sampler:
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit - Decent grapefruit scent. I have been having a tough time finding a good grapefruit scent that has that tartness that real grapefruits do. This one has a bit of a floral note that I'm not loving. Also, it seems to be a pretty light scent.
  • Fresh Strawberry - This is a basic strawberry scent. It's a mix between a green strawberry and a sweet strawberry. I quite like this one. Sadly, it's very light off of cold throw. I'm hoping it will be stronger when melting.
  • Anjou Pear - A good pear scent. It's different from a lot of the fresh pear scents I've smelled, it's a tinge artificial but still good. Pretty strong.
  • Apple Jack & Peel - LOVE this one! I've seen it from a lot of other vendors but never ordered it and I'm so glad I got a chance to try it! It's an apple, orange and spice scent. This is the ultimate fall scent. I can't wait to melt this one!
  • Summer Daze - Very generic, blah fruity scent. Smells like a furniture cleaner. They don't have scent descriptions listed so I'm not sure what is in this. My advice? Avoid this one like the plague.
  • Juicy Peaches - I like this one!! Again, a bit artificial smelling but still good. I've been really into peach scents lately. I'll probably blend this one with a bakery or vanilla scent as it has a tiny hint of floral to it that I'm not sure I'm loving.
  • Tea Leaf Papaya - Another scent I've seen from a lot of vendors but never ordered. It's a nice papaya scent. Pretty light. Nothing too special.
  • Fruit Loops - This is a dead on Froot Loops scent. Smells exactly like Froot Loops cereal. It's one of my favorite scents ever. Very strong! Always love a good Froot Loops scent! 
Then I got a couple 4-packs:

  • Passionate Kisses - This scent is some sort of Lush dupe. The scent notes are berries, coconut, rose, musk, and vanilla. It's pretty good. I've heard this one is super strong when melting and I can believe it because it's very strong off of cold sniff. The tarts are quite small (less than a half once) but they are so pretty!
  • Lemon Squares - Good lemon bakery scent. It smells really similar to other vendors' Lemon Pound Cake or Lemon Poppyseed scents. Nothing original but good nonetheless. Medium-ish cold throw. 

Overall, I'm not overly thrilled with this order but not entirely disappointed either. I am eager to find out how these will do when I melt them.

I'll be back shortly with another haul! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Surprise from Shelby Swatches!

Hey everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start. Today I am here to share my surprise birthday gift from my friend Shelby. Shelby and I are both nail bloggers and I was so excited when I saw her making wax videos because I didn't know she was into wax. We did a really fun swap and from there, we've become great friends and are always chatting about wax, school, and life! Anyways, I had no idea she was sending this to me, and when I got home from school last night all of these goodies were waiting for me! It was so generous and thoughtful of Shelby to send this to me so thank you very much!! Sweetest birthday gift ever <3 

She sent me a bunch of different vendors that I have never tried before so that was super exciting! I'm going to show you what all she sent and give some quick cold throw impressions. Enjoy!


  • Granny's Kountry Candles Blitzen's Breakfast - A brand I've never tried before! This is super yummy! The scent description of this is maple syrup, honey, butter, apples, pecan and cinnamon. It is such a delicious breakfast scent. I can't really pick out any of the individual notes but together it's like a scrumptious, crunchy, sweet, spicy breakfast! Lol!
  • GKC Changing Seasons - I couldn't find the scent description for this one but it smells like apple cider with something extra. I like this one too, though it has an odd note that I can't put my finger on. I am going to melt this one soon to try to figure out what that note is!
  • GKC Santa's Workshop - This one is described as a hot cider scent with spices, pomegranate and strawberry. To me, this smells like a strong pomegranate with a hint of strawberry. Can't really smell the spices or cider yet, but that's okay because I absolutely love pomegranate scents! Delish!
  • GKC Cotton Britches - This is a cotton scent, it smells very similar to Yankee Candle Clean Cotton. Really like this one! I have definitely been warming up to laundry and linen type scents lately. 

  • Pics, Petals and Scents Iced Lemon Cookies - Another new-to-me brand =) Iced Lemon Cookies is always a favorite scent, it's an almond and lemon cookie fragrance. This one smells right on the money! Love it.
  • PPS Pumpkin Pie Zucchini Bread - This one is a bit iffy. I can smell an actual zucchini note in this one, it's definitely different from all the other ZB blends I've tried. I also get a hint of pumpkin pie spice. Not my favorite of the bunch but I'll give it a whirl.
  • PPS Pumpkin Pie Spice - A very strong pumpkin pie spice scent! I can't really smell any pumpkin, just the spices. Very good, but I'll probably blend it with a creamy bakery scent to tone down the spices a bit.
  • PPS Plum Delicious - This one is awesome!! I wish there was a scent description on the site because I'm so bad at figuring out notes on my own. I can definitely smell the plum, plus some spices and a bakery note. So yummy! I don't have anything else that smells like this in my wax collection.
  • Sniff My Tarts Pumpkin Apple Butter Mallow - I seriously jumped up and down when I saw this!! I have been DYING to try some SMT products but their TAT is so long that my order isn't going to be here for awhile. This smells phenomenal. Pumpkin, apple, gooey marshmallow. I'm melting it right now =) I'll be chatting about this in my weekly melts on Sunday!
  • Victoria's Designer Creations Butter Rum Raisin - Yet another vendor I have been dying to try. I have an order in with her as well but her TAT is crazy long also. This one smells DIVINE. It smells exactly like butter rum raisin ice cream. I can't wait to melt this bad boy! And it is HUGE by the way, basically the size of my entire hand.

  • Better Homes and Gardens Classic Frosted Gingerbread - Shelby knows this is one of my favorite scents ever an I'm so glad I have a backup! I would't call it a frosted gingerbread though, as it's pretty much just a straight spicy bakery scent. No frosting. It smells exactly like this Gingerbread spray I used to have as a kid and it reminds me of Christmas =) Love it!
  • Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie - This was one of my favorite scents that came out this fall and I'm so glad to have it in a tart now. Very true caramel pecan pie scent. Yum!
  • Yankee Candle Harvest - I am a huge Yankee fanatic and Harvest is one of my top 10 favorites of all time. It's such a lovely soft spice scent. Obsessed!
  • Slatkin (Bath and Body Works) Cinnamon Sugared Donut - Another favorite! As you all may know, I am obsessed with donut scents. This one was fairly light in the 3-wick so I'm glad to have a mini to put in my tart warmer!
  • Sweet Fixations Apple Mango Tango - I have been so curious about this scent an I'm glad to finally try it! It is a very nice dupe of Gain's Apple Mango Tango detergent. Another laundry scent that I'm liking better than I would have thought!
  • SF Honeysuckle Peach - This is such a pretty floral scent! I don't smell any peach, but the honeysuckle scent is very true to the flower. I can't wait to melt this in the spring! Very strong.
  • SF Violet & Birch - I love violet scents so I was excited to see this one! It's very strong on the birch note with a light, powdery hint of violet. Really pretty!
  • Scent Appeal Candles Hansel & Gretel's House - Another yummy gingerbread scent! It kind of smells similar to the BHG one but with a hint more sweetness to it. I am a gingerbread fanatic so this one will be well loved for sure. And look how pretty it is with the red and green sanded sugar on top!
  • Beezy Tarts Red Velvet Cake - This one is pretty light off of cold throw. I can definitely smell the cake and frosting noes but no chocolate as is usually found in red velvet scents. It does smell really good though and Beezy's stuff is always super strong so I'm sure this will smell great when melting!
  • Beezy Tarts Kettle Corn - This one really smells like kettle corn! So crazy! I didn't think I would like a kettle corn scent but I really do. I can't wait to see how this smells when it's melting.
  • Front Porch Sugary Marshmallow - This one is a blend of Warm Vanilla Sugar and marshmallow. It is so yummy! I absolutely love Front Porch's marshmallow scents, the oil they use is amazing. I'm also melting this one right now =)
  • Tiffany Candles Buttercream Frosting - This is a really nice, sweet buttercream frosting scent. I believe these little guys are in the new wax. I'm melting these right now as well!
  • Tiffany Candles Vanilla Sandalwood - Absolutely love this one. I got a sample of this in my order as well so I'm so glad to have two now. This smells very similar to Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Vanilla. Really great scent!
  • Ten Digit Creations Pistachio Coconut Fluff - Love this one!! I'm a huge fan of both pistachio and coconut scents and together they are amazing. It's definitely stronger on the pistachio but the coconut adds a nice bit of sweetness.
  • Orchid Lake Candles Mistletoe - This is amazing! I absolutely love pine/balsam type scents and this one is quite realistic. I'm not sure what mistletoe actually smells like but this tart smells like Christmas to me. So good.
  • Candles From The Keeping Room Peppermint Meringue - I absolutely love peppermint scents and this was one of the ones I had not yet tried from CFTKR so I'm super glad she sent it! This is a nice, strong peppermint scent with a hint of vanilla. Yum!

That's all for now! Thanks again to Shelby for this amazing gift! If you haven't already, you all should go check out her youtube channel here: Shelby Swatches Youtube Channel. Thanks everyone for stopping by today and I will see you all again soon with more wax reviews =)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Wax Meltdown #1 - Melted Wax Reviews

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a splendid weekend so far. Today I'm excited to bring you my first Weekly Wax Meltdown! In these posts I will be sharing what I have melted in the past week and how that particular product performed. Though I love doing haul posts and cold sniff/first impression reviews, these melted reviews are much more fun because I can share how these scents made my house smell! I will be doing my Weekly Wax Meltdown on Sundays an I will make my best effort to do them once a week.

This week's Weekly Wax Meltdown actually contains a few week's worth of wax. I've been saving these to review since the second week of January, so this post will be quite long. Once I start reviewing only a week's worth of wax, these kind of posts will not be nearly as long. So bear with me here today as I go through this huge box of wax!

For each product that I review, I will share how much I melted, what type of warmer I used to melt it (unless it is a candle), the manufacturer's official notes in the scent, my take on the scent (including notes, throw and lasting power), whether or not I would repurchase, and an overall rating. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see from these melted reviews. 

So let's hop right into it. Here's my Weekly Wax Meltdown #1! Hope you enjoy =)


First up are the candles.

Yankee Candle

Shortbread Cookie

  • Notes: pure cane sugar, creamy butter with hints of lavender and mint.
  • My take: This is such a unique cookie scent! You can definitely smell the lavender and the mint, but only slightly and in such a way that only adds to the sweetness of the cookie scent. It's like a lavender cookie. AMAZING off of cold sniff, but it was pretty weak when burning. Light throw. I moved it to a smaller room and could smell it better. You definitely get the lavender while melting, along with a crunchy cookie note. It was a difficult burn as many 1-wick Yankees can have. Used the foil trick an was able to get an even wax pool. Next time I will try this with a candle lamp.
  • Repurchase: Yes, I would repurchase this one. The uniqueness of the scent makes up for the light throw for me.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Home Sweet Home
  • Notes: cinnamon, baking spices, freshly poured tea.
  • My take: This is one of my all-time favorite Yankee scents. It really smells home-y. The cinnamon and baking spices blend make this a strong spicy scent, but not burn-your-nose strong. The hint of tea makes gives it a comforting feel. This is an old wax 2-wick so the throw was STRONG and lingered for quite a while even after I extinguished it. Yankee, why did you have to change the wax in the tumblers?! 
  • Repurchase: I would absolutely repurchase this again, if I ever come across this scent in the old wax tumbler again I would snatch it up in a heartbeat!
  • Overall rating:  10/10!
Simply Home Cranberry Zest
  • Notes: (no official notes) cranberry, orange.
  • My take: This one is scrumptious! I am suuuuuuuuuuuper picky about my cranberry scents and I really only like a select few. This is one of them. I do not like Yankee's regular Cranberry Chutney scent, nor do I like their Cranberry Orange scent but this one is different. It has a tart sweet cranberry note with the added tartness of orange. It is so juicy and delicious! The throw was strong. Burned flawlessly. This is also in the old wax.
  • Repurchse: I would definitely buy this again if I could find it in the old wax!
  • Overall rating: 7/10

Bath and Body Works

Marshmallow Fireside

  • Notes: Marshmallow, woods, creamy vanilla.
  • My take: This is one of my favorite candle scents from Bath and Body Works. It has a nice, sweet marshmallow scent mixed with the fireside scent, which smells like smoke and amber. This year's version of Marshmallow Fireside had a bit of a fuel note that last year's didn't have, so that was a bummer. It still smelled pretty good when melting though and I only got hints of the fuel note once in a blue moon. Strong throw. Even, deep wax pool. Somehow not quite as good as last year's version.
  • Repurchase: Maybe. I'm currently looking for a good dupe that smells like last year's version.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
White Citrus
  • Notes: lemon, grapefruit, waterlily and ginger flower.
  • My take: This was a gift from Shelby. Thanks girl! This is a strong, fresh citrus scent. I can't pick out the individual citrus notes in it but I can definitely pick out the ginger. It adds a subtle hint of spiciness. So good! This candle had the same problems that a lot of Bath and Body Works candles have - drowning wicks. I poured out some of the wax and foiled it and it took care of the problem for a while. I think next time I'll throw this one on a hotplate. Strong throw. 
  • Repurchase: I'd definitely buy this one again. It's one of my favorite scents from B&BW. It is frustrating when candles don't burn well but as long as it has scent, I can find other ways to melt them.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
London Calling - Tea & Lemon
  • Notes: Tea, lemon and sugar.
  • My take: This was amazing! You can definitely smell both the tea and the lemon in this one. The tea is like a sweet tea scent, not a floral tea scent that a lot of online vendors have. The throw is SUPER STRONG. It filled up almost my entire house. It was crazy!
  • Repurchase: Absolutely, 100% will be getting another one of these!
  • Overall rating: 10/10!
Now onto the tarts!

Frosted Lime Cookie Snap
  • Notes: Sweet bakery lime, sweet sugar cookie.
  • Warmer: Tea light
  • My take: Grubby cookie shaped tart. I tend to lean toward lemon bakery over lime bakery scents but this one is really good. The sweet lime blends very well with the sugar cookie. The throw was strong in my tealight warmer, I could see the tufts of oil evaporating in the air. The scent lasted the length of a tealight, about 5 hours. This length is pretty standard for CFTKR tarts. 
  • Repurchase: Definitely yes! This is a great lime bakery scent, good for all year round!
  • Overall rating: 8/10
Cinnamon Buns
  • Notes: cinnamon pastry, cinnamon.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: This is, by far, my favorite cinnamon bun scent. It's so sweet and delicious. The cinnamon oil that Carol uses is amazing. Lasted about 5 hours. Very strong throw. Not much else to say other than AMAZING!
  • Repurchase: YES! 
  • Overall rating: 9/10
Sugar Milk
  • Notes: sweet condensed milk, sugar.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: I was so back and forth on this scent when I first got it. I didn't really like it at first so I gave it to my mom. My husband really liked it so he took out a tart to use just to try it. It smells WAY better warm than it does cold. I get a tiny bit of a sour note from it but I really like it! I can't believe I ever doubted this one. Needless to say, I convinced my mom to give me back the bag of this haha. Medium throw. Lasted 12+ hours. 
  • Repurchase: Maybe. I can't see myself using this one often and I think this 8 oz. bag will last for awhile. 
  • Overall rating: 7/1o
Hot Orange Danish
  • Notes: Fresh baked danish, orange zests, cream frosting.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: This one was pretty good. I could really smell the orange at first but after a few hours it fizzled out into just a sweet bakery scent. I didn't mind but would have liked to smell the orange for a bit longer. Still yummy though! Medium throw. Lasted 4 hours.
  • Repurchase: Probably not. I have tons of other citrus-y bakery scents that worked better for me.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Banana Caramel Cupcake
  • Notes: banana, caramel, cinnamon, almond, vanilla bean, buttercream
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: If you've read my Top 10 Scents of 2012 post, you'll already know that this is one of my favorite scents! On cold throw, the banana is a bit "fake" smelling but when melted, the banana scent in this blossoms into a wonderful, true banana scent. The caramel note is very strong when melting and dominates the banana but it is still there. There is a slight cake-y note to it as well. Very strong throw. Lasted 8+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Though I've found a new favorite banana scent, this one is still a close second and I would buy this again and again!
  • Overall rating: 10/10!
Serendipity Marshmallow Delight (sample)
  • Notes: Serendipity, toasted marshmallow, sugar.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: OMG THIS IS AMAZING! I am absolutely in love with this scent. Serendipity is great on its own but mixed with marshmallow? So good! The initial throw was very strong, but it fizzled out quickly. Lasted 6 hours before it started to get that waxy smell.
  • Repurchase: Absolutely! In fact, I bought a few bags of it the other day =)
  • Overall rating: 9/10
Kitchen Spice (sample)
  • Notes: Cocoa spice, hazlenut, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla malt, marzipan.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: On cold throw, this smells exactly like vanilla extract with a teeny hint of spice. When warm, the caramel and spices come out more but you still get that vanilla extract note. Pretty good, but I wish it was a bit stronger. Light-medium throw. Lasted about 5 hours.
  • Repurchase: Probably not. I have a 4 oz bag in this and once I use that up I don't see myself buying more. It's good but not a favorite.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Caramel Praline Indian Bread (sample)
  • Notes: Indian bread, caramel, praline, brown sugar and sweet cream.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: To me, Indian Bread smells very similar to Sugar Corn Pudding but with a slight bready note. It's definitely a sweet bread scent. The caramel praline was dominant while melting but the Indian Bread note added a nice bakery note to it. Medium-to-strong throw. Lasted about 4 hours.
  • Repurchase: Probably not. It didn't really stand out to me that much. It was good but again, not a favorite.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Strawberry Raspberry Guava (sample)
  • Notes: Strawberry, raspberry, guava.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: This one was okay. It was a nice blend of those three fruits but I really was hoping it to be a lot stronger. The strawberry was dominant in this but I could smell the other notes as well. Light-to-medium throw. Lasted 4 hours.
  • Repurchase: Nope. I have tons of fruity scents that are much stronger and long lasting than this one.
  • Overall rating: 6/10.
Strawberry Shake (sample)
  • Notes: Strawberry, orange, peach nectar, green leafy florals, vanilla.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: This is a very sweet strawberry scent. All I smell in this is strawberry with a hint of creaminess. So good! After about an hour, the husband requested a strawberry milkshake scent so I threw in CFTKR Strawberry Milk. They smelled AMAZING together. This one was more of a background to the strawberry milk so I would say the throw is medium to strong. The two together lasted over 12 hours.
  • Repurchase: Maybe. I ordered a strawberry sampler from Carol so I will be trying lots of different strawberry scents to see which ones I like the best.
  • Overall rating: 7.5/10
Strawberry Milk (sample)
  • Notes: Strawberry, sweet cream, milk
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: WOW. This one is absolutely amazing! It's definitely strawberry mixed with her Sugar Milk scent. It almost smells like strawberries and cream oatmeal. I mixed this with CFTKR Strawberry Shake to make a strawberry milkshake scent. This one was definitely the more dominant of the two. Very strong throw. These two lasted over 12 hours.
  • Repurchase: Oh yeah, definitely getting a bag of this one! 
  • Overall rating: 8/10
Pumpkin Cookie Crunch (sample)
  • Notes: pumpkin, cookie, caramelized sugar, whipped cream, french vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, Vermont maple sugar.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: This one was amazing! I kind of OD'd on pumpkin scents over the fall but I had a hankering for one the other day and this was the one I chose. I'm so glad I did! The main note in this one is the spices, and I can definitely pick out the cardamom. It gives the spices a warmth that you can't get from just cinnamon and clove alone. So yummy! The crunchy cookie note is prominent as well. I don't really get a maple note at all. The pumpkin is there too but the spices and cookie note definitely take center stage. I don't mind at all because this is so good! Strong throw. Lasted 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: For sure! I hope she still has some left, I don't know if I can wait until fall for this one! This is 8 oz. bag worthy!!
  • Overall rating: 9/10

Raspberry Love
  • Notes: Raspberry, sugar, caramel, sugar cookie, vanilla.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: This one was pretty yummy. It's mainly raspberry with a hint of bakery to amp up the sweetness. Sadly, this one did not last very long. 4 hours max. The scent throw was medium. I think I'm going to try doing my fruity LSC scents on a lightbulb warmer because they don't seem to last as well as the others from LSC do. 
  • Repurchase: No. It's on the discontinued list anyways.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Strawberry Love
  • Notes: Strawberry, sugar, caramel, sugar cookie, vanilla.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: Pretty much all the same notes that I made for Raspberry Love apply here. It's mainly strawberry with a hint of bakery. Did not last long, maybe 4 hours tops. The scent throw was medium. 
  • Repurchase: No.
  • Overall Rating: 6/10
Santa Treats
  • Notes: sugar cookies, milk.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: This is scrumptious!! I don't smell cookies and milk, but I do smell the most yummy pie crush scent ever! This seriously smells like real pie crust. It blows all the other "Granny's Pie Crust" scents out of the water. It's just a flaky, sweet crust. Love! Medium throw. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely! I saw she added this in her RTS section today, I might have to pick up a few more. 
  • Overall rating: 8/10
Peppermint Marshmallow Snow
  • Notes: Peppermint, marshmallow, vanilla bean.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: This is another one of my top 10 scents of 2012. Amazing! This smells very similar to the now-discontinued but much-loved Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Peppermint. This is a sweet peppermint scent with fluffy marshmallow. Really strong throw. Lasted 12+ hours. Could smell this the next morning after I turned it off. 
  • Repurchase: Absolutely! Though I have quite a few of this scent stashed away so I don't know that I'll be needing it for awhile =)
  • Overall rating: 10/10
Cinnamon Sugar Donut
  • Notes: Donut, cinnamon sugar.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: Sooooo yummy! This is another one of my top 10 scents of the year. I love cinnamon donut scents from all vendors but LSC has one of my favorites. You can smell the dough and the cinnamon sugar. Delish! This had a medium-to-strong throw. Lasted over 24 hours! By far the longest lasting tart I've had from them. Super impressed!
  • Repurchase: Absolutely!
  • Overall rating: 10/10

Parisian Strawberry Fields
  • Notes: Strawberries, white peaches, mango and vanilla bean.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 2 cubes
  • My take: The husband was in love this one when I got it so when this order was done curing, this was the first one I popped in. I definitely get the strawberry, mango and peach, but there is almost a floral note to it as well. I don't mind at all, this scent is very well blended so it works. Definitely not your typical sweet strawberry scent. VERY STRONG THROW. Next time I will only be using 1 cube of this. Lasted 12+ hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely. This one is perfect for spring!
  • Overall rating: 9/10
Cinnamon Jingle
  • Notes: Cinnamon, orange, grapefruit, apple, lemon, ginger, carrot, nutmeg, buttercream, vanilla.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 2 cubes
  • My take: This is a yummy, sweet cinnamon bakery scent. I couldn't really pick out the fruity notes. Perhaps they are a candied fruit that just adds to the sweetness. Either way, this was really good. Smells a lot like a cinnamon donut scent. SUPER STRONG THROW. Lasted 12+ hours. Note to self: Only use 1 cube of The Bathing Garden tarts because they are super strong! 
  • Repurchase: Yes!
  • Overall rating: 9/10

Tough Cookie
  • Notes: Sugar cookies, lemon
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 4 cubes (would have used all 6 but they would not fit)
  • My take: I should have known this was going to be a dud. I could barely smell it off of cold sniff. When melted, I could not smell a thing. Not even when I stuck my head over it. No throw whatsoever. Will be tossing the other 2 cubes of this out. Shame because I love lemon bakery scents.
  • Repurchase: No.
  • Overall rating: 0/10

Grapefruit Melon Sage
  • Notes: (no official notes) grapefruit, melon, sage.
  • Warmer: Tea light
  • Amount used: 1 cube
  • My take: This is a really unique scent! The tartness of the grapefruit blends really well with the herbal sage note. However, I can't smell any melon in this. That's okay because I like it just the same. Usually BHG tarts are super strong, but one cube of this in a tealight warmer was only a medium throw. Next time I'll definitely use 2 cubes. Lasted 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely. This is a very unique scent that I've never seen anywhere else. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything grapefruit =)
  • Overall rating: 7.5/10

Water Garden 
  • Notes: water flowers, lush greens, melon, musk
  • Warmer: Tea light
  • My take: Floral haters steer clear! This is a pretty strong floral scent. I love it though! It has a strong rose scent with green notes and a heavy aquatic note. I don't get any melon in this. So, so good. And SUPER STRONG. It lingered forever after I finally stopped melting it. This lasted through 2 tealights, about 10 hours. I'm sure it could have gone much longer. People say they don't have good luck from Yankee tarts but I find they work really well in tealight burners. 
  • Repurchase: Absolutely! This is a discontinued scent so is only available at the outlets. I didn't see the tarts last time I was in there but I was able to snag a medium sized jar in this for super cheap. Woohoo!
  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Notes: Rose blossoms and spicy green herbs.
  • Warmer: Tea light
  • My take: VOMIT. When I grabbed this one at the outlet, I mistakenly thought I was buying Rainforest (which I love). Imagine my disappointment when I got home and saw that I bought Greenhouse instead. I figured I'd give it a try anyways because I have been into green scents lately. It was SO overpoweringly powdery somehow. Smelled like a bathroom airfreshener. Not a fan. But it did have a super strong throw. Don't know how long it lasted because I got rid of it after about an hour.
  • Repurchase: No way, Jose!
  • Overall rating: 4/10 (for scent throw only)
Napa Valley Sun
  • Notes: golden amber, vanilla flower
  • Warmer: Tea light
  • My take: Love this one! I have been going back and forth on getting a jar in this for quite some time so I finally picked up a tealight to test out. This is a great amber vanilla scent. The amber is quite powdery but the vanilla adds a really nice sweetness that balances it out. This puppy was STRONG! I could smell it throughout my house. Lasted about 8 hours, not quite through 2 tealights.
  • Repurchase: Absolutely. I think I will be getting a jar in this.
  • Overall rating: 8/10

Pistachio Pudding Cake
  • Notes: Pistachio, almond, honey, heliotrope, vanilla custard.
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • My take: SO GOOD! I was looking for a wax dupe of my beloved Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache and this is it. This is a very nutty scent with strong notes of pistachio and almond. You almost get a bit of a cherry note as wel. The Vanilla and honey add creaminess and tone it down a bit. This is seriously amazing. Super strong scent throw! Lasted 12+ hours. Next time I'll probably blend it with a vanilla scent to make it even creamier.
  • Repurchase: For sure! I haven't seen him add this scent to stock recently, I hope he plans on making this again!
  • Overall rating: 9/10
Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar (sample)
  • Notes: Sweet potato, coconut milk, squash puree, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, butter rum, maple sugar.
  • Warmer: Tea light
  • My take: Amazing, simply amazing. Yet another one of my top picks for 2012. This smells EXACTLY like those sweet potatoes with marshmallows that my grandma makes for Thanksgiving. The sweet potato scent is so realistic and delicious!  This was not a scent I would normally try but ever since he sent me a sample I've been hooked.Strong scent throw. Lasted about 10 hours, through 2 tealights.
  • Repurchase: Absolutely!
  • Overall rating: 10/10
Pink Soda
  • Notes: Pink Sugar, cream soda.
  • Warmer: 25-watt lightbulb warmer
  • My take: This is a really great Pink Sugar blend! I don't think I've seen another vendor blend PS with cream soda. The pink sugar in this dominates but the cream soda mellows it out and adds the slightest hint of effervescence. Medium throw. Lasted about 10 hours. 
  • Repurchase: Yes.
  • Overall rating: 8/10

Lemon Marshmallow
  • Notes: (no official notes) Lemon, marshmallow
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • My take: I absolutely love this one. It is one of Front Porch's most popular scents, and for good reason. Her marshmallow scent is divine, and the sweet lemon paired with it makes it even better! The lemon is definitely the prominent note in this blend but the marshmallow adds and extra kick. No pledge-y lemon here, this is nice and sweet! Medium-to-strong throw. Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Definitely! I'm trying not to buy from Front Porch because I have so much to melt through but when I make a dent in my FP stash, this is for sure on the re-order list.
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
Celtic Moonspice
  • Notes: Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg
  • Warmer: 25-watt lightbulb
  • My take: This is an awesome sweet cinnamon bakery scent. It smelled a lot like The Bathing Garden's Cinnamon Jingle. For some reason though, the scent throw on this was not very good. Light-to-medium throw. I think it may be due to the fact that this is one of my older tarts, back from October. Not that old (tarts should last at least a year) but that's the only thing I could think of because usually FP stuff is super strong. I ordered this scent from CFTKR, so maybe I'll get a stronger scent throw in her wax.
  • Repurchase: I would purchase this scent again from a different vendor.
  • Overall rating: 6/10
Ultimate Bakery:
  • Notes: Cinnamon, apple, bread, sugar cookie, pie crust and Pink Sugar
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate.
  • My take: Guess what? I think this scent is GROSS! It is Front Porch's signature scent and has been duplicated by many other vendors. I originally got this in a candle and it smelled wonderful. It had that exact aroma of walking into a bakery. I fell in love! So I ordered a 4-pack and a few singles. They definitely smelled different than the candle but I figured they would smell the same while melting. No. They did not. Front Porch uses a different wax for their candles that makes things smell a bit different. In the tarts, this was ABHORRENT. People actually like this scent in the tarts?!?! It smells like zucchini bread (a.k.a stale Fritos) with pink sugar and rotting apples. Horrible, awful combination! But guess what? People LOVE this one! I'm sure I will find a happy home for the rest of my Ultimate Bakery tarts. Oh, and the scent throw was strong on this one. Poured it our after an hour though
  • Repurchase: N to the O.
  • Overall rating: 2/10 (for scent throw only)

Country Home Scent (out of business)

Juicy Pear
  • Notes: (unknown) pear
  • Warmer: 18-watt hot plate
  • My take: I wouldn't call this a juicy pear, as it is more of a Victoria's Secret Pear Glace dupe. So, I would call this "perfume-y pear." I don't mind though because I love that scent. It had a strong scent throw and lasted 12+ hours. 
  • Repurchase: Company is now out of business.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Raspberry Marshmallow Creme
  • Notes: (unknown) raspberry, marshmallow
  • Warmer: 24-watt hotplate
  • My take: When I first put this in, it had the most amazing raspberry scent I'd ever smelled. The marshmallow added a sweet tanginess and they scent was just absolutely divine. The raspberry note fizzled out after a couple of hours but I'm just glad I was able to experience the wonderful scent of this tart. If CHS was still open, I would order a boatload of this scent. Medium-strong throw. Lasted about 4 hours. Probably would have lasted much longer on a lower wattage but this was a replacement for another tart and it was the only warmer open.
  • Repurchase: I so wish that I could! If you all know of any great raspberry marshmallow scents, please let me know!
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10

Monkey Bread
  • Notes: Brown sugar, cinnamon, caramel and walnuts.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • My take: This one is amazing!! There's no bready note in this one, just spices, nuts and caramel. The scent throw is strong but even more impressive is this puppy lasted over 24 hours! I have heard mixed reviews on TDC but with this first one that I've melted and I am quite impressed!
  • Repurchase: Definitely!
  • Overall rating: 10/10

Melonberry Blast (old wax)
  • Notes: Cucumber melon, mulberry
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate
  • Amount used: 1 scalloped tart
  • My take: Very yummy blend! The mulberry is definitely the prominent note and the cucumber melon adds a bit of freshness to it. It is a very unusual combo and I would have never thought that these two scents work together, but they do. For those who don't know, mulberry scents tend to be very heavy with a bit of a grape note to them. Definitely not your typical berry kind of scent. Strong scent throw with only one scallop, which is very rare for Tiffany's old wax. Lasted about 8 hours.
  • Repurchase: Maybe
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Cinnabon (old wax)
  • Notes: Sweet maple, cinnamon, vanilla.
  • Warmer: 18-watt hotplate (2)
  • Amount used: 1.5 scalloped tarts in each
  • My take: I have no idea what compelled me to melt this scent because it smelled absolutely awful off of cold sniff. I guess I thought maybe it would smell better while melting. Boy, was I wrong. This was the most awful, fake cinnamon scent I had ever smelled. It was offensive. It smelled like the airfreshener my school uses in the bathrooms. Medium scent throw. Not sure of lasting power because I poured this out. YUCK!
  • Repurchase: Absolutely not.
  • Overall rating: 2/10 (for scent throw only)
Monkey Kisses (old wax)
  • Notes: Banana, kiwi, grapefruit, bubble gum, strawberry, vanilla
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • Amount used: 3 scalloped tarts
  • My take: I love this one! The banana is definitely the dominant note, and I don't really smell the other notes on their own but altogether they lend a candy sweetness to this scent. I used all 3 scallops because I wanted a strong scent throw and I'm glad I did because the throw on this was perfect! Lasted about 6 hours.
  • Repurchase: Yes! Already repurchased this in the new wax to see how it will perform.
  • Overall rating: 7/10
Pink Panties (new wax)
  • Notes: Pink Sugar and Love Spell
  • Warmer: 24-watt hot plate
  • My take: This is a good blend of Pink Sugar and Love Spell. I could smell both notes and they seem to have been blended equally. This was in the new wax so I was expecting more of a scent throw than the old wax had. And the scent throw was a bit stronger, but not as strong as I would have liked. Medium-to-strong scent throw. Lasted only about 4 hours. The verdict is still out on whether or not I like her new wax.
  • Repurchase: Probably not.
  • Overall rating: 6/10

PHEW! If you are still reading this, kudos to you!! I really hope that I am able to do this every week do they don't all pile up like this! Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading my first Weekly Wax Meltdown! I promise they won't all be this long =) Have a great evening!