Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dutch/Crabby Candle Company - First Impressions and Cold Sniff Reviews

I'm back with a haul from another new-to-me vendor, Dutch/Crabby Candle Company! 

This company first entered my radar through YouTube videos and Facebook wax groups, but it doesn't seem to be quite as popular as some other vendors out there. However, what I have heard about them always seems to be good so I decided to place a small order. An interesting fact about this company is that it is owned by a man named John. There is only one other wax company I know of owned by a man (Beezy's) so I though that was pretty cool!

Anyways, I'm not exactly sure why some of his tarts are "Dutch" and some are "Crabby" but I think I heard somewhere that he bought out Crabby and that's why these two are combined. As you will see, some of these tarts have a Crabby label and others have a Dutch label. There is no difference in these two brands, except the scent lists are different for each brand. Does that make sense? I feel like I might be confusing you all even more so let's just move right along.

The TAT on this order was about 2 weeks which is pretty average. I ordered all 1-oz scent cups but he upgraded some of them to 2 oz cups at random, so that was very nice. Also, he sent two samples along which was very generous as well. They were sent in a bubble mailer the package was pretty beat up when it arrived but these cups are very sturdy so that probably saved me a lot of grief. 

I really like what I ordered and I'm hoping that they perform well while melting. Overall, they are quite strong off of cold throw so I am optimistic that they will do well in my warmers. 

  • Butt Naked - This is quickly becoming one of my favorite scents from any vendor. It is a blend of all kinds of fruits but I can mostly smell pear and sweet melon notes. So good! I hope this one is as strong as the one I melted from Beezy's a few weeks ago.
  • Gingerbread House - This is phenomenal. It doesn't smell anything like your typical gingerbread scent, and instead smells like the most delicious cinnamon pastry ever. It actually smells a lot like a cinnamon donut scent! I'll be needing more of this one for sure. 
  • Skittles - I don't know how they do it, but this really does smell like when you open a bag of Skittles! Incredible. This is the only vendor I know of that has a skittles scent. Very unique!
  • Strawberry Shortcake - I can't smell the cake in this one at all. It just smells like a sweet, artificial strawberry scent. I was hoping the cake note would tone down the berry note. Perhaps the cake note will become more prominent as it cures.
  • Pomegranate & Sage - Well, I don't smell pomegranate and I don't smell sage. What I do smell is a very sharp fresh, green scent. It has a bit of a floral undertone to it as well. This was definitely the big disappointment of the order. I love pomegranate and I love sage but this does not smell like them at all. 
  • Plum Berry Tart - This, on the other hand, is fantastic! It's a very fall-ish berry scent. The plum deepens the berry note quite nicely. I'm not sure what the "tart" portion is supposed to be, but I'm not smelling any bakery notes in this. Lovely scent.
  • Jelly Beans - Once again, this smells exactly like opening up a bag of jelly beans! Not the jelly belly ones, but those big, bright ones that pop up around Easter. It's a very fruity and tart scent and I can even smell a gelatin kind of note in this. Crazy good!
  • Coconut Cream Pie - This is your standard Coconut Cream Pie scent. It's a very sweet and creamy coconut, with no crust notes whatsoever. Really strong off of cold sniff. Can't wait to melt this one!
  • Autumn Forest (freebie) - This is probably my favorite of the whole order and I didn't even purchase this one! The scent description is very vague, "Bright crisp transformational scent that only a forest busting with color can provide." To me, it smells like a cross between Slatkin's Marshmallow Fireside and Yankee Autumn Lodge. Ah-may-zing. There is a strong woods note, but it is tempered by a marshmallow-y sweetness. I'm so glad I got this as a sample because I never would have ordered this on my own!
  • Best Dang Carrot Cake Ever - I've only ever smelled Carrot Cake scents from two other vendors (Better Homes and Gardens and Lasting Scent Candles) but I can definitely say that out of those three that I have tried, this is the best dang carrot cake I've ever smelled. It's a very spicy carrot cake and I can even smell hints of orange in it. I can also smell a slight cream cheese frosting note as well. SO GOOD! 
  • Bailey's in Bed - This is a very strong and yummy Irish Cream scent. It does have the slightest booze undertone, as well as a light chocolate note. I don't think I would have ever thought to order this scent, but the description stated that it's one of their most popular scents and everyone always compliments how strong and long lasting it is. Strong? Long lasting? Sold!
  • Cookie Madness - This is their version of a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. This is pretty yummy! I can smell the white chocolate part, though I'm not sure that there is much of a "macadamia nut" scent in this. But hey, chocolate cookie scents are always okay in my book.
  • Day at the Spa - I purchased this scent from The Scented Princess and loved it so I wanted to see if this would be the same scent. It is! This scent is described as lemongrass, patchouli and lime. I'm not smelling any patchouli but I do get a very fresh citrus-y spa scent. There's also another note in this that is not listed in the description but that I am definitely picking up on. It's black currant. It's listed in the scent description at the Scented Princess but not here so I'm not sure what's up with that. Either way, it's the same scent. It reminds me of the way my grandparents house smelled, for some reason. 
  • Pink Sugared Cookies (freebie) - This is pretty light off of cold sniff. I can smell mostly Pink Sugar with a tiny bit of a crunchy cookie note. Hopefully this one will get stronger as it cures.
  • Pink Lemon Squares - I was a little underwhelmed by this one. I don't get much Pink in this, and the lemon scent is more of a lemon biscotti scent than other lemon squares scents that I have smelled. It is nice though and I think I'll give it a try to see if the PS note comes out more when melting.

That's it for today! I have two more hauls to post that I will have to put up tomorrow. See you all very soon =)


  1. I want to try this company! I really want to try that Bailey's in Bed.

    1. Bailey's in Bed is amazing! I'd definitely recommend giving them a try, I'm pretty impressed off of cold sniff!

  2. I eventually want to get around to ordering from this company. Jelly Beans and Cookie Madness sound yummy! I think I may have ordered a Butt Naked version form GKC. Enjoy your goodies! Glad to hear they all came to you safely, bummer the package was a wreck

    1. Well I definitely got you a few that I didn't show here, so you'll get to give them a try soon enough =)

  3. Jelly Beans?! Skittles?! My inner sweet tooth is demanding an order soon ;)

    1. The best part is that they smell so realistic!! It's crazy!

  4. I think I need to get Baileys in Bed! Universal Voodoo (formerly Alternative Breeding) is also owned by a man, Tod Cowsill. He does wax and perfume oil in some incredible scent combos, but no true bakery.

    1. Ahh you're right!! I've never ordered from him, I'll have to give his stuff a try!

  5. Skittles! Yum! I love Crabby/Dutch, they have consistently awesome products and great customer service! You will have to let us know how everything is and I am looking forward to reading your warming reviews on Best Dang Carrot Cake EVER, Bailey's In Bed & Jelly Bean! :)

    1. They really do have great products, I'm so glad I finally placed an order! It's going to be hard to let them cure, I want to try all of them now!! I'm looking forward to melting those 3 scents too!