Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lasting Scent Candles Haul - Cold Sniff Reviews

Back with a haul from Lasting Scent Candles!

Lasting Scent Candles (LSC) is one of my favorite vendors. Their tarts are strong, scents are true-to-life and they have a great variety of fragrances available. They did recently discontinue a large amount of scents, which was kind of disappointing, but they do still have a good selection.  And who can resist the adorable labels? Love them!

The one downside of LSC is the long TAT. It is usually around 21 business days, and they generally stick to it. I've gotten orders sometimes a day or two early but usually their TAT is right on the money. However, they do usually have a small selection of RTS tarts available, and those ship within 5 days. I generally go for the pour-to-order stuff because I don't mind waiting and I like to be able to shop from their entire scent list. This particular order was mostly to stock up on favorites. I got a lot of the scents in multiples but only showed a photo of one of each. 

LSC is another vendor I would recommend to wax newbies, but I would definitely suggest ordering from the RTS section first. They are closed for ordering at the moment to catch up on orders but will be opening again soon. LSC is one of the first vendors I placed an order from when I got back into tarts and I've been hooked ever since! Keep in mind that their wax is very soft and will work best in a lightbulb warmer to help the scent last longer. They work fine in all warmers but they tend to lose their scent faster than others in hotter warmers (i.e. high-wattage hotplate and tealight warmers). 

Enough of the chit chat! Here's what I ordered:

  • Pink Lullabye - This is a blend of lavender, chamomile and Pink Sugar. First off, I really love LSC's lavender scent. It is a sweet lavender, but not that awful laundry lavender scent that some vendors try to pass off as sweet lavender. Anyways, this is a really nice blend. The lavender is the strongest note in this blend, but the Pink Sugar peeks its head out a bit. I don't melt scents at nighttime, but if I did, I think this would be the perfect scent for that!
  • Autumn Dreamin (x3) - This is a blend of lavender and pumpkin pie. Boy oh boy is this one fantastic! It is a reorder, and you may have seen my review of this in one of my weekly meltdown posts. It may seem like lavender and spicy bakery wouldn't smell good blended together, but they really do! I stocked up on this one since it's a seasonal scent. 
  • Sweet Dreams - Another lavender blend, but this time with Pink Sugar, marshmallow and lavender. I can definitely smell the sweet marshmallow in this along with the lavender. Again, the Pink Sugar is in the background here but you can smell it. Another awesome blend.
  • Lavender Mallow Bread - Do you see a pattern here? This is lavender, marshmallow and bread. Usually I'm not a huge fan of bread scents but they do a great job blending and I can tolerate their bread scent in some blends. I would say it's a very creamy zucchini bread scent, but the fruit or other notes definitely take center stage in the blends. Anyways, this is another great lavender blend. This one may possibly be my favorite of the bunch. A sweet lavender bakery scent.
  • Island Relaxation - This one is lavender with coconut milk. Amazing! Definitely my favorite lavender and coconut blend I've ever smelled. The coconut in this is quite strong!
  • Sugar Cookie Royale - This is a typical sugar cookie scent. Smells exactly like CFTKR sugar cookie. Not my favorite but not bad.
  • Brownie Batter - I'm still trying my hand at chocolate scents and this one is definitely not my favorite. It has a very strong fake chocolate scent. I've smelled better. In fact, my in-laws got me some amazing chocolate candles from Root Candle for my birthday and they smell fantastic. Can't wait to try them!
  • Birthday Cake - This is an awesome birthday cake scent. You can smell the cake and the frosting. Reminds me of funfetti cake batter. Mmmmmmm cake. 
  • Serendipity Scone - I don't smell any scone with this but it is a really nice and strong Serendipity scent! I can smell cherries, coconut and vanilla. You can't go wrong with Serendipity!
  • Pink Sugar Buns - Strong Pink Sugar with a hint of a bready note. Nice but not my favorite. I think I'm over scents where PS is the main note......or maybe not. I just smelled it again and it really does smell good. Ahhh I can't make up my mind! I'll have to melt it to give it a final verdict.
  • Sugared Lemon Creme (x3) - This is a nice, sweet lemon scent. Not sure why I ordered 3 as it's not exactly unique or special. It does smell good though! 
  • Sweet Lemon Bread - This is a lemon bread scent. This is one of the instances where I'm not feeling the bread note. I get a hint of cigarette smoke in this one, which is common for some zucchini bread scents. Sometimes bread scents smell better when melting so I may keep this one around and give it a shot. On the other hand, while I love citrus bakery scents I never like citrus-y bread scents when they're melting. Still deciding whether or not to destash this one. 
  • Blueberry Muffin (x3) - This is one of my favorite blueberry muffin scents from any vendor. Sometimes blueberry scents can be really strong and almost astringent, but this is a very sweet blueberry bakery scent. It reminds me of those cans of blueberries that you get in blueberry muffin kits. Om nom nom. Can you tell I'm hungry while I'm writing this post?
  • White Nectarine and Pink Coral - I have been wondering about this scent for awhile so I just bit the bullet and got one. It's awesome! It's a very sweet peachy-nectarine scent. Not sure what the "pink coral" note is, but I'm really only getting the nectarine in here. There's perhaps a slight hint of sweet freshness akin to Yankee's Pink Sands, but it's very faint. Either way, I love this one!
  • Strawberry Mallow Bread (x3) - Delish! This is another re-order. Love the sweet strawberry and marshmallow mixed with the bread note here. The bread note is very light and the strawberry definitely takes center stage. 
Now I present to you the discontinued scents. No idea why they would discontinue these gems! Moving right along...
  • Sugar Corn Pudding (x3) - LSC has my favorite sugar corn pudding scent of any vendor. It has a little extra sweetness to it that makes it oh so delectable. So sad to see this one go!
  • Raspberry Jelly Donut (x3) - This is a yummy jelly donut scent with an extra helping of raspberry filling. The raspberry in this one is tart just like real raspberries!! Again, no idea why this one wouldn't be a good seller. It's amazing!
  • Maraschino Cherry Bread (x3) - I love this one. This was one of the first scents I bought from LSC, and when I melted it, it traveled up two floors all the way into my bedroom. It is amazingly strong and is the perfect blend of cherry and bread. I don't know about you but I've never seen "cherry bread" in real life, but I sure would like to! I often feel like trying to make recipes out of tart names. Weird, I know. Anyways...
These are the seasonal scents that I ordered. As of now, they still have the fall and Christmas scents up and I'm not sure when they will take them down, but I assume it will be soon.

  • Pumpkin Sugar Donut (x3) - Pumpkin and donut. I don't think I could find a more "me" scent if I tried. This is an awesome blend of pumpkin, spice and donuts. I wish I would have stocked up on more pumpkin scents but this one will tide me over quite nicely. Obsessed with this scent!
  • Lemon Ginger Snaps - Gingersnaps with lemon, just like it sounds! I think I would like it better if there was a sweet frosting note to it but it is nice. It's a good blend of these two scents, I can smell both equally. Very strong off of cold throw!
  • Sugar Berries and Crushed Cloves - This is an attempt to find a replacement for my beloved Cherry Clove Chutney from Scentsy. This is definitely not the same scent, but it is good. This is more of a mulberry scent, which tends to be a heavy and grape-y berry scent. The clove is very faint in this one. 
  • Strawberry Pine Cones - This is a blend of sugared spruce and strawberry. I wasn't too thrilled with this one because I am not a fan of sugared spruce but I like the idea of it. I'm going to try some other strawberry/pine scents next Christmas. 
  • Candy Land Dreamin (x3) - This is another one of those ones that smells like something in Lush that I can't quite pinpoint. The scent is a blend of lavender, peppermint and vanilla. It smells amazing. I would say that it's an even blend, maybe a smidge heavier on the peppermint. Very relaxing!
And now the freebies:

  • Serendipity Ambrosia (freebie) - This is Serendipity blended with sugared fruits and marshmallow. It's really nice, I can smell hints of citrus that remind me a bit of Froot Loops. It's almost a fruit loops/serendipity blend. Really like this one!
  • Carmello (freebie) - This is a blend of caramel and marshmallows. Amazing!! So decadent and rich. Definitely going to order another one of this next time around.
  • Coconut Macaroons (freebie) - They could not have picked out better scents to send me. This one is amazing as well. A nice, sweet bakery coconut scent with a hint of extra sweetness. Amazing. Will be ordering this one next time too!

That's all for now! I am super impressed with my LSC order, as per usual. Great company with great customer service and a great product. I couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. You got some awesome scents! LSC Sweet Dreams sounds really good, definitely gonna have to pick that one up in my next order!

    1. Sweet Dreams is really good, I think you'd definitely like that one even if it is a sweet lavender =)

  2. I feel in love with each and every one you sent me from this brand! Pumpkin Scents are my all-time favorite (now thanks to you - donut scents too! :p) and they had such variety! The tarts are HUGE too! I think I'll be placing my own order soon. It's cracking me up how into wax Jeff got when I opened the box. Something the boys can enjoy?! YES!

    1. So glad you're loving your LSC stuff. They were one of my first vendors and definitely are still one of my favorites. LOL I love how Jeff is getting into wax too! Finally a hobby the boys can get into!

  3. I am thinking that the scented candles online are going to be a great pick for my wedding. We are looking around for great deals. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Island Relaxation sounds really lovely! You got some great scents, even though I am late to reading all my posts. :)