Monday, February 18, 2013

Lil' Kitchen Candles Haul #2 - Cold Sniff Reviews

Just kidding you guys! I'm actually back with another small order review =) This time, it's from Lil' Kitchen Candles!

LKC is one of the newer vendors on the block, and I'm super impressed with her products and customer service from the 2 orders that I've placed so far. I love the fact that she only opens her etsy shop every once in a while with the exact amount of stock she has on hand, which really cuts down on the TAT of the orders. Because she only opens a certain times, you have to be aware of when the opening is so you can be there to get what you want. I literally placed this order while I was at an afternoon movie in the theatre with my husband! Don't worry, we were the only ones in the theatre so I wasn't distracting anyone with my cell phone use =)

Anyways, there were a few mistakes in the order when I first received it but Tonya was very sweet about it and send me replacements right away! Like I said, excellent customer service. She even sent samples with the replacements which was so unexpected and generous. 

It was another small order but I'm starting to learn what I like and dislike from her scents and I imagine I'll do another larger order in the future. One of the things I love about LKC is the variety of shapes and products they offer.  She has loaves, big clamshells, teddy bear shapes, Hello Kitty shapes, pop tart shapes, lego shapes, cookie shapes, etc. So fun!

Anyways, here's what I ordered. Enjoy!

  • Frosted Blueberry Biscuits (6 oz. bakery bag of Hello Kitty shapes) - This is unlike any blueberry scent I've ever smelled. It almost has a powdered sugar note to it along with the blueberry. Maybe that's the biscuit note that I'm picking up on. I really like this one! If you're not a fan of blueberry scents, I'd still try this one. It is not that typical overpowering blueberry that is used in most other blueberry blends. It's somehow softer and sweeter.
  • Twinkies (wax bears) - How adorable are these bears?! They are HUGE, 2.5 oz each for a total of 5 oz. of wax. The scent, however, I'm not too sure about. I know this is a popular scent of hers, but all I'm smelling with this one is a super sweet, almost butterscotch-like scent. I do like it but I was hoping for more of a cake-y note. I'll have to melt this one to see if it smells more cake-like when warm. 
  • Bear Claws Cheesecake (Pop Tart) - Again, how awesome is the shape of this tart?! It is the exact size of a real Pop Tart! This is a really nice blend of a sweet, nutty, and almost maple-y bear claws scent with a creamy cheesecake note. I definitely get more of the bear claw but the cheesecake tones it down quite nicely.
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie/Orange Dreamsicle (12-count clamshell) - This thing is HUGE! Even the cubes are bigger than those of a normal sized clamshell. What I was going for here was I wanted something that smelled like strawberry banana orange juice. It doesn't smell quite like that because the orange dreamsicle is more creamy than tart, but these scents do smell amazing together! It is fairly light right now so I'll be letting this one cure for awhile to ensure a strong throw. 
Here's the samples she sent with my replacements. I also got two other samples with the first part of this order that I forgot to take pictures of, but I will describe them anyways. They were all in the adorable Hello Kitty head shapes =)

  • Jelly Donut (freebie) - This is not like the typical jelly donut scents that I'm used to. This one has much more of a strong dough note than a jelly note. Not a favorite but I can see how a lot of people would like this one.
  • Fruit Loops (freebie) - This is your average strong and delicious Fruit Loops scent. Smells like the cereal! 
  • Lemon Sugar (freebie, not pictured) - This is a fresh lemon scent, not a bakery lemon scent. This has replaced her lemon lush scent for the time being in the lemon bakery blends. It smells to me exactly like Fresh's Lemon Sugar perfume, which does have a bit of a fizzy lemon cleaner note to it. I do like this scent on its own but I'm not sure how I would like it mixed with a bakery scent. 
  • Sparkletini (freebie, not pictured) - This is a nice cocktail blend of cranberries and champagne. As I'm not much of a fan of cranberry scents, this one didn't call my name but I know it's one of her most popular scents and I can see how people would like this one. 
Okay, now that is definitely my last order I have to share with you today and my next post will definitely be my weekly melts! See you back here soon =)


  1. These shapes are too freakin' cute!

  2. I received a scent shot in Lemon Sugar Pie Crust (or something like that) as a gift recently. I had never tried this vendor, knew pretty much nothing about them. Wow, that tart was strong! It was a great scent, but I could have gotten away with just half of the tart. I was impressed.


    1. Ooh glad to hear that that scent worked out for you! I wasn't sure how that Lemon Sugar note would smell blended with bakery but I'm glad to hear it's a winner!

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it adorable?! It really looks like a pop tart!

  4. Omg those wax bears are adorable! All of these sound so yummy :3

    1. Aren't they?! Love them!! They are definitely some very yummy scents too =)